The Detector Of The Upper Force

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I don’t have the strength to work for dissemination, how can I connect with the friends in order to get strength from them?

Answer: From your point of view, it is an unnatural action that goes beyond our nature. On your own, you would never have a thought about the friends, seeing no egoistic gain in this. If you could gain at their expense, make money or if your health or income had depended on them, then of course, you would have started thinking about the friends right away. But since we are talking about some kind of an unnatural act, you have to draw a perfect system.

Spiritual qualities can come to you only from above, that is, from the force of bestowal. You need the upper force that will change you, and it can be obtained only from the center of the group. According to the nature of the force of Light, the only form that matches it, as a detector or radar able to catch it, is the unity of people as equals that desire to reveal this force.

You will find this unity in the center of the group if you become integrated into it with all your mind and heart, with all your power and concentration. Try to imagine how all the friends, all the hearts, are united in this imaginary center. You still cannot imagine it “virtually” because you have no tools for perceiving the spiritual reality yet. So, just imagine that they are getting together in one intention to draw the Light that will unite us and reveal the upper force for us.

And inside of this revelation, you will already subconsciously imagine this world, the upper world, the ascent above death to eternal life, to unlimited knowledge, mind, and feelings. It is all correct. You already visualize the true reality in which everyone is united. You also want to join them to be affected by the illumination that comes through our connection from that invisible infinite spiritual space.

Our unity is like a focusing lens that creates a tiny opening, like a needle’s eye, through which the higher energy breaks into our world and changes us.

You need to constantly imagine this picture, and thus you will connect with the group. You will already want to feel the friends, to hear them, to communicate; you will be looking where they are to connect to them in some form, to get closer. The main thing is to achieve the feeling that you must both physically and in your soul be as close as possible to them.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/16/13

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