How To Fill The Void?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Would it be worthwhile for business people to change their direction now, to diversify and turn to some kinds of essential production?

Answer: In the new integral system, unnecessary businesses, unnecessary profession, and unnecessary jobs will automatically be discarded. After all, we are approaching this and in the end of things, humanity will only produce essential food goods, products, and services.

Question: Will the result be that trade as we know it and brokerage services will disappear?

Answer: No, they will remain. There are numerous connections in trade and in brokerage services. But in the same trade and intermediary services there is a set of completely unnecessary contacts, companies, and industries that fill artificial niches. As a result of integral development, all of that will gradually disappear as is already evidenced by the level of increasing unemployment.

People begin to demand higher fulfillment, instead of continuously purchasing more and more. It will become increasingly revealed to man that the level of consumption doesn’t exceed rational consumption. I need to feed my “animal,” to maintain my body, my children, family, and relatives. This is essential, but this is the animal level of our state.

And today a new level is already discovered where I need to receive fulfillment not from purchasing a better car than my neighbors, etc. I suddenly begin to feel within me such an emptiness that I can fill only with close contact with the community, through mutual integration in a common connection.

The feelings of confidence, security, warmth, generosity, and kindness are what is missing now in the society. But in the meantime they are not aware of it. We see this according to the programs that are shown on TV, according to how the media distorts people, etc. But still, it’s true because it’s necessary for people to understand as quickly as possible in what kind of world they are living.
From KabTV’s “Personnel Secrets” 2/3/13

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