Unity Is The Main Product Of The Integral Enterprise

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What must be done if a person in our dissemination project of the integral method doesn’t relate to his obligations in a dedicated way?

Answer: We need to prescribe very precise requirements for him so that he will participate in all of our lessons, internal workshops, in everything that is included in our work; this is a rigorous duty. There are no other options.

If a person doesn’t relate in a dedicated manner to his obligations, we simply give him notice of his termination. He cannot work in the system of the integral education if he isn’t systematically engaged with us in learning the material, constantly preparing; call it a renewal of training. He must be within our project all the time, including the regular classes, the internal discussions, workshops, meetings, dinners with friends, and so forth, because we have a special collective.

Our collective “sells” our unity. Therefore a person cannot come to work in his “Rolls Royce,” call on his cell phone and ask, “Where are you sending me today?” and travel there to work in comfort. Absolutely not! His agenda is inseparable from the daily agenda of our project and includes within it all kinds of activities.

We agree from the start that a person has, let’s say, two visits per day to different places, and the rest of the time he needs to fill with work in the project: editing manuals, developing courses, lectures, reference books, or involvement with some other kind of dissemination.

So his day job is serious and irregular, for we need to accommodate ourselves to our external consumers.

Question: How is it possible to measure, from the point of view of the integral approach, how much a person needs to work?

Answer: Baal HaSulam writes that a person must be occupied with this twelve to fourteen hours a day or more. But this is written in the book, The Last Generation, whereas we are not yet found on this level. It is also said that it will continue this way until there is not one person who is not happy.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/15/13

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