The Complaint Of The Whole World Is Our Prayer

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur global group that brought people aspiring to the Creator (Isra-El) together reaches out to the general public and disseminates integral education, meaning the method of connection. Connection is the cure for all problems because the only thing we need to do to correct the world is to correct our shattering.

In this way, the three degrees are connected: the public, the group, the Creator. Our task is to make people aware that connection will make our lives better. But why do we disseminate? We do so because the degrees are arranged in such a way that without this we cannot ascend.

The Kabbalists of the past generations had a very strong spiritual gene, Reshimo, and were willing to devote their whole lives to the spiritual goal, ignoring everything else. But we are not capable of this, we have such heavy egoism that we cannot rise in this way. We do not have such a great desire to adhere to the upper one, that is, to realize our soul. Therefore, in our generation, we should advance to correction with the whole world.

We need the whole world even to help ourselves. Our degree does not have enough desire to rise to the corrected state. We need the whole immense world to add its cry to our prayer, and that will be enough to raise and correct everyone. That’s why it’s so necessary to disseminate.

We need to connect the complaint of the entire world to our prayer and raise it to the upper one. This is the formula that relates the three degrees: the public, us, and the Creator. This is the internal essence of dissemination.

Our task is to explain to people that we can draw fulfillment from connection, all the power, all the success; it’s a wonderful means! And we have the ability to lead to this internal connection and not just create a commune or a kibbutz. Unity is the law of integral nature, and we have the ability to establish a successful relationship that benefits all the participants.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/13, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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