To The New World Through A Qualitative Leap

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are unable to speak about a concrete image of the future society because it will be continuously changing and transforming.

With the implementation of new integral education and a natural reorganization of the entire megalopolis, redundant enterprises, industrial waste, and environmental pollution will automatically cease to exist. Gradually, any nonessential activities will vanish as an excessive and harmful fat that hurts the consumers, manufacturers, and the ecology in general. Our consumption will become optimal and rational. It will depend solely on the degree of our correct interaction. This is why the basis of all these processes is only integral education.

This transformation will be constant. We will learn how to behave depending on the degree of our reciprocal connection, integrality, and mutual guarantee, when each one of us tries to internally support others.

Many unnecessary enterprises will close their doors, thus freeing an enormous amount of human resources, time, and energy. People will have plenty of free time and will be involved in integral education and mutual assistance. Hence, the very basis of modern-day economics that currently survives solely because of its “buying and throwing away” strategy, which is the real cause of its not being sustainable, will vanish.

However, we have no idea of what will replace the dying economics since there are no professionals who think integrally yet. Future integral economics has to emerge from appropriate upbringing!

I have students who are professional economists, but they don’t understand which way to go since they first have to attain the state of integral connection in the integral society. We have to go through a very serious revolution, a severe collapse of current banking, financial, economic, and international trade systems. There should be a period of education and upbringing between the old and the new structures, a qualitative internal leap that precedes the attainment of the next level.
From KabTV’s “The Integral World” 11/28/12

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