The Raspberry Point Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen you are thinking about the other, a special action happens within you. A special state emerges when suddenly a very warm point appears in the heart, so red, crimson, and incredibly warm! It lights up when you are thinking about the other. You connect with him, and it lives; you stop thinking, and the point is extinguished.

I have not spoken about this before, but this indication appears in the human heart, and it tunes him correctly, similarly to when you tune into a radio frequency. You can determine by this point, like in a precision instrument, whether you are connected with others or not.

We have to work on this and wait until this point appears. If you suddenly catch contact with others, it comes alive in you, and you guard it, afraid so it is not lost. And then, there are more and more with others. And gradually these points come together, and the Creator is manifested in them.

You need to feel this point once. It’s so warm, hot, bright, not even red, but crimson, and it simply paralyzes a person by its love, connection with others. He can do nothing, and for it, he is ready for anything. We need to reach this state quickly!
From a Meal at the Georgia Convention 11/8/12

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