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Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we yearn to attain a state of Arvut, we must portray this goal somehow as a general state in which we are connected, to describe for ourselves what being “together” means. That is how we reach the concept of the “center of the group,” the unity that is produced between us and is stabilized as our common asset.

We become partners in building this commonality of “House, Kli, and vessel.” Each one must bring the most essential and valuable part of his heart, the “point in the heart,” and thus from ten “points in the heart” we build this Kli. From the “I” + “I” + “I” + “I” that are connected together, the “We” emerges. And after that, this “We” also melts and becomes “One.”

This is a psychological problem. In the meantime we don’t feel and understand how this is possible, but that is how it happens. Certainly everything is realized only through the influence of the Light, but it’s according to our efforts. And then we reach the concept of the “raspberry ball.” This is not a Kabbalistic term, but that is what we are calling it. Like children who are playing with a ball, that is how, in the meantime, we play with unity.

In this manner we reach the third section on the way, the raspberry ball, and we must clarify what this is. A raspberry ball is our unity, the connection between us, within which everyone disappears. Each one comes out of his “I” to all of us, and afterwards this “all of us” becomes one.

To forget myself and to connect together is possible in regular life also, like sports teams, criminal gangs, or pirates. This is very easy when everyone has a common egoistic goal: to rob a bank or sail in a submarine. There was an incident where a submarine began to sink and part of the crew could have escaped. But when it became known to them that the other half wouldn’t be able to get out of the submarine, they returned because they couldn’t abandon their friends, and they drowned with them. This special work they took upon themselves made it so that one could understand how it would be possible to live without the other. The connection became dearer to them than life. But this is still an egoistic approach in the framework of this world, even though this was a very special deed.

A raspberry ball is special in this because we need to understand how to connect. We are still learning how to unite. In the meantime, these are attempts and not practical actions, even though we are completely serious about working on them.

This is education. And after this, we must lay out that knowledge to our students in integral courses and explain what is happening with us and with all of humanity and what must happen if we want our continued evolution to advance in a good way, in the way of “I will hasten it.” And if not, then we must advance by the way of suffering through the same stages, but in total confusion without understanding our development and not feeling anything except evil.

Imagine the immense difference in advancing through explanations, mutual help, and the influence of the Light, or escaping from the blows; how much suffering we will pass! The difference between the way of suffering and the way of Light is immense.

Therefore, the first stage is to understand Arvut (mutual guarantee). The second stage is what is it composed from. The third stage is the raspberry ball: How from the concept of “We” we become “One.” This is possible on condition that within this oneness we begin to feel the Creator, to understand Him. The feeling that we are searching for Him together, like a team of commandos, brings us to true unity, to a perfected whole.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/7/14,, Lesson on the Topic: “Preparation for the Convention

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