Two Conditions That Determine Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why are the instructions given to us by Kabbalists so vague? Why can’t we understand by now what we are supposed to do? What are the ways to connect with the group and bow our heads in front of our friends? All is unclear. Probably, it’s supposed to be like that, but what does this mist hide?

Answer: First of all, there is no intention to make your life miserable whatsoever. You should remember that the creation has no other way to become similar to the Creator. Not at all!

Imagine that you are an expert chef with steaks and you have received an order for a special steak. For that, you need beef from a special breed of cattle raised to a certain age that grazed in a pasture at a specific altitude, as well as spices that are made of particular plants grown in a specific area, etc. You bring forward a list of requirements because you know that otherwise you can’t make the dish.

It is similar here: The creature cannot attain similarity with the Creator on any other terms. I would say that it’s not even up to Him. Once He decided that creation had to become similar to Him, these two conditions (creation and its similarity with the Creator) automatically dictate all the rest.

First, the Creator connected creation with Himself; this is described as “the creation of the world” in which the creation disappeared. Then, He added a single point to the creation, “something out of nothing.” Then, the creature started to grow inside the Light, and from this point on everything unfolded without the Creator’s interference or participation.

Here, as a binary system, there are two positions: zero and more than a zero. In other words, the Creator and of something that sticks out of the Creator. The creature that is different, external, and opposite to Him is called “creation”; it was made as “something out of nothing.”

Everything else is developing by itself. That’s why it is said: “The end of action is incorporated in the original thought.” Besides these original conditions, the Creator doesn’t need anything at all. He made the desire to receive; the rest stems from the opposition between the Light and the vessel, the giving force and the receiving desire, the Creator and the creation, meaning a point that in essence is a little bit different than the Light. These conditions are quite sufficient.

You ask: “Why did the Creator make our life so miserable? Can’t He change anything?” The very question is incorrect, since we are not yet at the level that allows us to see the whole picture and thus justify the Creator. However, even our tiny knowledge demonstrates that an alternative path is impossible. There is love and bestowal; anything that is opposite to these notions can reach similarity with Him only in one way. This applies to all times and circumstances from the beginning of creation until the end of correction. At that point, you’ll see that everything is perfect and nothing happens “accidentally.” So far, we are still very small and immature; we are squeezed in our niche and haven’t even started to follow the path that will eventually allow us to sense these things.

It seems to us that the world is huge and it’s a little scary to us. The entire universe, all our properties and troubles, everything that fills you now is only a small particle of the real world. Even though we measure this realm in kilometers and kilograms, from the point of view of the authentic reality, it simply doesn’t exist. And yet, even from this world, which is a divergent part of “something out of nothing” we can start our journey. It’s very desirable to accelerate our speed in order to cover this path on our own.

So, there are two forces, two details of perception: the Creator and the creation that is a little different from Him. These two details determine everything there is. That’s why today you cannot receive anything else but what you are already getting. Wishful thinking doesn’t work here.

The moment creation was made, as soon as “something out of something” gave birth to “something out of nothing,” everything became subordinate to the rigid law including all “cases” of our freedom of choice. Everything is included in the law, although curtains of concealment hide this law from us. In fact, the mist is illusionary. There is no mystery here. The fog that embraces our consciousness is purely of a psychological nature and is meant to “calibrate” us correctly.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/31/13, “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar

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