The Apparent Dead End Is An Exit Upward

Dr. Michael LaitmanSeveral basic conditions have to exist for the correction to take place. First, despair of one’s own powers. This clarification must be within reason from my own experience. I have to know for sure that nothing will help me and not accept this just as faith and give up my own attempts.

A person has to reach the feeling of coming to a dead end. But on the other hand, a new reality is revealed in the same vessel that is called the upper force that provides the force to pull a person out of this state of hopelessness. Besides, it’s important to know why a person wants this rescue so much so that the correction will not be for an egoistic filling, but it will bring him to a state of “from the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator“.

All the changes that a person gains this way accumulate in the same deficiency. The moment he is ready for the action of the Light, which means that he accepts all the right components, the Light immediately begins to bestow upon him.

The bestowal of the Light is made of the five Lights of NRNHY or ten Sefirot. These Lights are in accordance between them, according to the first level a person has to reach. There is the right ratio between all these rays of Light, a certain range that a person has to adapt his vessel to, all his deficiencies: the root phase, phase one, two, three, and four, in such a way that each one will be opposite its own Light. They have to include all the necessary components: the feeling of deficiency, gratitude, knowing, and faith above reason.

As a result of our work, all these things have to be ready in the right incorporation between them, so that the deficiency will be suitable for the Light: five levels of deficiency opposite the five rays of the Light. This means that the Light has to be exactly opposite the vessel and then it will be able to bestow upon it.

In that case, only restriction and a Masach (screen) will be missing, which the Light will give to the vessel. Then there is a complete connection between them, into one whole, by the corrections of the restriction and the Masach, and the feeling of the first entrance of the Light into the vessel. Thus the state of a spiritual embryo is created.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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