Egoism Is Changing Its Form

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhy does egoism change from linear into circular? What is the property of circular egoism?

We can imagine linear egoism as a straight line consisting of a multitude of dots. Linear egoism can see only the next dot in front of itself and is running toward it like a little dog, and after that to the next goal, and so on. It does not see even a few dots ahead of it because it doesn’t care about them. It is interested only in the short term, the next goal.

Circular egoism shows a circle, rather than the next goal. The circle is eternity, infinity, and detachment from linearity, even at the surface. This refers to the general sense of being. This is the difference between circular and linear egoism within us.

Today, when a person and the entire world in general become circular and integral, people experience a need to become familiar with the purpose of existence. Without this, they will be unable to live and advance. Without this, there will be terror and killing because there is no sense to this life if a person does not feel life’s upper purpose.

The upper purpose is the next rung to which we must rise in our evolution. It’s not life after death; it has nothing to do with religion. The opportunity for self-realization at the next level in this circular, single generality gives a person strength and productivity in everything.

However, we must explain to the person what we receive when we become integral. We rise above ourselves and obtain the instrument for gaining upper knowledge, sensation, and understanding. Based on this instrument, we can create, write articles, research the world and ourselves, our purpose, and so forth.

A person who begins his self-realization finds between us the new, common “me.” He receives the answers to all his questions because he becomes a possessor of the new instrument for acquiring knowledge.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/23/12

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