Responding To The Call Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah:” A revelation of Godliness does not appear at once, but gradually, over a period of time, depending on the cleansing of the attaining, until one discovers all the degrees from Above downwards. And because they come in an order of attainment, one after the other and one above the other, as do rungs of a ladder, they are called “degrees” (steps).

Everything is built and was prepared in advance in great detail in every way possible. So we cannot change anything in any way. We climb the same “tree” from the bottom up the way the levels descended from the top down according to the law of a branch and a root. There is nothing new on this way back by even one millimeter. The states are fixed and everything is predetermined according to the desire, the Masach (screen) and the Light on every level. There can be nothing new here, since there is an unchangeable law between the Lights and the vessels, and “iron formula.”

There can be nothing but Lights, vessels, and Masachim (screens). So, from the whole state in Ein Sof (Infinity) to the most shattered, smallest state in this world, everything is predetermined by the cooperation of these three elements. There is nothing new on the way from the top down, and nothing new in the correction from the bottom up. This is called “Thou hast hemmed me in behind and before.”

The Creator is the one who bestows, “something from something,” and the created being is the one who receives, “something from nothing.” There is a formula that determines the extent of the equivalence by the Masach. In fact all the levels differ according to the Masach, which connects the Light and the vessel to a greater or lesser extent. So the one general law of the equivalence of form operates always and in everything. This is what determines the difference between the Creator and the created being or between the Light and the vessel.

In such a case, what is the role of the lower? Do they exist if everything is determined by the mutual integration of the two forces? If nature rules everything, what upper or lower are we talking about?

But when two forces collide, penetrate each other and influence each other, a new condition is born, an attitude, a response. The combination of these two forces, the receiving and the bestowing is called a “creation,” and the point is that this creation will want to resemble the attribute of bestowal, the force that bestows, by itself and that it will awaken before an action from Above; before the two forces obligate me to take steps of “in its time” along the path of suffering, I can wake up by myself and summon their action upon me. Then my ascent up the spiritual ladder is bringing contentment. This is the whole difference.

By that I begin to know, to appreciate, to value, to thank for, and to love these conditions, the one who is Above who has created them for me and prepared everything that I need. Why? Because it is in my attitude to these states that I feel that I am alive. We will have to acquire this reality.

So there is a spiritual system with an immense amount of details, most of which are not described by Kabbalists so as not to “overload” us. Since we, with our limited understanding, need to be free for what is important. So no matter what they write, it is all meant only to help us increase our intention to bestow, so that we will acquire the right and positive attitude towards the upper force.

But we shouldn’t think that the wisdom of Kabbalah is just some schematic description of the upper worlds with drawings and explanations. It includes all of creation, including our world and everything in it. If we understand that all this helps us ascend the spiritual ladder, then we perceive that all the events are part of the method of preparation of the Lights and vessels, or the two lines, or the force of bestowal and the force of receiving, the connection between them through the Masach. And the Masach should be stabilized not “in its time” but in “I shall hasten time.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/15/12, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah“

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