The Pyramid Of Mutual Guarantee

565.02All the problems and troubles in this world are the result of the revelation of the lack of mutual guarantee (Arvut), which is increasing. Therefore, we need our behavior to be correct, to return to even our ordinary material connection and mutual guarantee.

All diseases are caused by violations of the law of mutual guarantee at the biological, zoological, botanical, or social level.

There are many levels of compliance with the law of mutual guarantee, but the highest is the love of one’s neighbor as oneself. In physical and chemical form, substances bind together, and at higher levels, people’s thoughts and desires bind together. In this perfect system, which is the universe, all the galaxies are connected to each other, that is, everything depends on the mutual guarantee.

The pyramid of mutual guarantee includes at its base the inanimate level, then the vegetative, the animate, and above all, the human level. If we, being above all nature, at the top of the pyramid, fulfill the condition of mutual guarantee (Arvut)  in our desires and thoughts, in our mind and heart, this will affect all the levels below us. This will calm the whole of nature and bring it back to its integral form.

Nature will begin to behave according to the law of mutual guarantee between all its parts in all spheres. And then, of course, we will not have any health problems in the family, in human society, or even in the environment.

It is not possible to fix the environment by burning less oil or taking other protective measures, but only by implementing the law of mutual guarantee at the top of the pyramid where we are. By doing this, we will oblige all of nature below us to return to balance, reciprocity, and harmony.

The action of physical forces or the interaction of chemical substances according to their valences, according to the number of electrons around the atom, which bind together and build new substances—all these are the laws of mutual guarantee, which are revealed in different forms. All the laws of nature are manifestations of one global law.

Even the laws of human relations, psychology, and social life are part of a detailed explanation of the same global law of mutual guarantee, which we must fulfill in its entirety in order to reveal our connection with the Creator within this law. By doing this, we add our part to the Creator, and He adds His to us, and we reach the state of “He and His Name are one.”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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