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New Life #407 – Slander

New Life #407 –  Slander
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


What is the phenomenon of slander, where does it come from, and what does it cause in the world and in relationships between people?

Our nature is a desire for pleasure, and we measure ourselves against others. Slander comes from this.  Slander is when a person intentionally wants to harm another, to lower him in the eyes of others. This affects the entire system.

Language is a connection between us. It can be verbal, meaning through words, but it can also be through thoughts.

Slander in the full sense explains the relationship that is in my heart regarding someone else, even if I don’t open my mouth to speak.

Our world has been ruined because we fill it with bad thoughts about each other. The field of connection has been poisoned.

Good speech is mutual bestowal, mutual connection, when each one thinks about the good of society.
From KabTV”s “New Life #407 – Slander,” 6/15/14

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The Risk Of Global Catastrophes

laitman_222Comment: The Swedish Global Challenges Foundation in collaboration with the University of Oxford’s Global Priorities Project recently released a report on the issue of global catastrophic risks. The report outlines the key risk factors that could seriously threaten our way of life on the planet in the next five years as the basis for risk management policy of governments.

So what are the global catastrophes we’re most at risk from now? According to the report, even today the greatest risk are pandemics either natural ones or ones engineered by humans, and the prospect of nuclear wars. Other high-risk threats are catastrophic climate changes, being hit by an asteroid like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs. Global earth quakes or disruptions from artificial intelligence are considered low risk events, at least in the short run. The authors of the report give considerable weight to unknown factors to which it seems more difficult to prepare for, but which certainly increase the risk level (Global Catastrophic Risks).

None of the experts believes that the major risk for humanity is the separation and disunity between people

Answer: Unfortunately, we are not trying to solve the problem on the level of human relationships. These relationships are the basis of all the negative phenomena, including the impact of asteroids and volcanic eruptions. There are studies today that prove and verify the fact that different mutual mental connections do affect our environment, but these studies are few, and in the meantime we don’t see all the connections in nature.

Humanity understands that it is impossible to change human nature and that we should look for the solution on other planes because it is impossible to demand a person to be better to others or to nullify or soften his bad mutual relations with others because this issue is still on the sidelines.

“What can you specifically offer, add, to change us?” This is what people ask scientists, political scientists, sociologists, and philosophers. “You still cannot do anything for us; it is impossible.”

Their claims are absolutely justified and are based on a very realistic perspective of what is going on, because the only force that changes man is the upper force. No one can get close to this force. It works only when using the wisdom of Kabbalah. All we have to do is to understand that there is a method that can change our nature.

Therefore the wisdom of Kabbalah must be revealed to people to explain to them that there is no other way, none of tricks will yield the desired outcome because all the tricks we have are only a way to the disappointment we have encountered in the past.

Only the upper force that created the human ego can change it into the opposite force, into altruism, into love. Human egoism is world’s stumbling block. Mankind has already realized that it is necessary to act in other ways. If we remain within the framework of human solutions, without the help of the upper force, we will not be able to advance. Even if we try to improve, vote for disarmament, rush to outer space, and explore the moon, humanity will not change.

Question: Is it possible to bring humanity to an impasses so that it will feel the need for the wisdom of Kabbalah and begin to work with it just as Newton did in his days? After all he felt that there was truth in it.

Answer: No one can do it but Kabbalists. We have to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah, and on the way we will meet people who are very disappointed with life. Although they cannot understand our method, they will want us to fulfill it because there is no other way. The idea of the wisdom of Kabbalah is basically communistic. And today not only we ,but the world as well, is advancing toward the same principle. Communism and socialism are not obscene words anymore. There are many socialists today in America and in England, and the only danger is that the awakening of socialism will turn into nationalistic socialism, into fascism.

Fascism stems from the word “fascio” in Italian, which is a method that unites the people, but it unites them against something else. We are at a crossroads and have to choose which road to take, whether the road to socialism and communism, the road of brotherhood that unites the world above all the differences, or socialism within an independent state that intends to defeat and enslave others. This is the problem the world faces again, just like at the beginning of the 20th century. Let’s hope that when it comes to Nazism people will feel that there is an alternative so that we don’t return to the same vicious cycle.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/1/16

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Union Concluded At Mount Sinai, Part 1

Union Concluded at Mount SinaiQuestion: What is this union that the Creator concludes with the people of Israel at Mount Sinai?

Answer: One shouldn’t imagine the events at Mount Sinai through Hollywood movies. We are talking about the laws of nature. The Torah is eternal and it means that now we also live inside this system. This is not a situation that arose once and disappeared.

It is said that the giving of the Torah happens every day. This refers to a special force hidden in nature that is called the Creator. It is a good force that is revealed on the condition that a person wants to reveal it. Everything depends on the desire of a person.

We are created by the evil egoistic force, as it is said that “The Creator created the evil inclination.” The upper force created us opposite to itself, as evil egoists, and each one of us thinks only about himself and is unable to think about others.

The force of egoism that acts within us is our entire nature. We are not capable of being different. It is necessary to realize and accept this fact in order to see everything in the right light, to check our nature and to decide that that which was originally given to us is defined. Therefore if a person doesn’t correct himself there is no point to expect him to have a good relationship with others, meaning with either inanimate nature, or plants and animals, and even more so, with people.

And if he does something good for others it is only because he expects to receive some benefit for himself from it. In such circumstances he can be seemingly kind, but this is not a kindness to another but a more cunning use of him.

This is the way we live, and it doesn’t matter what type of connection we are talking about, either love between parents and children, mother to the baby, boy and girl who connect in order to create a family, or a nation united by common borders and native land.

Whatever it is, everyone always thinks only about his own welfare. And when we build between us systems of connections they always must be organized so that each one receives some benefit from them.

It is especially typical for a human, as we have the biggest egoism that isn’t balanced by anything. At the lower levels of nature such as the still, vegetative and animate there is a balance and minus is always balanced by plus.

But people don’t have it and therefore from generation to generation our egoism grows more and more. We have to bind ourselves by all sorts of laws, dependencies, and obligations to somehow live together and not to kill each other.

5,777 years ago one man, whose name was Adam, discovered that there is an additional positive force in nature. It is possible to extract it from nature and to balance a negative force in a person with it and turn him into a perfect system, where negative and positive forces act together. And then a person’s eyes open, giving him a different look at the entire reality.

He looks at everything not only through one negative force, but through the positive force as well, and through the interaction of both. By this he discovers a completely different dimension, a reality located above our world because the positive force acts in it.

He sees how the positive force of nature influences from above downward the negative force that acts on the level of our world and how these two forces can interact. A person understands how much he is controlled by these forces, positive and negative, and learns to control them by himself. He becomes a master of these two forces.

From this moment onward an opportunity to rise above this life is revealed to humanity, above our nature, above our miserable and even dangerous condition, above eternal enmity, and above a fleeting life, full of suffering and problems.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/2/16

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The Spiritual Meaning Of Virginity

laitman_559Question: Is there a spiritual meaning of virginity?

Answer: Yes, because the female part of the spiritual vessel (Kli) is embodied by desire. The desire that begins to work with the Light goes through certain phases of preparation, and it is called the disruption of the hymen.

There are many laws of ritual purity regarding this issue. You can go into Judaism sites and find detailed explanations on this matter: what it is, how to behave, how should a virgin prepare herself, how long she is regarded as impure, and so forth. All of this stems from spiritual laws that should relate to the spiritual roots. Thus, the correct interaction between the Light and the vessel are fulfilled, and in our world, it is coined in expressions and images such as the male and female bodies.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/6/15

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Avoiding The Obstacles

Laitman_931-02Question: We raised a prayer of many during the Arava convention so that we could be incorporated in one field in order to become one whole. Does that mean that if we simply remember it now, we can return to this point?

Answer: Why should you remember it? See what a global group we have! I never regard a certain small part. A group for me is all those who are members in our movement.

The main law of the general system of the universe is mutual guarantee, an absolute harmonious mutual connection among all the parts of creation. There is nothing but that!

It seems that this is some virtual condition, but in fact, mutual guarantee is the law according to which the system of creation exists and functions! If we are compatible with this law, we not only begin to feel the creation, but even take an active part in managing it. After all, according to the thought of creation, we are the most developed part that is equal to the Creator. This is the level to which we should evolve.

Now, we enter it unconsciously like the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, and in the current phase, we begin to ascend to the human level since human, Adam (in Hebrew) means to resemble the Creator. There is nothing other than this law!

The prayer of many or the general prayer is worrying about the entire system when I am incorporated in it integrally. How can I receive the right influence from it and influence it correctly if I am not connected to it this way? This is the reason that I must study and teach others only about this connection.

Question: What should we do if we are incorporated already in a unified field but don’t discern the Creator yet? What should we ask for?

Answer: The system is already in a state of complete unity, but we are not aware of it and don’t feel it. There is an obstacle here when I begin to ask for myself. We mustn’t do that. We must mean and ask to be an active partner, an assistant, who pushes the entire group, the whole system, toward unity.

The Creator is the force that sets the system into motion in unity, in wholeness, and that connects everything into one whole. This is the reason that when I aspire to resemble this force through the souls, through the components of the system, I bring it to the state of “He and His name are one.”

I must build this model, the image of this system, inside me, and then I will constantly feel exactly what I need and toward what I must advance.

Question: But we cannot fully imagine this model.

Answer: Imagine it to the extent that you can because the aspiration for Him will keep on guiding you later on. If you focus yourself this way, you won’t divert from the right path.

Actually, it isn’t complicated at all, but it isn’t easy to get used to it from our world. The actual structure is, in fact, very simple. What else is there besides the shattered desire that must collect and unite and discover as one whole desire that the Light, the upper force, is in it? This is the force of love and bestowal that we raise above all the other attributes and therefore call the upper force.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Workshop 5

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Why Do We Need An Additional Sense?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we develop additional senses? Can we use ordinary science to invent instruments that enable people to see what a Kabbalist sees?

Answer: It is impossible to invent such instruments, but anyone can develop his senses and acquire the attributes of love and bestowal in order to transcend the boundaries of this world and feel the upper world, provided he correctly uses the Light that reforms.

If we get closer and establish good relationships between us, developing the sense of mutual bestowal, we draw the influence of the upper Light which provides us with new senses. Then we will see the upper reality, the upper forces, and will be able to use them in order to fully manage our life in all its details. We need the additional sense organ in order to manage our lives and improve them.

It is all in our hands. It is the nation of Israel that are given the opportunity to make our lives happy and to show an example for the whole world.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/16/15

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The Making Of A Good Year

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should we do so that this year will be a real new year for us?

Answer: It is very simple. The Torah says: “I have created the evil inclination.” And indeed all the division and shattering of our world, all the contradictions and the oppositions, the ego and unreceptiveness, the lack of understanding, everything that humanity has been through during its history, is of course, the Creator’s doing. So a person has to come out of his own ego in order to understand Him.

Weak or very egoistic people, who are ready to trample the whole world, are not attracted to this kind of work. On the other hand, they have big egos, are not satisfied with this world, and it doesn’t interest them. They want to control the whole of creation, know everything that happens, and discover everything so that there will be nothing that they don’t know, feel or control.

The revelation of such an ego in a person is indeed a gift from the Creator. This means that a person is ready for attainment and ready to pay everything he has to in order to reach that. Then he finds himself in the right group, where people like him get together.

This group is under the influence of the Kabbalistic method where people come and eventually undergo very serious states of resisting their ego, rising above it, and connecting to one another. They learn all the processes on themselves and feel, discover, scrutinize, integrate and do everything necessary. Eventually, the right picture of the world is formed within them. They build the Creator in the connection between them, because this is the only way He can be revealed.

It is impossible to reveal Him other than by this connection and other than this platform on which He is revealed. It is a force that requires matter in order to reveal Him within it.

Electricity, for example, can be revealed in something such as in the form of a dial moving, wires heating up, or an explosion. Only then can we say that there is some force there. It is the same with the Creator who is simply a force without matter. We have to provide the matter ourselves, so that this force can be revealed according to accurate physical laws.

There is nothing irrational or mystical here. It isn’t religion, but the science of Kabbalah. Therefore, all our attention and all our efforts are focused on how to create the conditions in which the Creator can be revealed. We need to put this matter together by its separate parts, combining the attributes of bestowal, mutual guarantee, and mutual incorporation so that the spirit will appear within this matter.

We sculpt it for a long time and suddenly our statue comes to life. Thus, a man is created out of the dust, out of still matter, becomes a corrected man into which we have poured life. We celebrate this wonderful opportunity we were given during Rosh HaShana.
From KabTV’s “Holidays. Rosh HaShana” 8/6/15

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Sale And Redemption

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus” 25:47- 48: If a resident non Jew gains wealth with you, and your brother becomes destitute with him and is sold to a resident non Jew among you or to an idol of the family of a non Jew. After he is sold, he shall have redemption; one of his brothers shall redeem him.

A stranger is the external ego that in and of itself becomes a greater level in relation to the people of Israel (Galgalta ve Eynaim). This speaks about corrected states. So, if there is a stranger who settles with you and gets the upper hand, meaning that he becomes great and corrected, then your brother who is smaller than he in level, his sale to a stranger becomes his correction. You must sell him because entry under a higher level with a greater ego, called a stranger, is the correction.

However, after you have sold your brother to a stranger, you can redeem and buy him back, for he has already corrected himself by being sold, meaning he nullified himself to the stranger. When the redemption ransoms him, he returns to you together with that part of the stranger that he acquired at the time of the sale.

The only situation in which the sale is considered a sin is prostitution, meaning I am sold to another for the purpose of obtaining pleasure, not in order to adhere to him and do great work. So, from prostitution, we don’t take a tithe because the Partzuf itself is not sacred since it is not working with an intention to bestow. It has Aviut (thickness/coarseness), but there is no Masach (screen), the intention to bestow.

After he is sold, he shall have redemption; one of his brothers shall redeem him. Or his uncle or his cousin shall redeem him, or the closest [other] relative from his family shall redeem him; or, if he becomes able to afford it, he can be redeemed [on his own]. He shall calculate with his purchaser [the number of years] from the year of his being sold to him until the Jubilee year; then, the purchase price shall be [divided] by the number of years; as the days of a hired worker, he shall be with him. (Leviticus 25:48 – 25:50)

Redeeming the brother means paying with a Masach for a Masach, since someone who goes through correction is under the Masach of a greater Partzuf. He needs to wait (which means to pass through levels) until the year of the Jubilee (Bina) when everyone becomes free, and everything goes back to its true owner.

It is necessary to pay for that work that the master must carry out on the brother (on the uncorrected desire) until the Jubilee year (Bina), meaning that he does this work instead of the master, and then the brother can go free.

Suppose that I have 17 years until the Jubilee year (50 years). This means that I must pay for a Masach corresponding to these 17 years. I then take him from under the Masach of the master to my Masach. However, if I ransom him, meaning to free him, does he truly become free, since after all, my Masach has not been moved to anyone? The question can be asked, “What do we rely on to acquire a Masach here?”

This is the redemption, the ransom, that specifically happens in this order when, …one of his brothers shall redeem him. Or his uncle or his cousin shall redeem him, or the closest [other] relative from his family shall redeem him; or, if he becomes able to afford it, he can be redeemed [on his own]. This indicates that the correction has been done to the degree that the Masach has been reduced.

The ransom of captives, slaves, and various other people is a very great correction, a real act of charity and kindness. There is even a ransom of bodies that were murdered. This strengthens the spirit of the people, giving them faith that we will not leave anyone behind. This is just like when Moses upheld the condition of taking everyone out of Egypt without leaving even one under the Parsa (border). For, if we are one soul, then it is impossible to leave any fragment behind, because without it we never can attain the entire completion of correction.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/19/14

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Breaking Free Of The Domination Of The Ego

Dr. Michael laitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus” 25:44 – 25:46: Your male slave or female slave whom you may have from the nations that are around you, from them you may acquire a male slave or a female slave. And also from the children of the residents that live among you, from them you may acquire [slaves] and from their family that is with you whom they begot in your land, and they shall become your inheritance. You shall hold onto them as an inheritance for your children after you, as acquired property, and may thus have them serve you forever. But as for your brethren, the children of Israel, a man shall not work his brother with rigor.

The Torah tells us about different egoistic states that we undergo, one of which is enslavement to our ego.

We shouldn’t perceive what the Torah tells us as a story about the mutual relationships between people, since mutual relationships in this world are fulfilled automatically according to our natural attributes. The Torah tells us only about our internal states.

The Torah turns to us personally and refers to the states that we undergo, either as slaves to our desires or as people who are free of their desires and are the leaders, managers, and creators of our desires as a result of our development, i.e., to the extent that we can rise above our ego.

All of these are spiritual categories relative to the ego and there is nothing else but that.

Question: In that case, who is Moses?

Answer: Moses is the uppermost point of the desire that is born in the ego, breaks free and pulls people (the desires) who quickly can follow.

Moses doesn’t come out of the ego by himself. After spending 40 years with Jethro, he must go back to Egypt because his brothers are there. Even Pharaoh makes him an offer to leave Egypt with Aaron. Pharaoh doesn’t want Moses to take from him that part (Israel) that makes him rich, since he receives the Light through that part. This is the reason that he doesn’t want to let the people go. However, on the other hand, he allows Moses, the actual point of bestowal, to leave: “You don’t belong in Egypt anyway. You haven’t been here for 40 years, and now you suddenly show up.”

The slaves, Pharaoh, Moses, and Joseph are all desires that express a person’s attitude toward his ego, called Egypt, but the main one is Pharaoh.

When I take my people (my desires) out of the domination of the intention for myself and place them under the intention for the Creator, I exit the borders of Egypt, moving beyond the borders of the circle ruled by Pharaoh. It is the Creator who rules outside that circle.

This is the reason that I must take my desire out of that circle, since it can be either under the domination of Pharaoh or under the domination of the Creator. In order to do that, I must establish the conditions in Egypt that allow me to take this desire out so that it will agree to follow me.

I must weaken Pharaoh’s influence over my desires, which means to afflict them with ten plagues. I must place the desires (the people) in such darkness that they do not achieve any success nor a ray of Light in their lives. Only then can I collect them and free them from the domination of Pharaoh. This is called crossing the Red Sea, the borderline between egoism and altruism.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/12/14

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At The Foot Of The Mountain

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe weekly section of the Torah BaHar (On the Mount) tells us about the laws that the Creator gave the nation through Moses. These are laws that a person has to fulfill inside him. There is a mountain of egoism in each of us, which is the same Tower of Babel but is now depicted to us as Mount Sinai (Sina – hatred).

The upper force is above its summit and it helps us fulfill the ego and turn it into a holy mountain, into the Temple Mount. Then we build the Temple upon it, the Creator is revealed in the vessel above our ego.

If we stand at the foot of the mountain and are ready to love one another, to be mutually responsible for one another, and to be as one man in one heart, we receive the Light of correction called the Torah, and then we can transform the whole mountain of hatred into a mountain of love. It is only on top of it that we can build the house of the Lord.

During the giving of the Torah, only Moses can ascend Mount Sinai. Then it completely loses its holiness completely, as Mount Sinai is holy only when a person receives the Torah. Otherwise it is just a pile of egosm. This is why the Torah tells us allegorically how to turn the mountain of hatred into a holy mountain on which we build the Temple.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/12/14

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