Everyone Is A Point, Everyone Is Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is the end of correction for which we are striving? It is a special and constant state that the Creator has initially created.

We exist in this state even now; nothing else was created, only the World of Infinity. However, in order for us to perceive and realize that we exist in this state, the Creator has prepared an exit from this state into the sensation of “this world” and the consequent return to it.

The path downward is referred to as the descent of the worlds, which has also translated into the breaking of the Kelim (vessels) and the formation of the 125 spiritual degrees. All of this is the preparation which manifests for us from Above downward, and then we return home.

Initially, each one of us is a point (like a drop of semen) in the World of Infinity. In our world, each one of us is also a point. Simply, this point has become egoistic (an egoistic aspiration to the Creator, to the meaning of life) during the descent from Above downward, and it has become overgrown with egoism (the desires for this world).

We return to Malchut of the World of Infinity through five worlds of ABYA (Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, Assiya) and Adam Kadmon. As we ascend, we grow in our desire for the Creator, the property of bestowal, and we acquire independence.

As a result, everyone becomes Infinity (with regard to size and quality). Then, unlike before, everyone’s Infinity becomes filled with the Light of NRNHY (Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Haya, Yechida) instead of the previous Light of Nefesh.

In this world, one has a spiritual Reshimo (spiritual gene, reminiscence), similar to the drop of semen which contains full information about the body and the entire process of its development. The point of Reshimo, too, contains all the information about one’s spiritual path and the way he will see the World of Infinity in his perception.

However, everything is predetermined. As I realize my Reshimo and push it to develop, I acquire the sensation of independence. Now I consciously exist, feel, and make conscious decisions. I acquire my spiritual “I” which develops from the Reshimo just like a grown, independent human being forms out of a drop of semen in our world.

We have one point and, with regard to volume, it needs to develop infinitely. Every person must become like the Creator. At the same time, every person ascends to their World of Infinity, and then all the infinities unite.

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From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/7/10, Rabash, Letter #40


  1. Israel are the stars that fall………into this world…………and that experience happened to me after the creator was revealed as the light of love: If I had not fallen after this state (broken) I would never have experienced the separation of my ego from the soul (Israel): it is only because Israel finally was revealed as the reception of light instead of the ego/Egypt that the darkness came to Egypt and Israel escaped: The past 19 years Israel has been in a wilderness experience within me, and the light that filled Israel withing and allowed it to escape has completely changed me inside, but it has left me with no place in the world: I am completely useless here and all the bestowing of all that I have, doesn’t make a difference in a world that doesn’t understand it. The creator has taken care of me in spite of this worlds rejection of me and its a good thing because for 19 years I have not been welcome in the world and my physical body has almost completely deteriorated: ITs like the physical goes along with this world: My question is how can this state I am in be called “good”, even though I feel it is good from within: Outside of me and to everyone else, it is like God hates me:

  2. I don’t know how to answer your question Yvonne, but I am writing just to say you are not alone.

  3. Both man and woman sinned in the beginning . . . Genesis! and the finger of blame was pointed at all three: the man, the woman, the serpent! All were deceived by the deceiver! Who is the deceiver? Is it God who Created and planted the Garden; and put His beloved creation to the test?
    What initially was the purpose and will of God in Creation? Are we not in His image and likeness? Not ” HATED BY HIM ” at all . . . but Created by LOVE, itself, to be re-united with ITSelf through the steady TRANSFORMATION ?

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