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To Sense The Upper Source

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we get into the upbringing of young people we see that there are a multitude of fine details which require systematization. What is the most important thing in the integral education of teenagers?

Answer: The main thing is to give them a clear, inner assurance that all problems in life, in the world, in society, and in individuals can be solved collectively. The correct collective is that source that will always give a person the correct answer. He will always win if he acts in accordance with it.

This firm conviction and the habit to act this way do not cancel a person and do not make him a small screw among the masses. On the contrary, he is above all since he rises because of the collective and because he can work collectively. A person does not disappear in it, but becomes its integral part. As a result, the whole collective in turn becomes his part.

In the end a person rises to such a level when he begins to sense even the hidden forces of human nature, human interaction. It is something that Freud and other psychologists dreamt about. He begins to sense all inclinations and everything that influences our mind, as the upper force, the upper source.

Therefore, our task is to give to a person contact with the upper source so he will know what he should do in life in accordance with this source.
From the “Talk About Integral Upbringing” 4/4/13

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An Oasis In Which Everyone Flourishes

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the current educational system, the higher the level of education, the more attention is dedicated to its quality. For example, it is possible to train millions of primary school teachers, but  the number of professors is far fewer. Does the integral education method have the same structure?

Answer: It is difficult to say, because during the time we have been involved in teaching, training, lecturing, disseminating, and developing the integral method, there have been hundreds of people in our system. We began with people who were active in developing all kinds of projects, and we discovered that quiet, laconic, unsociable people, once confined to extraneous groups and uninterested in our international academy for integral education, suddenly also began to work intensively.

They felt the relaxed atmosphere in that piece of the “pie,” the society that we cut off from the society. They felt themselves at home. This was close to them, good for them, and suddenly, they began to bloom like a flower, and, previously, they were uptight, reserved, and occupied only in helping with technical work. This is a very interesting phenomenon. I think that anyone, man, woman, or even a child, can succeed in this.

For many years of my life, I studied various sciences and all kinds of other subjects, but I never saw in the forefront of teaching, a  method that has so many people with different characteristics, qualities, and mentalities as there are in integral education. It is simply amazing! Here, there is really a place for everyone: for workers, housewives, young people, children, and so on.

You see a person, who could not open his mouth in the past, suddenly beginning to express his opinion, and closed and rude people communicating with little children (which was impossible to even imagine), or a woman who could not stand other women starting to work with them.

Therefore, I suppose that there are no limitations here. It is impossible to predict anything in advance. It turns out that people who have been with us for many years and know our method extremely well suddenly are finding some new area, a unique part of the society.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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Union Of Opposites

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can we say about the role of women in integral workshops, is it destructive or constructive?

Answer: In nature nothing can be destructive and if such a phenomenon is seen, then it is only in the fact that an object has not been complemented by the opposite property to form a unified, complete whole. In nature there is nothing negative! So it is impossible to say that one thing is worse than another.

If we were to look at everything by way of integral glasses with which nature would appear correctly as a unified system, we would not find anything that would be somewhat worse or better, smaller or greater. For in an integral system everything is equally important and necessary to the same degree.

It is impossible to understand the essence of some object or phenomenon without its opposite. Only when you connect them together do you begin to understand that partnership that grows from them. And specifically from that common source (from the third component, the third line) that you begin to attain, you understand why opposing characteristics such as these, like masculine and feminine, and in what manner they attain their level and the internal program, and that their destiny is specifically attaining wholeness through mutual completion.

We must attain a state like this, where we will be a single complete whole, and through attainment of this unity, from within it, the need for separation, wholeness, and so forth is seen. So, let’s reach the goal and from there everything will be clear to us.

In nature there is nothing evil, there is nothing bad, there is no darkness. Everything in the world that seems bad to us is a result of our incorrect view of the general picture of creation.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/21/13

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The Problem Of Obesity In The US

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from RT): “By 2030, more than half of Americans could be obese, taxing the nation’s health while costing the country $500 billion in lost economic productivity. The food industry, however, is doing its best to keep the public hooked – no matter what the price.

“With one out of three adults clinically obese and 40 percent of children officially overweight, the US is the fattest country in the developed world. The burgeoning public health crisis will see instances of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer skyrocket over the next two decades, taking an already strained healthcare system to breaking point.

“But with food manufacturers keen on keeping customers loyal while maximizing their profits, public health concerns are likely to be dwarfed by the bottom line.

“’What these food scientists have done is that they’ve gone to a lab and they’ve created these chemical concoctions that are very sweet, very fatty and very salty. And they call that the bliss point. Meaning they’ve created addictive foods that are going to get consumers hooked and they’re going to keep wanting to come back for more and more foods,’ Elizabeth Kucinich, of Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, told RT. …

“Kendrik said the reason why food in the US is both addictive and laden with fat, sugar and salt is simple.

“’In one word, I would say: greed. We obviously are putting money above public health,’ he said. ‘Just like with cigarettes, we want to keep people addicted. I equate it to what the cigarette industry did. They deliberately wanted to put things in that were addictive because that drives sales and will continue to drive generations of sales.’”

My Comment: All this is based on the usual egoism that turns everything into “help against you,” and any mechanisms, systems, and companies, created by man, turn against him, profiting from him, not by curing diseases, not by providing him with useful things, not by teaching him what is necessary, but on the contrary, by confusing him and profiting at his expense. But there is the end of egoistic development: It, like cancer, kills the body and itself dies with it.

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So The Body And Soul Will Be Young

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the meaning of the “sensation of balance” between a person and society that comes as a result of integral education?

Answer: A person feels kindness, openness, support from everyone, inclusion into others, and feels everyone together rather than himself. He “comes out of himself,” from his problems, from his illnesses, and from his thoughts. This is most important especially in the elderly. He begins to feel like a child who becomes included in the surrounding environment as though he is floating in it. It is very important for him to be with others, to play with them, and to sense them.

If we bring people to such a state, then they will really not feel their age. They will be ready to literally give everything for this. After all, a person feels amazing lightness; he doesn’t feel the weight of his age. This makes him healthier and rejuvenates him.

Rejuvenation takes place when a person rises above his state so much that he becomes included in the collective. He no longer feels himself, but rather the commonality: all as one.
From Kab TV’s “Medicine of the Future,” Part 4, 4/7/13

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This Is Not A Crisis, But The Revelation Of The Breaking

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Who is the lower one who raises MAN?

Answer: The lower one is the broken souls. Broken means that they are revealing that they are unable to connect among themselves and attain the unity that existed before the breaking.

How do they know what existed before the breaking? They arouse this desire in themselves, the need for unity, through the use of different methods.

We have all the Reshimot (informational genes) from the breaking in us; they are called the “seven Reshimot,” or the “seven Lights.”

When we want to connect among us, and we work on it in a group by performing different unifying actions, we awaken these Reshimot in us, and then we feel this lack of unity. So how do we connect?

The Light comes from above when we study, it influences us; we also do different actions, and the Light together with our actions awakens the Reshimot from the breaking in us. This makes us understand at least in our mind and a little in our sensations that we must connect.

When even a slight desire to connect arises in us, it is a result of the Light’s influence because it cannot arise on its own. And then we begin to search for ways to connect.

We think that we are able to unite directly by doing different actions; we organize conventions, unity days, gatherings of friends, and in the end we come to a breaking, disappointment, and a crisis.

But this is not a crisis; this is the revelation of the breaking, only from below upward. The revelation of the lack of unity is a good state because you also were broken before; you just were not revealing it.

Now, once you have discovered the desire and the need for unity in you, you acquire the opportunity to begin to form MAN from it, because a sensation of desire alone is not enough.

You need to work with this desire together with the group, to try to connect with your friends, and to process this desire that was revealed in you. After all, only the sensation of our inability to connect was revealed.

But this is not enough. Your desire needs to be directed towards the Upper One, towards bestowal, the connection between us, in order to reveal the spiritual, the Creator, the common property of bestowal.

As we keep working more and more on this, as a consequence of the influence of the Light, we suddenly begin to reveal in our actions attempts to connect, and we are not capable of doing it; we must go and ask help from the Upper One.

But also, when we want to ask the Upper One and it seems we are turning to Him, we discover that we not only need this Upper One to connect us, but we begin to feel that we are doing it specifically for Him.

We are not uniting among us for us but in order to connect with Him and give Him pleasure by doing this.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/5/10, “The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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All Attempts Are Useful

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We build the intention and try to unite during the lesson. Do we actually raise  MAN, a request for correction?

Answer: This depends on our desire, the need (Hissaron). A person can only raise MAN for a desire received from the group, from the aspirations of the friends who he wants to unite with.

He feels that a wall separates him from them. It needs to be overcome, no matter what, but he sees that he is unable to do it. But he must do it.

Then his cry intensifies until it reaches the “Gate of Tears.” A powerful impulse towards unity, together with a clear understanding of his inability and helplessness, generate a desire, which is called MAN.

A person turns to the Creator only when all the other possibilities are exhausted and there is no one else to ask.

One cannot reach a request like this from the first attempt. One needs to keep trying over and over again. A rough but true example of this is copulation. The Zohar compares the in – out movement with spiritual attacks, when man looks for the path towards the spiritual Zivug.

Baal HaSulam writes about this in “Letter 19”: “The unity of the Creator and His Shechina, which man evokes by filling his cup with yearning and sadness, is truly similar to the corporeal coupling (the lower Zivug), which leads to the birth of a physical body, which also necessarily comes from a preliminary cause, which is pressure, in other words a known degree of yearning and sadness called hardness in corporeal language, when even his seed will be beneficial, since it shoots like an arrow…”

One needs to keep trying, go through his desires, look for whatever is missing, become inspired with the desires of the friends. All of this leads to the necessary pressure (Kishuy) – man feels a burden and firmness (Koshi), concealed in this. In spirituality these things are not as simple as in the material world.

In the end man acquires a point of cohesiveness and unity. A multitude of attempts lead him to this and no attempt is in vain. So the work is in a variety of forms and all of it is preserved for the future.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/5/10, The Zohar

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A Creative Approach To A Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When following the law of mutual guarantee, the reward and the punishment are hidden, and even if you understand it with your mind, something inside you says, “It’s ok, I will still do this for my own sake.” So how can we realize this law?

Answer: It really isn’t easy to execute this law since our whole egoism is directed against it. The law of mutual guarantee is the general and the only law that encompasses the whole system where a person along with the rest of creation exist in adhesion with the common law of nature: the Creator. The system was created by the Creator and He, with the help of the Upper Light, activates it.

The Creator brought restriction and concealment into the system so that we could study the connection between all the parts of this system in order to fail in each of our actions, to discover what is lacking in order for this system to work correctly and efficiently, and to desire for it to begin working. It is like we create this missing part every time, wishing for it to occur, and then, like in a movie, a fairy tale, it suddenly occurs.

It is difficult to express in words how creative a person becomes; one participates in the creation of this system. He attains, understands, constantly adds to and maintains it. All this, of course, is carried out by the upper force, but in adhesion with the Creator since a person sees a purpose and a need in it.

Everything we do should bring us to study the right connection between us and its realization. As we work on creating this system, we learn the entire infinite reality from the broken and distant point of this world to its complete construction.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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