3,000 Year Journey

laitman_600.04Question: 3,000 years ago, people discovered the law of mutual guarantee: love your neighbor. It was already written about it back then. This is the same law that exists at the level of elementary particles.

How is it that we have known this law for thousands of years, but it does not help us? We still cannot balance our egoism in any way, can we?

Answer: But this law is against our nature. Our nature seeks to exalt itself, to subjugate all to itself, to absorb everything in itself, without giving anything to anyone, without considering anyone. This is the law of egoism that exists in every person.

I am not just like animals, dragging some carcass for myself and not sharing it with anyone. I want to subjugate everyone, so that everyone will be my slaves, groveling before me. I want absolute power over the whole world. If someone thinks that this is not the case, they simply do not know themselves well.

Question: If a few thousand years ago people already knew that love will cover all sins and did not achieve this, is it that perhaps thousands of years must pass before we come to this?

Answer: Perhaps. I am not saying that it should end today. But we are coming to this. We are moving toward the realization of the evil that we cannot live within our nature. By this, we are killing ourselves and endangering life on Earth. We must somehow raise ourselves above our egoism, above our instincts, and come to integral interaction.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/16/20

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