Jerusalem – The Heart Of The World

Laitman_421.03Question: Every year, we celebrate Jerusalem Day. Is this a Jewish holiday or is it for the whole world? What does it mean to you personally?

Answer: I remember myself as a six-year-old child how I was brought up around my grandparents. One grandfather was religious and the other was a communist or an anti-believer. I was closer to the religious grandfather. And he would tell me about Jerusalem, about Israel.

When I had come here and went to Jerusalem for the first time, I remembered how he had told me that Jerusalem was located on a mountain and that one had to climb in order to get there. Back then, it had really touched me to tears that my grandfather, who had died long ago, had dreamt about it; it was a generational dream, and here I, his grandson, got to go up to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is a special place, the spiritual center of the world.

Jerusalem is a certain point in the universe at which its vast spiritual forces are concentrated. I mean it represents a spiritual point, not material.

Question: You are not referring to the actual city of Jerusalem which is built there?

Answer: No. Neither the world nor geography has anything to do with this. These stones are worthless. I hope no one is planning to build the third temple there.

Even the Lubavitcher Rebbe said: “Why do you need this? Will you open a museum there?”

Comment: But it is said that the third temple will be erected by the whole world.

My Response: It will be erected by the whole world in our hearts!

Jerusalem is the heart, that is, the concentration of all human desires, yearnings, and aspirations. And, within these desires, the temple will be erected, that is, such a state of desire, that is built on mutual love for each other. Within this love for each other, the highest power of love will be revealed, the general power of love called the Creator. We will build it.

Question: So, for all who seek to come to this state, Jerusalem is this the highest point?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 5/18/20

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