I’d Rather Be a Janitor…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: (From a letter) Why should I go to work? What is the point? Of course the salary is important. But I could eliminate the cost of travel, stop buying clothes that I am constantly updating so as not to wear the same thing all the time, and stop buying expensive prepared meals—it turns out that I spend two-thirds of my salary just to be able to go to work—so wouldn’t it be better to become a janitor sweeping floors in the morning and having the rest of the day free, easily living on one-third of my current salary?

Answer: These sentiments belong not only to simple workers, but also to people in high positions who force themselves to go to work from fear of losing their jobs, or out of a sense of responsibility, or because talking to people gives them energy to live.

But still, we are moving in the direction of human transformation, people develop absolutely new demands for new kinds of fulfillment. This is not for financial fulfillment; there is a changing inner need to change the quality of life. It is no longer determined by what you eat or drink, taking a walk in the evening, or buying something new. Its feeling arises in us as a new emptiness.

Question: But work fills the emptiness in us in many ways. Maybe the problem is that there is no time to just sit and think about something else, something more important?

Answer: But this is not a treatment, but just a distraction, like an analgesic drug, which will not solve the problem.

We see that many people are willing to work for free, just so their work would give them some kind of fulfillment.

We have new desires, new voids, that we must fill through society due to the integral connection we find ourselves in. Our past egoistic desires are transformed into new ones, which require being fulfilled through society and interconnection. We are still only in the beginning stages of this new integral egoism, but we can already feel it.
From KabTV’s “Professional Secrets” 2/3/13

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