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A Meeting With The Angel Raziel

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is easy to work on one line, either the left line or the right line. It is most difficult to be in the middle and to connect these two lines into one authority and to remain there, in the middle, between the shell and Holiness. To be in between means to draw as much as one can from the shell and to add it to Holiness. Thus you constantly remain under one authority and advance; you fulfill your authority and look for a new place where you can be free in order to once again prefer Holiness. Thus a line is created by these points of unity of one’s freewill.

On the one hand, everything is done by the Creator, by private Providence (HaVaYaH), that descends from Above, which means that takes place inside. The private supervision is the most inner supervision (the supervision of HaVaYaH), that is closest to bestowal. On the other hand, a person says: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me,” which means that he compliments the two lines by adding all his efforts to the upper providence and adhering to it internally. The middle line expresses adhesion and mutual bestowal between a person and the Creator.

A person understands that everything comes from Above, but still annuls the domination of the Creator and says that he will do the same according to his freewill. He doesn’t do so because he is under the domination of the upper providence, but of his own free will, by wanting to identify with the Creator. Although it’s clear to him that no one has a chance to avoid the upper providence and to do anything by one’s self, he still tries to fulfill the thought that the Creator has given him, as if of his own freewill, being totally independent. This is how he advances.

It isn’t a game since the Creator agrees with his decision to perform a specific action and provides him with an illusion of life and death. It isn’t a joke but actually a question of life or death, which is a very serious matter for him. But a person receives this freewill and can change his fate from great sufferings along the path of “in its time” to great joy along the path of “I shall hasten it.” This means that he can totally change his whole life from the worst state to the best state.

It’s by creating a space where he can be independent that a person establishes the form of Adam (a human being), since if he doesn’t create a space where he can have freewill and believes that everything is managed from Above and says “thank God” about everything, as orthodox people honestly say, then there is nothing one can add. He places everything under the Creator’s domination.

If a person is not religious, he operates according to his natural instincts and the Creator totally manages him without revealing Himself. But if a person doesn’t accept either of these options and wants to fulfill his freewill, he makes room for his own authority, according to his freewill. Then in this independent authority he discovers both the good and evil sides, and these two authorities clash and struggle with each other. A person’s role is to arrange them on the middle line so that they will complement one another.

The connection between this space of freewill and the forces that operate in it is that a person attains by his clarifications, analysis, and synthesis, and turns into an image of a human being, Adam, which means in Hebrew “resembles the Creator.” This human form is established from the bottom up and is gradually revealed. By attaining this adhesion with the Creator, a person discovers that the middle line was also managed by the upper force, and he calls this revelation “the Angel Raziel.”
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/13

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Living In A Stuffy Room Swarming With Mice

Dr. Michael LaitmanEach of us discovers that he exists in a very special state, which we call this world and which we divide into us and everything that is external to us. I feel and understand myself and what is around me to some extent. The development of my understanding and feeling is called my life. I feel that I am changing and that everything around me changes; the whole world is changing.

Then I discover that my perception of the world depends only on me, and that it is created in my feeling and understanding. When I begin to examine the factors that determine my perception more deeply, I discover that everything begins from the egoistic desire to receive pleasure. This means that I perceive the inner and external reality and assess it only with regard to my own benefit, whether it’s good for me or not.

I cannot perceive reality objectively, in its true form, but only relative to myself. If something doesn’t concern me directly, I don’t feel it at all. I even perceive that the world is sometimes big and wide and sometimes narrow and stuffy, as if I totally change my mind.

This changes according to what interests me, and so I see one thing and don’t pay attention to something else. I am like a cat that only sees the mouse in the room, but pays no attention to the beauty of the room and the pictures that are on the walls. If a person enters the room he immediately pays attention to the pictures and doesn’t see the mouse. Each one sees the world according to his desire. The world doesn’t exist by itself. It’s depicted in my desire.

When I become aware of the limitations of my perception that filters everything only with regard to me, I begin to want to see something outside this limited picture. I feel as if I am in prison, as if I have been locked in a dungeon, inside a grave, unable to come out.

I begin to feel claustrophobic, fearing closed places that suffocate me and pressure me on all sides. I have to know and feel more! Here I begin to feel that the desire to receive that takes everything for itself doesn’t let me see the real world, but only what interests the egoistic desire that I have at the moment.

I perceive all of reality only through my ego. Although reality may be huge and practically infinite, I cannot see it. This leaves me restless and totally poisons my life. I begin to call my state, the domination of my desire to receive, slavery and exile. Because it forces me to see only what interests the narrow primitive desire, I look at everything with regard to its benefit or what is harmful to it and don’t see anything that is beyond its boundaries. I begin to look for a way to develop it, and so I reach the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/24/13

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Dissemination For The Sake Of Unification

Dr. Michael LaitmanGoing out to dissemination, we need to set a specific task as quickly as possible to achieve the most effective unity among us. In this case, it has to meet all the spiritual conditions Rabash wrote about: annulling oneself, connection between us above our egoism, renunciation of egoism, ascent in unity with friends, etc.

These conditions become more understandable with each day, either from a positive point of view of what we already carry out, or from a negative point of view, what we have not done yet. Seeing as this begins to be manifested between us in the positive or even negative form, we become aware of evil that does not allow us to unite between ourselves. We are ashamed of it because, on the one hand, we cannot deal with it, but on the other hand, we do not want to tolerate it. That is why we really need to go out, but this is only a means for us to connect internally.

If there is no such unity inside us, we will achieve nothing and going out will be useless. We will become like various spiritual, mystical, psychological organizations that make businesses of their teachings and are engaged in all kinds of trainings. Nothing will come out of this because the result will be the same as theirs, and perhaps even worse because we still belong to a spiritual movement and thus should feel our wrong behavior more strongly.

All the other organizations slowly lose their positions; they are losing strength and opportunities, their influence on the masses is disappearing because humanity is changing. It requires more and more unity for overcoming all kinds and forms of crises, and no training can provide it. We cannot give them anything either if our activities do not come from the center of the group, from our unity.

Even those individuals who work freelance (who disseminate independently) must get the support of the group. This is the form of their personal existence that gives them the opportunity to disseminate as a profession, earning their living. But everyone’s success depends only on how much the person is connected with the group and how much he seeks precisely the goal of unity in all his dissemination activities.

We are connected. We perform all kinds of dissemination actions throughout the world and in that we depend on each other. If some groups or individual people do not feel or do not understand that they do it for the sake of unity, then they cause great harm to the rest, like a part of the body that does not work in unison with all the other organs.

That is why we must all pursue the same goal: unity. The most important thing for us is our group. The crisis and external conditions are created so that we empathize with the suffering of the surrounding world, and this forces us to unite even more and reach the first degree of ascent.
From a Talk About the Dissemination 10/17/13

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Realization Of The Universal Problem

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The cause of clashes and conflicts between married couples is a collision between their egoistic characteristics. How necessary is it that they learn the mechanism of these characteristics in order to understand the reason why they have conflict and to have the ability to rise above them?

Answer: People need to know the mechanism of the interaction of egoistic characteristics, to study it and to control it. Since people are not just performers, they need to create the next state within themselves. Therefore the integral learning is serious study that includes not only education but also training. We tell them about the evolution of the family: Why there is a need for it, why it is dividing into two entities, into two opposing forces, why these objects connect together and how, despite their mutual ego, and so on.

Here we are working on a universal problem in the case of two young people: a boy and a girl. What pushes them towards each other? It’s hormones. But if you approach this sensibly, then certainly a great problem of cosmogony is solved here, an ascent to the next level of all of humanity, by way of a regular familial couple. And this depends only upon their awareness of what can consolidate them together.

They can come to us specifically because at this moment nature prepares all kinds of conflicts in them and we need to give a new meaning to their existence, a new level of meaning. Therefore look at this very seriously, for ultimately they will become the creators of the next level within them. As is said, “A man and a woman, the Shechina between them,” i.e., the next level of nature.

And in continuation, they will be rising all the time. If we establish a standard for them and support them, then the concept of the family will acquire a completely different meaning. When a public opinion is created in society that will unite them in a manner like this, will obligate and support them somewhat, then completely different relationships will appear between people.

What is it that holds them together? First it’s the hormones and after that for a time it’s mutual obligations. Whereas in the integral society that makes it possible for them to attain a higher goal, they will no longer be able to separate. They will begin to look at each other completely differently. Everything will be on an absolutely different level with them: both the shared home, sex, and conversations, everything, because they will begin to get completely different fulfillment.

I would explain all this to them not from the point of view of regular psychology, but from the point of view of egoistic psychology that very simply brings and contracts everything down to one source, the ego, which must be overcome without destroying it, but rather, using it for the needs of elevation to the next level. Regular psychology gives a person a “tranquilizer,” whereas integral education and information give the possibility of using that ego in order to rise above it without annihilating it. In this manner the person can grow spiritually. And when he rises spiritually, he creates a new society, a new community, and a new land.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/21/13

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Modern Slavery

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Global Slavery Index 2013): “The Global Slavery Index provides a ranking of 162 countries, reflecting a combined measure of three factors: estimated prevalence of modern slavery by population, a measure of child marriage, and a measure of human trafficking in and out of a country. The measure is heavily weighted to reflect the first factor, prevalence. A number one ranking is the worst, 160 is the best.

“Mauritania, a West African nation with deeply entrenched hereditary slavery, is ranked number 1 in the Index. This reflects the high prevalence of slavery in Mauritania – it is estimated that there are between 140,000 – 160,000 people enslaved in Mauritania, a country with a population of just 3.8 million. This ranking also reflects high levels of child marriage, and to a lesser extent, human trafficking. …

“The countries with the highest numbers of enslaved people are India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Taken together, these countries account for 76% of the total estimate of 29.8 million in modern slavery.”

My Comment: We are all slaves of our egoistic nature, the environment, education and so forth. It all depends on the awareness of one’s slavery! But what can we do with India: in this “spiritual, mystical,” country that promotes “freedom of spirit,” there are castes and slavery?

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You Woke Up – Awaken Others!

Dr. Michael LaitmanPicture this: Our world is divided into two parts. There are those kind of people, types of desires, who are able to connect with the upper force of nature, and therefore are called Yashar-Kel (Israel). Whether they carry out their mission or not, they are capable of doing so according to their nature. They already have this informational gene, Reshimo. In others, this gene is still hidden very deeply and lies dormant. That’s why they are incapable of establishing a connection with the upper force.

The part Israel has a chance, a readiness for contact with the upper force, and so they need to study the wisdom of Kabbalah and correct their broken Reshimot. These Reshimot wake up, clarify, connect with Malchut of the world of Atzilut, and turn into parts of the Shechina.

But, there are the types of desires that are unable wake up on their own and can only be awakened by those called Israel. These desires cannot attach to the nine lower Sefirot of Malchut of the world of Atzilut, so they are attached below. They have no active Galgalta ve Eynaim, so their job is to be ready to give up their material egoism, diminish their egos, and unite with each other so that they can live a good life. Also all the external conditions help them do this.

They do not need correction by going with faith above reason, as Israel who are required to reach a state of a complete nullification in front of the Upper who includes the lower and elevates it to a new level. As a result, when all connect, the Reforming Light will lift all on many levels. However, so far this is not required.

Israel is currently in a state that allows it to correct itself by connecting in a Kabbalistic group and adhering to the Upper. Thus, we find ourselves in the Upper and reveal it, whereas others cannot do so since they don’t feel a need for it, nor are their desires ready for that. And so they connect with each other solely to improve their current lives, each according to their needs. They achieve success because they become a bit like Galgalta ve Eynaim and cancel their AHP.

All Kabbalah writings divide into two categories. One part relates to the correction of a human being who has a predisposition, a point in the heart. The other part conveys to those who have a point in the heart or have reached spiritual attainment and have become Kabbalists about how to prepare the entire world for gradual revelation and attainment.

It is known that Baal HaSulam met with Ben Gurion, and visited Poland to address striking workers. Of course, he did not expect to find Kabbalists among them. In his article, “The Last Generation,” he described ways to provide mass education to the general public and stated that only then will the Light reveal the Creator to everyone: “For they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them.”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/13, The Study of the Ten Sefirot 

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Internal Fulfillment Nullifies External Needs

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The main incentive for working in a mainstream company is for financial gain. What is the correct motivation for working in an organization that disseminates the integral methodology?

Answer: There cannot be any financial motivation in any enterprise that disseminates the Integral methodology. One should receive compensation that will enough to not feel any special needs. If one’s life is dedicated to integral unity, then it is enough to provide his or her family with a normal level of subsistence. Working with a good team and the fulfillment that one gets from one’s work will be completely sufficient and will even bring them a sense of happiness (of course on condition that their families do not put forward unusually high demands on them.)

I don’t think that material incentives will play a major role here. If a business accumulates additional funds, it can equally raise salaries to its workers so that people feel more at ease. Everybody should receive the same salary: teachers, their assistants who transport equipment to various events, those who help teachers conduct seminars, and technical workers.

In the integral society one major principle should be rigidly observed: the principle of equal work and equal pay. After all, one is able to teach because nature inbuilt certain qualities in him or her; another one has an ability to carry heavy things around. I cannot lift heavy things, and someone else does not know how to teach. We complement each other by each investing his or her abilities. So, our compensation has to be equal.

Compensation can be adjusted to certain family situations. Let’s say, one has five children, the other one has to support a second family and pay child support. Accordingly, we have to adjust their salaries and create conditions that allow our friends to stop thinking about these issues and being stressed about them.

Baal HaSulam writes that people should receive relatively equal salaries. If I have two children, a wife, and old parents, naturally, I should be getting twice as much as a young, healthy single person, and it will fine; I wouldn’t be receiving in excess of the norm.

Currently, married and single people who work in our organization receive the same salary. I think it is wrong. But in order to differentiate earnings, we need to have at least have some financial “cushion, which we don’t have as of yet.

As soon as we obtain a new level of financial flexibility, we’ll transition to a conditional differentiation in compensating our workers. Everyone should be roughly equal. One’s salary should not depend on who one is, but rather on circumstances that develop around it.

Comment: Let’s say, I live in New York, disseminate our methodology, and teach. However, I am used to somewhat higher living standards than the general public in our organization…

Answer: It means that you are not there yet; we’ll wait for you until you reach a normal level. If you are engaged in integral dissemination, you will eventually lose interest in the excesses of this material plane and you will inevitably be satisfied with general standard conditions. You won’t be enjoying expensive restaurants or fashionable clothes any more (other than if you have to look good to represent our organization somewhere.) You will need only things that are necessary for your work: comfortable, clean clothes and a normal diet. Internal fulfillment will extinguish external needs.

The main motivation in the Integral society is the result we obtain, the importance of the goal we pursue, the unity, pleasure that we receive from the work we do, from the result of the process.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/2013

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Living Mind Or A Computer?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why did the Creator need such a complicated process of correction of creation so the creation itself acts on its own, unless it was impossible to correct everything at once from the beginning?

Answer: The Creator does not need our actions, He wants you to understand something and advance on your own until you attain the goal. The Creator made all of that right away; the entire distribution of worlds from above down and then the ascent back up, only you need this! The Creator cannot give you everything that you will receive in the end right away. You need to go through all the stages of development: 0-1-2-3-4, until you begin to perceive, understand, and become like Him.

Attainment means knowing the phenomenon “in its root” and its consequences. You must understand the whole of creation throughout the complex, and this can only be done gradually, learning from opposites every step of the way, initially and constantly revealing the lack and then the fulfillment, understanding and the lack of it, and good and bad sensations. This is the only way the strings of the soul develop in you.

I understand that you want everything right away, but this is impossible. Is it possible to take a child and turn him into a professor in one day? A sage is someone who throughout life has observed its arrangement, as one thing develops from another, as all things are connected with one another. He gradually became smarter until finally becoming wise!

But if he were crammed with all this information at once, he would simply have become a “computer” working according to the program embedded in it. But when this information is gradually and steadily imprinted on matter that can feel good and evil, truth and falsehood, emptiness and fulfillment, we will get a live “mind” instead of a computer.

This is the entire difference! Because he will find out the difference between Light and darkness, he will learn through this, he will acquire a desire; he himself will know what he wants to understand and feel! Every piece of data that you load into the computer must be preceded by your desire that you want to receive it, and you will know which empty fields and lack of understanding you need to fill. The computer itself should respond, and then it will turn into man…
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/5/10, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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How Do You Turn Enemies into Friends?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we imagine “impure forces” (Klipot)?

Answer: Imagine that there are “good” people who always praise you and give you presents and then there are “bad” people who always punish you and cause you problems.

Now the question is who really does good to you and who harms you? It all depends on the goal you are trying to achieve.

Those who hurt you reveal the truth to you, showing you that you have properties that they despise. By doing this, they show you the source of evil, the reason for their hatred of you. When you correct this reason, you will suddenly see these hostile forces become your friends!

So do you think they were good or bad initially? They must have been good!

And those people, who only gave you gifts and always praised you, never gave you a chance to correct anything in you. They only satisfied your egoism, so it turns out that they are your enemies. Right?

It is understandable that everyone only wants to be around “good” people who praise us, but these good people are ruining the world! And it is written in The Zohar: “All their mercy is egoistic, for their own sake.”

We need to love the Klipot, value the Pharaoh! All our haters show us our uncorrected parts. And if we see the corrections we can make with their help, we should be grateful to them.

Our entire work in upbringing and  education is to figure out the properties that can be corrected and to grow by doing this.

Hatred of Klipot is childhood, the “small state” (Katnut)! One needs to see their source, after all, the Upper Light goes through them, through our corrupt desires, and shows these defects to us from the side in the form of foreign, impure forces (Klipot). This is called the “visible flaw.”

Essentially, I am looking at myself in the mirror and seeing my face, which I do not like! So who do I blame, the mirror or myself? The Klipa is our mirror. All the faults that it shows us are inside us (just like the rest of the world we see around us).

All the catastrophes and problems that we encounter, from the smallest to the largest, are a projection of our inner properties.

This is why it is impossible to be without the Klipot! Without them we would not be able to attain anything, we would not feel or distinguish anything. Where would we begin the correction if not with the Klipot?

It is impossible to correct a defect without having revealed its cause. And the role of the Klipot is to show us our defects. This is the most necessary thing for us! We know that one can only reach the fruit through the peel.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/6/10, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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