Einstein Could Only Have Dreamt Of This

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can individuality be retained in an integral world?

Answer: Egoism does not die, it constantly fuels the “we,” and your “we” always keeps growing. Then you will discover that your egoism keeps constantly growing.

As a result of common egoistic development over thousands of years, we have come to a certain level of fulfillment and have become round. And now we are a society which does not wish to think about anything, a society where drugs and entertainment rule, and we do not need anything else.

As soon as you begin to perceive the integral society and include yourself in it, a new kind of egoism appears, “round” egoism, which grows when your individual egoism pushes it up towards the next level.

Today, many people feel like they are losing their individuality because nature nullifies it, and people find that they are lost; they do not know who they are, what they are, and what their purpose is. Today they can no longer realize themselves as they did in the past before egoism became round; today there is nothing they can realize themselves with.

This is why the generation of the last 40-50 years is considered to be the lost generation. It is called that way because egoism has stopped growing; people do not feel the need to make a family, to have children. Why should I strive towards anything, make plans, discover new planets, as if there were anything out there. Desire has disappeared, egoism has stopped growing; it has become round.

Begin to adapt yourselves within this new form of egoism and you will see how it will begin to grow within you, but in a round way, the circle will either begin to expand or rise. This is our next stage. In other words, the form of egoism has changed, it has become global and integral; further growth will continue and it will be beautiful.

We will begin to see absolutely new forces and new interconnections in nature, we will be attaining nature, and we will suddenly discover fields, laws, and forms Einstein could only have dreamt of.

The new mechanism of feelings and mind will enable a person to feel all of nature holistically, see its entire diversity, and perceive in it the forces that govern everything, the network of forces, which he will discover himself. He will create an analog of the common nature inside himself; he will begin to delve into all of its layers. This is a completely new science, about which little is written, the next inner stage of development.

Humanity will discover this stage of development. And once it begins to develop altruistically, increasingly strengthening the inner connection between them where gradual unification, mutual feelings, and understanding take place, which will continue until this common network of interconnection turns into a completely analog connection, then we will lose the perception of time.

This is the entrance into the field of forces where mind and feelings exist and matter does not. Now we only perceive it in our egoistic senses. As soon as egoism fully transitions to altruism, a full interconnection between us, the perception of the existence of matter will disappear.
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 11/27/12

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  1. Then IF “we” include time as earthly minds understand it, the “matter” within it, building on the past and planning for the future what “matters” become in the now is what “we” become??? Eternity has no measurement just as space of the levels of the univeres but its growth in its awareness of what knowledge of such is obtained.

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