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Professor COVID

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 6/15/20

Like a firm, demanding teacher, the coronavirus is impelling us to change our way of thinking. By not letting us return to our previous way of life, it forces us to build a new one, where we focus less on material, immediate satisfactions, and more on lasting, social ones, which derive from positive connections with others.

We don’t have to wait for the virus to push into connecting with each other. In fact, if we do, we will suffer even more bitterly than now from the stern hand of the invisible “teacher.” Instead, we need to acknowledge our interconnectedness, that we are all interdependent in every aspect of our lives, and structure our society accordingly.

The new way of life will require a new kind of thinking. For example, if we feel that we are healthy and strong, we tend not to wear masks because they are uncomfortable. But by doing so, we may infect other people with the virus because we might be asymptomatic carriers. In the new thinking, we will wear masks so as not to infect others with the virus, precisely because we don’t know whether or not we are carriers.

The same goes for food. In the near future, there could be a situation where food shortage will impact all of us. If we all try to grab as much as possible and think only of ourselves, we will create chaos and violence. But if we take only what we need so that others will have theirs, too, there will be plenty for everyone and a feeling of warmth and confidence will spread through the community. In this way, the virus will gradually teach us that good connections feel much better and are much more rewarding than our previous life of brutal competition and overconsumption. The only question is how quickly we will learn it.

To My Students, Friends, And Followers

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 6/15/20

We are living in a special time. The hidden connections that tie us all into one whole have emerged and demand our attention. At such a time, we are all accountable; we are responsible for one another. What each of us does, says, and thinks, impacts every single person, and the whole planet.

For this reason, now we must pursue unity more than ever before. We must pursue it above all that separates us: race, color, religion, gender, language, culture, history, literacy, mentality, and character. We are one body, one organism, and in an organism, there is no hatred among the organs, only love, respect, and gratitude to each organ for carrying out its unique role. Now that we are all connected, we can see that we, humanity, are just like any organism. We are all dependent on each other, and we must therefore cherish one another.

When we help each other grow and express each one’s uniqueness, we are not doing it for another person; we are doing it for ourselves! When each of us is happy, all of us are happy. This is how it works in an organism. And when we work as an organism, we will discover the power that exists in unity. This power, which enables all of reality to work in harmony, exists among us. If we build our connections in congruence with this power, we will feel it filling up the cavities between us. Then, all hatred and anguish will cease.

In these special times, every person in humanity is summoned to partake in the unity, and spread it far and wide. The wider we spread it, the more we will feel it. For this reason, I am asking all my friends, students, and followers to please share this message. Share the posts on my page wherever you can; place them on your wall and in groups where you are members. You are not doing this for yourselves; you are doing this for the world, to spread unity and love the world over. Never before has spreading love and unity been more pressing and essential than it is today. By doing so, you are healing humanity from hatred; you are ushering in solidarity, friendship, and happiness at a time of great transformation. It is in your hands to determine if we go through it pleasantly and easily, or painfully and slowly.

Please spread the word,

New Life 1232 – Advancing Toward A New Lifestyle

New Life 1232 – Advancing Toward A New Lifestyle
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

Nature is showing us, through the coronavirus, that we are each other’s future and that we have no choice but to advance toward a new, mutual connection. There is an engine in nature that is constantly developing us toward a state in which we will see humanity as a single, integral character that we want to improve. We have been developing incorrectly in an egoistic and competitive way. We have sullied, polluted, and destroyed nature. Let’s dream about the life that we would want our children to have, and start building it among us now.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1232 – Advancing Toward A New Lifestyle,” 5/5/20

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Exodus From Egypt By The Whole World

laitman_570The sages of the times of the Talmud made corrections in the common soul, which made it easier for the Creator to be revealed for which bodily restrictions are no longer required. You can eat whatever you want and as much as you like, the main thing is to fill your thoughts and heart with the Torah.

And in our generation, the study of the science of Kabbalah has become even more accessible: everyone can learn. There is no prohibition of any kind, and Kabbalah is revealed to the whole world, not just to Jews.

Today we return to the true definitions of the science of Kabbalah: Israel, Jews, the Torah, which existed in ancient Babylon in the group of Abraham, but now they apply to all of humanity. These definitions acquire a spiritual, not a corporeal meaning.

Any person can engage in Kabbalah, overcome their egoism, and strive for the Creator, no matter where a person was born: in Japan, China, or Syria, everyone can work attracting the reforming light, and correct the world.

And we see how the blows (Egyptian plagues) unfolding in the world are becoming more and more integral. It is already impossible to separate Israel from the nations of the world. Look at the situation in the US, the unrest and problems, and the same thing in other countries as well. The whole world is stirred up.

We are just starting this process of “the coronavirus,” but it has already brought everyone to the realization of their complete helplessness. No one knows what to do or understands where we are or how to get out of these problems. There is nowhere to go as if we were tied hand and foot. The virus is taking fewer lives than any war, but it completely binds us and leaves us no chance to move.

The world does not know what to do and it is looking for a way out of this situation and for somebody to show the way. This is happening in all countries. People think that the first wave of the epidemic has passed and the quarantine can be lifted until the next wave arrives.

But who said that we can already make our lives easier? Have we made the necessary corrections? Have we brought ourselves in line with the integral and global nature? Have we made improvements in human society?

None of this has happened. So why do we deserve relief? We have not acted in the right direction.

We can say that our generation has a “new” Torah because in all the previous generations it was personal, individual. And today the Torah is becoming global and integral, which obliges us to become like the global and integral nature.

All of humanity must do this, but this demand is growing gradually, step by step. If it were immediately required from all people, it would completely shatter us. Therefore, it grows gradually, like with a child from whom more and more is demanded every coming year according to his age. It is the same with us.

But this is a new state, the “last generation” from which there is nowhere to escape. We must realize our mission, which cannot be avoided, and bring all of humanity to a global, integrated system due to the returning light flowing through our group into the world. This is called integral education, which builds from us an integral system in which everyone is connected to each other.

The word “Torah” means instruction (Oraa), guidance on the way; it is a complete guide describing all our descents and ascents, all our relations between us and with the Creator, and most importantly, this is a means to draw the light of correction from above, from the corrected system of the common soul of Adam HaRishon into our broken system.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/1/20, “The Approach to Studying the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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Up The 125 Steps Of Faith

laitman_239Faith above reason is the spiritual stage that we need to build on top of our current stage which is called “reason.”

At the higher level, it is not me ruling with my desires, sensations, and reason; only the Creator rules. This is the highest level for me in which “There is none but the Creator, the good that doeth good.” It is called the level of faith. I can relate to it provided that I “believe,” that is, I acquire the property of bestowal or Bina.

I rise above myself and say: “I have eyes, but do not see. I have ears, but do not hear”; that is, I accept the authority of the Creator. And, as far as I can decide for myself that only the Creator acts in all of reality, my spiritual level of faith is higher than reason.

Therefore, all of our work, from this moment to the end of correction, is to achieve a greater and greater degree of faith above reason. There are a total of 125 steps to climb so that each time our power of bestowal, which is called faith, outweighs the power of reception, which is called reason.

After all, we do not understand the Creator and do not feel Him. Each time, we must comprehend Him from scratch, coming from a state of the complete unknown and insensibility to a state of reason and sensation, that is, from an unconscious state into a state of consciousness.

And, therefore, I must fully accept the governance of the Creator, it reigning over my whole world. This is called faith. I hold, as far as I can, in the knowledge and the feeling that the Creator is the only ruler in the world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/20/20, Writings of Rabash “Concerning Above Reason” 

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What Pleasures Is The Post-Coronavirus Era Preparing?

laitman_962.5Question: Can a person live without pleasure?

Answer: No. Every minute of one’s existence, a person seeks pleasure.

Question: What new kinds of pleasures, in your opinion, will appear in the era of the coronavirus? We see that the old forms of pleasure from gathering in cafes and restaurants and from trips abroad are most likely to disappear.

Answer: It is gradually leaving, but not because we desire it or not. Nature is programmed in such a way that all these pleasures in us are gradually changing. Therefore, those types of pleasures that we enjoyed in the 20th century gradually disappear in the 21st. What pleasures come instead? We’ll wait and see.

I believe that these will be the delights of proper communication with one another, in which we will reveal the next level of existence and begin to fill the mind and heart with a sensation of an upper life.

Question: Do you think that sitting together, communicating, and revealing deeper layers of our interconnectedness is the greatest pleasure?

Answer: Speaking in plain language, this is a psychological pleasure from the fact that we feel how nature works on us, how it interacts with us, how we influence it, and how it affects us.

Question: So all problems can be solved only by changing the relationship between people? And can we prove it?

Answer: There is no need to prove anything, we will see it from life. But isn’t it like that today? If there were no problems between people, how much better would our world be?

Comment: On one hand, it seems to be so, but on the other hand, it is not clear to people that united together, we will somehow be able to influence the lower layers of nature.

My Response: This must be explained. And since we exist in an integral nature, it is not so difficult to explain. The whole cosmos and we, our body, our society, everything is arranged according to the principle of the integral interaction of the parts.

The only thing that breaks out of the framework of the global, integral system is a person, not with a physical, but with a moral device, an attitude toward others. This attitude to the other, to “outside of himself,” he must put in order.

Question: Do you think it will be possible to prove that if people unite now, they will immediately see some kind of beneficial effect of nature on us, and vice versa, if they disconnect, then some cataclysms will begin? Or will it still happen not so explicitly?

Answer: This will not happen so explicitly, but we can accelerate this process with our explanations. After all, in principle, we have such an opportunity. And all sorts of viruses will help us.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/23/20

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Two Trends In The Life Of The Jewish Diaspora, Part 3

laitman_622.01Why do Jews hate their root?

Remark: The first inquisitors in Spain were of Jewish origin. As it is written in historical documents: “A special zeal in eradicating heresy was displayed by the confessor of Queen Isabella who himself descended from a marranos family, the first Grand Inquisitor Thomas Torquemada.”

In addition, the initiator of founding the Spanish Inquisition was Alonso de Spina, a French monk of Jewish origin. And the Jew Deza Diego became the second Inquisitor General after Torquemada.

My Reply: Naturally. The most terrible anti-Semites are, first of all, the Jews who hate their root. They feel that it is spiritual. It is too high, opposite to this world, and therefore, they have an urgent desire to get rid of it. But since they cannot do it, it all turns into a terrible hatred toward their own people.

Remark: Looking back at the reasons for the Spanish tragedy of exile, we clearly see that they are not of economic or religious nature.

My Reply: There is no justification for this. It is absolutely irrational.

For more on this topic, read my books Like a Bundle of Reeds: why unity and mutual guarantee are today’s call of the hour, and The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism, Historical facts on anti-Semitism as a reflection of Jewish social discord.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/29/19

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Jerusalem – The Heart Of The World

Laitman_421.03Question: Every year, we celebrate Jerusalem Day. Is this a Jewish holiday or is it for the whole world? What does it mean to you personally?

Answer: I remember myself as a six-year-old child how I was brought up around my grandparents. One grandfather was religious and the other was a communist or an anti-believer. I was closer to the religious grandfather. And he would tell me about Jerusalem, about Israel.

When I had come here and went to Jerusalem for the first time, I remembered how he had told me that Jerusalem was located on a mountain and that one had to climb in order to get there. Back then, it had really touched me to tears that my grandfather, who had died long ago, had dreamt about it; it was a generational dream, and here I, his grandson, got to go up to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is a special place, the spiritual center of the world.

Jerusalem is a certain point in the universe at which its vast spiritual forces are concentrated. I mean it represents a spiritual point, not material.

Question: You are not referring to the actual city of Jerusalem which is built there?

Answer: No. Neither the world nor geography has anything to do with this. These stones are worthless. I hope no one is planning to build the third temple there.

Even the Lubavitcher Rebbe said: “Why do you need this? Will you open a museum there?”

Comment: But it is said that the third temple will be erected by the whole world.

My Response: It will be erected by the whole world in our hearts!

Jerusalem is the heart, that is, the concentration of all human desires, yearnings, and aspirations. And, within these desires, the temple will be erected, that is, such a state of desire, that is built on mutual love for each other. Within this love for each other, the highest power of love will be revealed, the general power of love called the Creator. We will build it.

Question: So, for all who seek to come to this state, Jerusalem is this the highest point?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 5/18/20

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Examining Nature’s Laws

720Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”: Now it is vitally important for us to examine nature’s laws, to know what it demands of us, lest it would mercilessly punish us. We have said that nature obligates humankind to lead a social life, and this is simple. But we need to examine the laws that nature obliges us to observe in that respect, meaning with respect to the social life.

In general examination, we find that there are only two laws to follow in society. These can be called 1) “reception” and 2) “bestowal.” This means that each member must, by nature, receive his needs from society and must benefit society through his work for its well-being. And if one breaks one of these two laws, he will be mercilessly punished.

Question: How can a person build this balance within himself?

Answer: We need to look at the things that happen in nature.

Nature is a closed, integral, global system. On one hand, we are its highest part. On the other hand, we are the wisest part, which has freewill.

We do not act only according to our instincts; rather, we change ourselves, the environment around us, and thus, we ourselves are changing. We can educate ourselves.

After all, we are not only animals, but also created beings above the animals. We need to take this into account and try to act in a way that is good for us and for our children.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/12/20

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