A Happy State

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose I am on duty in the kitchen, peeling vegetables and so on. Do I have to imagine that I am serving the general, future integral system before I begin working?

Answer: Of course. It is a kind of internal training. I give all my energy to the integral system, and, at the same time, I should feel that I absorb this general power, and through it, I begin to feel the new, round world.

What is more, the world is becoming integral since I feel it above time and place, above the linear measurements, above the three axes according to which we see the world today. I feel it in a totally different way, just like in fantasy films that describe the formation of time and place.

I actually begin to feel this since the world is an internal feeling. So, I begin to perceive it in another dimension, in the next dimension. Nature is pushing us toward this. When I peel that potato, I feel that while I do that, I am getting closer to the next picture of the world.

This may not sound convincing to a person and may seem far from real, but if one studies this practical approach in the group, then in a couple of lessons, he will be able to feel all this. Then, he will have no problems.

If he is motivated, not corporeally, but by adhesion to society from which he can rise thanks to his adhesion to it and the communication with it, then all the social work will become an opportunity for him, a happy state in order to rise. He will see it as his greatest reward and the greatest compensation there is.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/23/12

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