A Positive Charge

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe road is difficult if we are in our ego and want to make some egoistic arrangements among us. By trying to solve problems on the egoistic plane, we will constantly fight, argue, and disagree and it will never end.

But if we rise above our ego in order to connect and see all the arguments and the conflicts among us as an invitation to connect, as “help against,” we will constantly feel happy and powerful, elated and capable of anything. If we are not able to do something, we will have whom to ask for help. That is, we reach the request to the upper one, a prayer, which we would not be able to reach otherwise.

This isn’t just a prayer but the “prayer of many” that I pray for the whole group and not for myself. Asking for myself doesn’t help; on the contrary, it keeps us apart and thrusts us onto the path of suffering.

So during the roundtable discussions, we say that we want to leave all the strife. We don’t want to argue and find out who is right and who is not and to what extent. This is not a debate within the government. Here there are people who want to establish a new connection, without which humanity is doomed.

This is only possible if we stop all the arguments between us and rise to a new level of connection so that “love,” that is above everything, “will cover all the sins,” that are left below. We don’t mention the sins as if they do not exist. And we build a dome above us.

This is what we want to achieve in the discussions at the roundtable. Before we do it in public, we have to learn to implement it in our group. So we need to take every opportunity to connect in spite of all our arguments, conflicts, and rejection.

In this form, the upper force field operates on us by evoking such reactions in us and summoning conflicts so that we will need the help of the upper one. As it says: “He who brings peace in Heaven will bring peace upon us.”

We need to reach a state in which this force field will influence us not by its negative pole, but by its positive pole, in the opposite direction. Every force field, every magnet has a positive or negative effect, by the north pole or the south pole. It all depends on our direction, on our charge—on our intention.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/12, Shamati #30

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