The Creator Is Hiding Among Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the most important thing is to despair of my own powers along the spiritual path, then why do we need to cope with all kinds of corporeal problems, too?

Answer: The Creator doesn’t make life difficult for you and doesn’t place any obstacles along your path. It is you who is getting confused. If you could listen to the advice that we have to correct the relationships among us and that we have to find the connection among us—and, in it, discover the spiritual world from the very first moment you started studying—then the interruptions that are constantly increasing wouldn’t seem like interruptions. Rather, each time, they would seem like the revelation of a new thickness of the upper level.

No one stopped you from accepting this advice and from fulfilling it. It wouldn’t have interrupted, but rather would have helped you rise and tighten the connection and discover its inner essence called the Light.

However, you are looking for the revelation of the Creator, not in order to bestow and not by bestowing upon others, not among the friends, but in a totally different place. So, who is responsible for the fact that you don’t succeed? You may have built different barriers that separate you from the spiritual world instead of getting close to it from the moment you arrived until today. Although you eventually can reach the right decision along this way, too, it is by feeling despair and finally discovering that we have reached a dead end and must go back to follow a different path.

As it is written (Ecclesiastes 7:29), “This is the only thing I have found, that God made human beings upright, but they have devised many schemes.” In fact, it is a very simple point, but we simply haven’t located the right place of the shattering. We want to prepare our own heart for the filling. This is everyone’s inclination.

However, we don’t want to accept the fact that the place of the filling is among us! There is a cut, an abyss, a dark empty vacuum between us, but this doesn’t worry me at all. I worry about the fact that I don’t have a filling inside me! This means that I am thinking about a totally different place instead of the place where the upper force must be revealed.

I also interpret the idea of an upper force as I see fit, which is as some enticing filling, a wonderful attainment, understanding, a pleasant feeling, but the real upper force is totally opposite from what I imagine. Being equivalent to it is in bestowing upon others, filling the other while rising above myself, without thinking about myself, annulling myself, and restricting myself. I take everything from myself and deprive myself of all the fillings only in order to pass them on to the other. It is only above myself that I look for a way to fill the others.

This is the spiritual filling that I feel in the other to the extent that I am ready to provide for him above my own desires and passions, but we don’t even think in this direction. Sometimes, we slightly touch this feeling in some powerful convention in the desert, but, afterward, we each come back to our own personal interests, and, then, everything comes to an end.

The group doesn’t support me. It doesn’t hold me focused on this one sharp point. And my ego constantly pulls me downward to the abyss. So, what can I do?

All this is because we don’t support and hold one another. The force that can save us is among us, in the connection between us, in the collective flock, and not in each of us. The force of our connection is the Light, and this is where we should demand it: in the crevices between us, in the barriers, in the walls. The Light, the Creator is hiding in there.

We can discover it only if we begin connecting with one another in a way that the gaps will disappear, and, then, right in that place, you will discover the Creator, right there where He is concealed now.

The whole point is that you hear, but you don’t fulfill the advice in the right place. It is because you cannot accept what Rabash says, “We have gathered here to establish a society for all who wish to follow the path and method of Baal HaSulam…”

We must make a decision and then carry it out constantly, but if everyone worries about himself and not about others, it will lead to nothing. If I think about how to fulfill this by myself, it won’t work. The thought must go only through others since it is a closed, analog system.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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