“Just” Turn To Him

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is a single state: adhesion between the Creator and the created being. It happened in the beginning. The final correction emerged immediately with the plan. The Creator does not require time for additional actions. After all, everything is manifested immediately in thought, without any need to be in matter.

However, in reality, this perfection has not been manifested, is not clear, not recognized in feelings, although the main thing is that the created being becomes aware of it, to feel his adhesion with the Creator.

Therefore, it was divided into parts. After all, for the created beings to attain, to understand, who and what He is, above all, there should be plenty.

Little egoists, fighting at the very bottom in the muddy sediment of the universe, reveal more and more egoism—more cruelty, glorify themselves in seeing how much they are opposed to each other—and gradually they approach the turning point in order to turn a descent into an ascent in it. They must think about bestowal, of course, in helplessness due to the emerging Reshimot. However, they can add their own efforts to this. So, they advance.

The most important thing from their side is to turn to the Creator. They connect, work together, organize workshops, and many other events, and, after that, turn to Him.

This appeal forms the spiritual vessel. It is what did not exist before. Only the created being can turn to the Creator for help, and this is what he lacks. It is not about our friendly relations, not in saying “pretty words” between us, but that we find the need to turn to Him. First, we must do this, and then we want just that and nothing else.

Then, I act not to get something from the Creator but so I have the opportunity to turn to Him. This is a reward for me. It cannot be conveyed in words, but in principle. We are talking about the similarity of qualities. Just as He turns to me, so I turn to Him. I have no better state than if I am capable of this. I work for this, no longer for myself.

So, the all-powerful Creator cannot artificially cause the created being to turn to Him. That is why He needed the “revolution” to the uncorrected creatures—so that the created being turns to Him.

Question: However, do I have a connection with the Creator inside me presently?

Answer: And yet it exists, there, inside the numerous “wrappers.” Otherwise, you would not have even heard what we are talking about now.

Question: What is an appeal to the Creator?

Answer: There are many appeals: “Give me, help me,” or vice versa, “Deliver, protect, save…”

Of course, an appeal to the Creator is always an appeal for something, please give something. The question only is what to give. I ask for strength to act to bring Him pleasure. This addition of spiritual vessels brings us the Light, NRNHY.

In the original state, in Infinity, we had only the minimal Light, Nefesh de Nefesh. Then, the created being did not participate in what happened, could not live and breathe the endless reality. The desire to receive, even perfection, remained insignificant, ephemeral, and only an appeal to the Creator breathes life into it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/6/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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