For You Are The Smallest Of All Nations

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe moment we attain the first point of unity and the first point of adherence, then already in the next moment we feel our powerlessness and despair. Indeed, it appears that we are a just a drop of semen.

This entire raspberry ball, our cherished goal, our lofty dream, is in fact only one specific point. This means that we have brought this entire world to one initial point, to the first level of the spiritual ladder.

So what else do we do with this one small point? We need to grow it, but with what, because we have already done everything that was possible in the connection between us. And now the next stage is presented before us, the fourth stage of advancement within which all of humanity is gradually included, circle after circle.

We have now reached the state of a “nation of priests.” Each one of us has already played his part as a “first priest” (Cohen) for the friends; that is, a “priest” symbolizes that he has nothing of his own and has no thought of himself. For his entire inheritance is the Creator. The priests have no inheritance and no property, but only work in the Holy Temple. This Holy Temple is the level of Bina, meaning everything is for the sake of bestowal.

That is how we begin to understand the significance of the rest of humanity. Up until now, perhaps we thought that besides the group we don’t need anything. But now we begin to understand that if we don’t join and include within us all of their external deficiencies, then we won’t have anything with which to turn to the Creator. As it’s written: “For you are the smallest of all nations”; in other words, we have no more deficiencies. And therefore it says “smallest,” for this refers to the quality and not the quantity. Our desires are very small.

It follows that we need to increase the significance of the goal relative to all of humanity, to begin working with the public. For this we must study the history of mankind: clarify why we have gone through this entire way. Understand that the goal of creation includes within it each and every person and even the nature of the still, vegetative, and the animate. But the moment that we correct the relationships between people, with this we also correct the entire world of the still, vegetative, and the animate, the whole environment, and the climate. We only need to begin to work with humanity correctly.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/7/14, Lesson on the Topic: “Preparation for the Convention”

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