Dissemination For The Sake Of Unification

Dr. Michael LaitmanGoing out to dissemination, we need to set a specific task as quickly as possible to achieve the most effective unity among us. In this case, it has to meet all the spiritual conditions Rabash wrote about: annulling oneself, connection between us above our egoism, renunciation of egoism, ascent in unity with friends, etc.

These conditions become more understandable with each day, either from a positive point of view of what we already carry out, or from a negative point of view, what we have not done yet. Seeing as this begins to be manifested between us in the positive or even negative form, we become aware of evil that does not allow us to unite between ourselves. We are ashamed of it because, on the one hand, we cannot deal with it, but on the other hand, we do not want to tolerate it. That is why we really need to go out, but this is only a means for us to connect internally.

If there is no such unity inside us, we will achieve nothing and going out will be useless. We will become like various spiritual, mystical, psychological organizations that make businesses of their teachings and are engaged in all kinds of trainings. Nothing will come out of this because the result will be the same as theirs, and perhaps even worse because we still belong to a spiritual movement and thus should feel our wrong behavior more strongly.

All the other organizations slowly lose their positions; they are losing strength and opportunities, their influence on the masses is disappearing because humanity is changing. It requires more and more unity for overcoming all kinds and forms of crises, and no training can provide it. We cannot give them anything either if our activities do not come from the center of the group, from our unity.

Even those individuals who work freelance (who disseminate independently) must get the support of the group. This is the form of their personal existence that gives them the opportunity to disseminate as a profession, earning their living. But everyone’s success depends only on how much the person is connected with the group and how much he seeks precisely the goal of unity in all his dissemination activities.

We are connected. We perform all kinds of dissemination actions throughout the world and in that we depend on each other. If some groups or individual people do not feel or do not understand that they do it for the sake of unity, then they cause great harm to the rest, like a part of the body that does not work in unison with all the other organs.

That is why we must all pursue the same goal: unity. The most important thing for us is our group. The crisis and external conditions are created so that we empathize with the suffering of the surrounding world, and this forces us to unite even more and reach the first degree of ascent.
From a Talk About the Dissemination 10/17/13

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  1. To whom it may concern,
    Please forgive me, but i have a question which is not directly related to the above article.
    I am a member of a Christian Baptist Church, and i have been looking into the Kabbalah for about one month. I believe that my search is sincere, and my question is not for the purpose of ‘catching anyone out’.
    It is this: according to Kabbalistic teachings, who is Jesus?
    Adrian Vaughan.

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