Different People Are Needed, Different People Are Important

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: With regard to equality in wages at an enterprise engaged in the dissemination of the integral method, let’s take an instructor and a janitor as an example. Their work requires completely different efforts and is different with respect to the emotional stress involved with the work. A janitor takes a mop and cleans the floor, while the instructor has to study and read from dawn to sunset; he has to constantly take ongoing training courses, etc. What would be the correct approach?

Answer: I don’t understand why a janitor should receive less money than an instructor. Let’s say I wanted to be a research scientist because I felt a desire for this. After all, I was made this way by nature and I was realizing this call. At the same time, some girl came from some rural place and works as a janitor. She participates in our company and must attend our courses and must be together with us in the collective work of the one common whole, in one healthy team, as an independent unit. Therefore, I don’t see anything in her that would make her lower than me.

Moreover, nothing will work without her. If she becomes included in the team, then everything depends on her as well. If this system is integral and analog, then every part is like one whole. Therefore, we should not break this spiritual principle.
From the program “Through Time” 9/17/13

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