Two-Way Channel Of Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must reach a state of having utmost concern about the welfare of others, as if we are concerned about our children. For now this is all due to our growing egoism. The question is what we will do next, how we shall elevate to the Upper, to the center of the group through which we can penetrate inside the group where the Upper Force is concentrated. Shall we ask Him to fulfill us or shall we give Him a chance to reveal Himself in the world so that the property of bestowal and love manifests itself in this realm?

It all depends on us. We bridge the desires of the public, asking what each needs: wealth, honor, knowledge, food, family, wellbeing… and attach our attitude to them. After all, we want their desires to be closer to the Creator, to reveal the Creator in the people, thus bringing pleasure to the Creator. We elevate others’ corporal needs for food, money, and respect to a spiritual level so that the Light (the Creator) is revealed inside them. When it happens, it will answer all their requests in a way that they will turn to bestowal, thus pleasing the Creator.

The Creator’s joy has to be the initial and final point of any of our actions, their cause and goal. In this world, we serve as a “conductor,” a “transmission channel.”

We operate in two directions: toward the general public and toward the Creator, both material and spiritual desires. We are positioned in the middle: half here and half there. We empathize with the suffering of the people and constantly feel that we are not satisfied with the Creator. This is how He provokes us and places obstacles on our way to make us regret other people’s sufferings, about how bad their situations are and how miserable they are: without shelter, food, and security, and with terrible conflicts, frustrations, and diseases.

We are forced to blame the Creator, rather than to justify Him. That’s why we get a chance to work on His justification, on seeing Him with faith above reason as “the Good that does good to good and the bad!”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/13, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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