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A Store With A Door That Never Closes

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestions: How can the groups all over the world be constantly connected to the center so that they can constantly receive their power from the center?

Answer: I don’t know what else we can do. If you feel that there is no connection, you have to try to find out how to renew it. My teacher Rabash used to say: “My store is always open,” just as the Creator’s store is, as it says “the store is open and the shopkeeper sells on credit, and the notepad is open and the hand is writing and whoever wants to borrow can come and borrow.”

The invisible hand writes everything down and then the landlord will ask you to repay your debt, but you can still enter. This means that the owner doesn’t go out and shout and call the customers. He only opens the door to his store and that’s all. Whoever wants to enter can do so.

This is an example of how we have to go out to the world. We have to be ready for the most massive sales everywhere, so that everyone will feel comfortable to enter our store. But it doesn’t mean that we have to jump on every passerby, to knock on people’s doors, to force them, or to impose on them hoping that they will buy our product.

So it is up to you whether you will be able to keep in touch with the center. Don’t wait for us do it. We are too busy and there is so much we have to do in dissemination, in processing and publishing the materials for integral education, in moving to our new home, and in preparing the international convention in February 2014.

We cannot follow everything that happens to individuals in Moscow, St. Petersburg, New York, or San Francisco in addition to what we are doing. We don’t have the powers for that and it would also be wrong if we began to operate this way. If you were ordinary people without a point in the heart, then we would have to take better care of you. But since you do yearn for spirituality and have a point in the heart, everything depends on its development.

You have to make your own efforts, using your own powers, and the connection with us depends on you. You have to exert yourself so that you will not lose contact with the center and constantly make sure that you keep it. The moment you lose this connection, the connection loses you.
From the Talk during the Meal 10/25/13

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In The First Spiritual Degree

Dr. Michael LaitmanNow when we are engaged in special dissemination among the general public in all the countries in the world, I’d like to make a very serious comment.

The fact is that our movement in the wide circles of society must pursue the only goal—the unity between us—so that we feel close inner cohesion, the need for each other.

If this condition is met, then going outside is positive, necessary, and effective. If going outside divides us, cools us down, pulls us apart, then we need to stop it because the most important thing for us is to create such a center of the group where we begin to feel the Creator; otherwise, there is no point in dissemination. Indeed, we can reach the masses only if we organize the spiritual vessel, the spiritual Kli, the place where the Creator is revealed.

For years we have been studying, and as a result of these studies, working between ourselves and dissemination, moreover, quite passively, focused mainly on the dissemination of our material online, we worked within ourselves. Now, we have reached a certain point of saturation and cannot move further. We cannot compress ourselves so that mutual connection is formed within ourselves in which some resemblance to the Creator is manifested, that is, rising above our egoism.

The problem arises: How can we unite? That is why we go out to the masses. After all, our main goal is unity, achieving Arvut (mutual guarantee), such adhesion in the group that will lead us to the minimal similarity to the Creator on the first spiritual level.

We are still on the ground, raising our foot, wanting to go up to the first spiritual degree, but we cannot; we need a push. In order to be pushed from behind, we go out to the wide circles of society, libraries, schools, universities, numerous educational and other institutions and disseminate in breadth. We strive to get from the masses their desires to overcome all sorts of crises that now are so rapidly developing in the world.

So, we should not forget that the most important thing is to create the center of the group in which we expect the manifestation of the Creator. This is the first rung of the ladder; His first manifestation among us, in us.

Whatever we do, in whatever form we are engaged in external dissemination using various opportunities, we always have to sort out every action and analyze it in terms of its usefulness for overall unity. Only then can we make a decision as to whether it is worthwhile to do something or not. The inner unity should determine our going out to the world: its kind, style, opportunities, and the people who will be engaged in this or that activity.
From a Talk About the Dissemination 10/17/13

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A Generation Of Mature Kids

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I expect unity if I don’t feel it and have no idea what it is?

Answer: We have to imagine the state of unity and play it, just like kids who make believe that they are grownups and grow by playing that game. You understand very little when it comes to spiritual states and so you have to play and to develop just like a baby.

We see a very interesting phenomenon in our generation: People are becoming more and more like little children. Everyone is playing games and is in no hurry to start real life. Everyone spends their life playing games, staying in their parents’ home until the age of 30 to 40, not wanting to get married and to grow up, not wanting to make a career, or to take any responsibility, but rather, they wish to pass their life comfortably free of any worries, as if playing a game.

This childish attitude towards life is typical of today’s generation. It is a very special attitude that actually indicates that they are ready to play! The serious attitude towards work is gone, and people pass the time playing games. The main thing is friends, entertainment in the evenings, football, and television.

People are becoming more childish; this is confirmed by sociological studies. And this is an accepted norm both by society and by parents, meaning by the older generation. Parents accept the fact that their 30-year-old son remains a child. Young people themselves also seem to want to remain as children.

This is because we are becoming more worthy of playing and it is by playing that we can succeed and advance in our spiritual development. In previous generations, we were busy fulfilling the ego, our big desire to receive. So we were so serious in order to be totally incorporated in it, to be assimilated in it, and to perform the most serious and difficult actions.

Now, however, it is over. This is an indication that it is in our times that we are ready and worthy of correction! It isn’t the disgrace of this generation that seems to lag behind the previous generations. On the contrary, it is an indication of despair and disappointment from the previous development and the readiness for correction, which we have to perform now. The correction is fulfilled by playing: workshops, connections, different games, activities, songs, and a little bit of work so that we can provide for ourselves. That’s it; this is what life will be like.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/13, The Zohar

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On The Way To The Only System

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to realize the potential of each one of our experts in the integral method?

Answer: Our experts need to be in a unique integral system within our organization that becomes an integral community in itself.

They need to constantly be involved with inner training between them, feeding from the shared desire and thought, from the singular image that they create among them and are included within together. This is the singular, human image into which all of us melt in a good mutual relationship with one another, with mutual support and even love.

By receiving nourishment through an energetic, spiritual, integral recharge from this internal image, we can go to all kinds of organizations and arrange our training there, and, through us, the people will get that feeling, that spiritual recharge. But we need to nurture, uplift, and develop our community  and be involved  in our self-improvement all the time.

We can attain a state like this where our collective shared energy, our mutual integration, will become strong enough for them so that a few lessons will be enough for us to convey this to people, to educate them further, and to contribute to their advancement on condition that they will constantly be nourished through us.

We must be in the center of our group from which we get the integral power from everyone, and with its help, we succeed in transforming all the rest into being integral, then these circles will go and expand and become stronger. However, in any case, they need to be interconnected among them until all of humanity will transform and become one single system.

Then, all of us will transform into being similar to nature. Already, during the process of the work itself, we can see its positive results: a change in our relationship to the environment and our relationships with one another. In this way, we heal ourselves of the general crisis.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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Don’t Destroy!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Project Syndicate): “Every year, we waste or lose 1.3 billion metric tons of food – one-third of the world’s annual food production. The sheer scale of the number makes it almost impossible to grasp, no matter how one approaches it. Try to imagine 143,000 Eiffel Towers stacked one on top of another, or a pile of 10 trillion bananas.

“The figure is all the more unfathomable, given that, alongside this massive wastage and loss, 840 million people experience chronic hunger on a daily basis. Many millions more suffer from ‘silent hunger’ – malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies.

“For the more economically minded, here is another number: food wastage and loss, expressed in producer prices, costs roughly $750 billion per year. If we were to consider retail prices and the wider impacts on the environment, including climate change, the figure would be much higher. …

“Food loss – on farms, during processing, transport, and at markets – undermines food security in most developing countries, where post-harvest losses can reach as high as 40% of production. Investment in infrastructure for transport, storage, and marketing of food is badly needed, as are programs to train farmers in best practices.

“In developed countries, food-retailing practices require a rethink.”

My Comment: There is a religious principle in Judaism “Baal Tashchit“: Do not destroy the useful, anything that can be useful to others. It is forbidden to throw out leftovers, suitable for human and animal food, any industrial waste that could be still consumed, etc. because everything is given by the Creator for the correction of the world; thus we must use it, precisely to correct the world. It is possible to use it correctly only to the extent of the correction of the human being, when he naturally, instinctively thinks of the common good.

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A Tree That Tastes Like Apples

Dr. Michael Laitman“Sanctity” (bestowal) hides behind the “impure forces” (Klipot). In order to attain it, one needs to overcome them, and in order to do this, one needs to become smart, understanding, sensitive, and strong.

If you have the instruments (Kelim) to work with whatever is hiding inside the skin (Klipa), then you will be able to reach the fruit through it.

There were no impure forces, “skin” (Klipot), before Adam’s lapse from virtue. It is said that the entire tree tasted like apples! You could bite the trunk, and it was sweet like an apple, tasted just the same… This is a sign that it was impossible to discover a defective place that needs correction!

This is why Adam had to sin, to reveal the sin. After all, the sin already existed; we do not create anything new, but merely discovering the difference between “existence from absence” (Yesh Mi Ayin) and “existence from existence” (Yesh Mi Yesh), the creation and the Creator, to the extent of the full depth of the last, fourth level.

This is the difference between being an animal and being a man! This is the only thing that shows us the Klipot.

This is called “help against you.” Just think, someone is standing right across from you and constantly helps you with absolutely everything!
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/6/10, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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What Does It Mean To Be The Creator?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You are saying that in the end every person must reveal the formula of balance with nature.

Does Kabbalah really want to turn every person into a research scientist, forcing each one to discover nature’s formulas?

Answer: But it is a very simple formula! Each of us is inside nature and strives towards comfort.

Balance is the solution to the equation, the discovery of the formula of ones most comfortable state, the kind of things I need like heat, humidity, food, shelter, family and children, a secure workplace and salary, etc. In our world this is what it is to attain balance with nature and satisfy all the desires.

But nature develops me so I this equilibrium would be constantly disturbed, and I need to keep trying to find it over and over as I advance.

We constantly look for balance. Even when people strive for power or pursue millions of dollars, they do this because they feel this need and they want to fulfill it, bring it to balance in order to calm down.

For this reason, the development that Kabbalah speaks about is the most normal and natural development for any person in this world. The only thing is that every person has a slightly individual formula for attaining this balance. Balance means that I feel so good that there is no way to feel any better!

When all the desires are corrected, in other words, when they are completely filled with whatever it is they want to be filled with, this is called the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun)!

I do not need to look for some far-fetched formula of nature! When I attain an absolutely comfortable state where I would not want to change absolutely anything, it means that I have discovered the common formula of balance with nature!

In other words, I reveal that I can be big and successful, and this form, where I now reveal myself, is called “the Creator” or nature. It is as if I were growing and growing and I finally grew up and became a king, and I see: Here is my castle, here is my army, and here are the people.

When a person feels that he has attained complete fulfillment, it means that he has discovered the formula of what it means to be the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/8/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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On The Threshold Of A New World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does the Creator punish us even before we begin to understand anything? Is this a way to treat an “unwise” child?

Answer: It is impossible to develop otherwise. Why don’t you get angry that a child grows so slowly and gets so many bumps and bruises and causes us so many problems a long the way? This is the only way to analyze your Kelim, desires.

Pain and worries accompany us throughout life, this is the clarification and nothing can be done.

And when we finally reach spiritual development, come to the group and we want to reveal the spiritual world, the Creator, in it, look how much confusion there is in the beginning: We drag with us all the previously acquired religious myths and stereotypes about spirituality and we lack any understanding of what it is.

Why is it made this way? Why are we not just given an exact map with directions so we can move with confidence and peace?

But we do not understand the higher program: Every step where you stumble is a place for analysis. You become confused and you keep turning around the same place, as if returning to the same place every time, but it is not the same thing, the analysis is different every time.

And mankind in general is wandering in the dark, confused by all sorts of beliefs and notions. How much more time will it take to bring them out of this mess? There is nothing that can be done; such is the path of development.

But now, in the next few years, very large and rapid changes will occur. We think that the world will keep developing at the same rate as before, but we are not taking globalization into consideration. We no longer have some individual small laws affecting every one of the “seventy nations,” now we have one common law for everyone. A new system of governance is being revealed.

This is why the world is becoming global. It is uniting through this single law, this force, and it is facing drastic changes. We will be taking very big steps as we advance.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/8/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Towards the Goal With The Perseverance and Patience Of A Mosquito

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does the Creator send suffering to people if they do not understand where it is coming from or its purpose?

Answer: There is a period of development when we are only able to advance through suffering, eventually the sufferings accumulate, and we begin to understand something through it. When suffering is so great that one is no longer able to tolerate it, the mind begins to work.

Before reasoning begins to work, I am just running from side to side, guided by my desire. Once suffering collects from the 1st degree, Behina Aleph, to the 2nd degree, Behina Bet Bina (understanding, thought), I now begin to think: Where is this suffering coming from and why? Until then, I would just run away from it like an animal that questions nothing, somebody hits it and it runs.

It is as if there were an annoying fly or a mosquito buzzing around me; I try to wave it off, but it comes back a second later, and it just keeps coming back. It can keep coming back a thousand times because it has no reason. It exists on the level of consciousness that understands only one thing: Here you can find a drop of blood which is as sweet as honey to it, and off it goes!

And there is nothing you can do about it because there is only one active force, it is suffering from hunger and it can receive pleasure from me. We develop the same way, just like these mosquitoes, making constant attempts and circulating between pleasure and punishment, striving towards one and running from the other; yet our cup will not overflow.

So we rise to a different level of awareness and we begin to think: What causes this, and why. We begin to develop sciences, philosophy, psychology, medicine, tranquilizers, drugs, religion: anything to compensate for our suffering. But then we see that even this stops helping, we still remain empty.

And then the only things that remain are either drugs to disconnect from reality or Kabbalah to break through towards the truth.

It is impossible to miss a single stage of the path, anything missing will be lacking in the final corrected state. In Baal HaSulam’s family, there was a very ill person who suffered a lot. And Baal HaSulam said that we do not understand how beneficial even this physical suffering is to his soul.

Only the revelation of the purpose of creation can save us from blaming the Creator; although, what is the use of blaming the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/8/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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