The End Of The Information Era

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are entering a new state where the “upper bar” that was set for humanity is changing. In the era that is coming to an end, it was information: Whoever has information rules the world. It isn’t by chance that the banks have become a kind of industrial enterprises: They are also making a profit, but directly, on the “information” level. And this is according to the laws of nature. Indeed, if I have information, I don’t need anything else. Information by itself has become an object that we manufacture, design, and sell, just like real merchandise.

Now this era is coming to an end, and whoever has more information cannot “move mountains” anymore. Before information was simply “linear,” it was made of a chain of “bits” that connect to an egoistic pipe. Now, however, we enter a “round” world, an era of an integral humanity, and the states don’t change smoothly but through a crisis. It stems from the fact that we don’t control this transition and don’t know what we are about to encounter.

Once, everything was clear and even revolutions fitted the framework of logical reasoning. People knew how to hasten the development of technology and science and worked full steam ahead. But today nothing is clear anymore.

Meanwhile, the next phase of the general human designation, the next key principle, the next main criterion of society, its intensity and development, is attainment. It’s the attainment of a new system. Whoever attains it will be a “great” person.

Practically, it means that in our times we have to change man and not the world. For the first time we have to adapt ourselves to the system that is being revealed to us. But this time it isn’t we who are building the system according to our ego from within. The Creator no longer urges us from within, but only reveals the deficiency to us and shows us an example ahead so that we will build ourselves according to the example. Humanity must become integral and “round” like all of Nature. The faster we understand this the less we will suffer.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/13, “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar

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