The Challenging Work Of The Priest

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What determines our ability to absorb the deficiencies and the pain of the public and raise this prayer to the upper?

Answer: Through this work you have to identify the pain of the concealment of the Creator behind the pain of the lower, of the people. The only thing missing in this world is the power of love and bestowal, which means the revelation of the Creator.

All of the public’s corporeal deficiencies have to be processed and turned into a desire for the revelation of the Creator to the created beings, to the revelation of the force of bestowal. Thus you raise your fallen AHP (vessels of reception) from the lower level, which means from the public, when you are I impressed by their suffering. But when you raise it to your level, you process their MAN (their prayer and demand) by your vessels of bestowal into the demand for the Upper Light, which is the only force that can works on  everything.

Then you turn to the AHP of the upper with a different request. People want cheaper food, cheaper housing, etc, while you demand the Light that Reforms, the Light of love and bestowal. This is your work, the work of the priests. You receive their corporeal demands when they all cry out like babies: “Give me, give me!” but you process their deficiency into the right deficiency of the upper level, which is why you are in the middle.

The role of the one in the middle is challenging. You are like a mother who hears her baby crying and who needs to understand exactly what he needs. She processes his cries into the right need. This is the challenging work of the middle level. On the one hand, you are made of the Creator, and on the other hand, you are made of the public by being between them. This is the role of the priests, the ministers of the Creator.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/08/14

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