A Healing Infusion Through The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it that it is precisely through involvement with dissemination that we begin to see the greatness of the friends and our own lowness in comparison to them?

Answer: Through involvement with dissemination, you are connected. You feel your dependence upon each other. You hang the success of the dissemination on the degree of your success in attaining connection and unity, mutual support. All this brings you higher illumination.

Everything depends upon the illumination. The desire to receive, our entire world, cannot move from its spot without this energy. Scientists say that all the energy through which the entire universe lives and develops was revealed at the time of the Big Bang, and, from then, it acts in the entire universe, making all the particles go around, giving them the ability to connect and create the multitude of types of creatures that we see on the face of the earth: still, vegetative, animate and human.

However, all of this energy comes from the Upper Light, from the power of bestowal. Otherwise, matter would remain dead; it would not move. It couldn’t even exist without the Light and, all the more so, be in motion and development, and even in spiritual development. A completely unique Light is required to be able to maintain the existence of matter, giving it the possibility of developing to the level of the animate and the speaking, and, after that, also to the level of divinity.

What is required for this is not just Light, energy. Rather, it’s energy of another, higher quality. Therefore, we attract this illumination through our actions.

When we merely act on the level of the “beast,” we are serving our ego. So, this also takes place with the help of the illumination for we see that the world evolves but by a long and indirect way that is called the “path of suffering.”

Whereas, through dissemination, we attract the illumination in the right form, for we need it in order to heal this world so that it will heal matter and correct the shattering. Therefore, through our dissemination, we do rehabilitation. We convey through a pipeline to the world an infusion with the remedy, and then we begin to think, to feel, and to understand that we require friends. You are personally empty, but completely filled together with everyone.

So, the Light, according to its nature, shows you a truer picture of reality, closer to the truth. You suddenly feel that you are attracted to friends, feel your dependence on them, and feel yourself obligated to them. They radiate a vital energy, a feeling of security to you. The Light acts and carries out in you changes like these that are possible only through the Light. You feel the results directly from the area of your work in dissemination.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/16/13

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