To Sense The Upper Source

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we get into the upbringing of young people we see that there are a multitude of fine details which require systematization. What is the most important thing in the integral education of teenagers?

Answer: The main thing is to give them a clear, inner assurance that all problems in life, in the world, in society, and in individuals can be solved collectively. The correct collective is that source that will always give a person the correct answer. He will always win if he acts in accordance with it.

This firm conviction and the habit to act this way do not cancel a person and do not make him a small screw among the masses. On the contrary, he is above all since he rises because of the collective and because he can work collectively. A person does not disappear in it, but becomes its integral part. As a result, the whole collective in turn becomes his part.

In the end a person rises to such a level when he begins to sense even the hidden forces of human nature, human interaction. It is something that Freud and other psychologists dreamt about. He begins to sense all inclinations and everything that influences our mind, as the upper force, the upper source.

Therefore, our task is to give to a person contact with the upper source so he will know what he should do in life in accordance with this source.
From the “Talk About Integral Upbringing” 4/4/13

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