An Integral Society Is A Source Of Power

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How will the connection in the integral environment ensure that a person will at least have enough to eat?

Answer: Suppose people are detached from one another, don’t want to communicate, and have a sad and empty look in their eyes. Put them in a circle next to one another so that they will touch each other’s knees, like kids, and put their hands on each other’s shoulders or knees, and they will begin feeling one another.

You will see how they begin to trigger some collective field, and suddenly, from the inside, signs of life will begin to appear in them. All this is because they are becoming similar to the general integral system, by triggering the power of this system on themselves, not linearly, but integrally, in a circle, and this power gradually begins to operate in them, spinning as if in a ring, like a current in a conductor that creates a field.

Thus, people begin to wake up since all of them together inside the circle are now equal to the global system with which nature is now presenting us. They receive powers, desires, a mind, and new attributes that are based on cooperation, on integrality.

They gradually begin to feel the world and to see it through an integral attribute that is cleared to them through this collective power. Each of them stops feeling his “self” and begins to feel the general “we,” the united “self” where there is no “me,” no “you,” and no “him,” but only one “self” that exists among everyone and through which they see everything.

Then, totally new conditions, attributes, powers, and options on a new level appear on the internal level, and from that, they grow. They cut themselves off from the past since it means falling back into the emptiness and the sadness.

Today, a person can be a member of the integral society and only through it, receive the power, ideas, goals, and values, and act in order to attain them. If he isn’t enclosed within the integral society, he has no power source and no desire, and he cannot work and won’t be able to operate.

It is the same with the entire world. Of course, all countries will gradually come to this. Especially now, when millions of unemployed people will be on the streets, the middle class gradually will disappear and thus lose its uniqueness. If we don’t work with them, a terrible future awaits these people.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/23/12

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