Without An Inner Fire There Is No Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to make the work of every expert in integral education more efficient in order to achieve maximal dissemination?

Answer: The most important thing for the person is recognition, praise, respect, and compassion for the community in which he works.

In principle, we want to do the same thing in that institution or enterprise where we disseminate integral education and information.

When we reach a community, we begin to weave a network of connections so that people will be interconnected, will understand how much they can inspire and uplift the community (it will be more comfortable and easier for them to work) as much as they can improve both themselves and the atmosphere in which they exist, as much as they can rejoice and feel themselves to be happy along with this. We need to artificially maintain a state like this until we begin to get it from an inner connection between us.

Therefore, it is necessary to appoint someone responsible as an initiator who must think about everything down to the last detail and be constantly concerned so that among the members of this community there will be in constant ascent. He needs to choose special materials for them and organize telephone communications between them for mutual support throughout the day; it could be that he might send each one of them some clip; it could be a five minute break or some friendly dinner to strengthen the connection and unity.

We, who are involved with dissemination, must understand that without an inner fire, we will not have anything to convey to others. For a person in a bad mood, in a personal descent, cannot even go to work. Therefore, during descents he needs the community. It is necessary to lift him up, to stand him on his feet, to encourage, and to revive him. And only then will he be full of internal energy; with a special atmosphere of connection he can go and do something further, otherwise he will simply ruin all the work.

We know that before every meeting with either some person or group of people or even with a large audience, we practice and realize the permanent unity between us. Before we begin the study, we first need to unite, to reach a shared excitement, a feeling of security, safety, a sense of our higher state. When we come to people, we need to demonstrate the weightiness of our knowledge so that the community will think that we are found one level above all the rest.

Though we understand that this is psychological work, the main thing is to approach everything the right way. It is necessary that there be an internal explosion, a kind of fire, warmth between us. When we go out to the community, people must feel that it is not three people standing before them, rather it is one, a common whole. We begin to play with the community with six hands, as one body. This is what we are compelled to do.

Therefore, we cannot make any move without feeling connection and unity. Even if we visited some team in a factory today and after that need to go to some office for dissemination, we still need to recharge between these two events.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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