A “Round” World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Everything depends on our desire. So how can we come out of our “standard set” of desires which are stuck in this world?

Answer: We don’t perceive the world as “round.” We are still under the illusion that it is linear and that we can be successful in it with the help of our ego. But the world now operates under a different program, and the only way to achieve success is through unity. This is a completely different algorithm of the world, but we still “don’t get it.”

For thousands of years man achieved success based on the size of his ego, but in the past 50 years this trend has run its course. We are moving ever further into an integral world, and in an integral world he who is more connected to others makes the most profit. We see that the more connections one establishes, the more countries one gets involved, the more successful one is. People feel this instinctively and gravitate toward integral solutions.

However, we still don’t realize that the solution from our sorrows necessitates our connection on the human level, above the banking system, global industry, and other global mechanisms. This situation began to materialize following the Second World War, when the United Nations, UNESCO, and other international organizations were founded. However, even they are still operating with egoistic methods, instead of adopting an integral, all-embracing approach.

In essence, all countries need equality. Why should some countries have the veto power over any decision, while others don’t? So what if someone is bigger and someone else is smaller? On the contrary, in a “round” system, the bigger ones ought to be more compromising since otherwise, they only care about themselves.

Our approach is completely twisted, and yet we are beginning to feel that the world is becoming truly “round,” integral, and interconnected.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/11/2011, “Peace in the World”

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  1. These articles are great, very clear. Thank you for being direct about these topics, I know it is very difficult. The ego coaxes us to be confusing in order to feel like we know more, to control and manipulate. Thank you for being strong brother. Thank you for being honest.

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