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My Thoughts On Twitter 6/28/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

This year all countries will discontinue payments to the temporarily #unemployed. No one has a plan for transitioning to an integral world economy. This transition is already necessary now—only the necessary businesses should be preserved while people become enrolled in learning about life in an integral society!
#unemployment #furloughs #program
From Twitter, 6/28/20

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Tower Floating In The Air

935We need to try to build the concept of a center in every ten. Before the coronavirus, our centers were physical.

Most of them belonged to physical groups that organized a home for themselves, the center; they rented a room where they could gather and study together. Everything was clear. It was a place where there were books, communications, and where it was possible to arrange meals, lessons.

But now the Creator wants to transfer us to a more spiritual center. We sit at home with our physical bodies and must connect with hearts, desires, and aspirations to the center.

The center is a spiritual concept. These are not concrete walls, but the walls of our hearts. We need to take care of this center and see if we are united by the hearts. After all, this is not concrete that will stand even if you forget about it, and not a material center that can be changed by moving to another building.

Now we are turning into a spiritual vessel (Kli), and the Creator purposely blesses us with a coronavirus in order to oblige us to build a spiritual center in our hearts. Where is this center located?

This is a tower floating in the air; it has no place. So, we need to move forward, every day preserving the spiritual center, strengthening the walls of our hearts, in order to draw closer together, to feel and understand more, to feel mutual concern about connecting with the hearts.

Then this center will come to life and begin to act. We will feel the mechanism of ten Sefirot and the Creator filling our center. From now on, our center turns into the Temple, into the place of the Creator, where we reveal Him. Each reveals the Creator a little in the small center of his ten, and then all tens join together and support one big center, which will be called the Third Temple.

Therefore, we now need to take care, in the tens, about how to build our center, put more effort into it, discuss what everyone should do, how to build a connection between us, and how to ask the Creator to connect us. After all, only the Creator can be the glue connecting heart with heart. Each heart is selfish and only a higher power can connect them. Otherwise, the hearts will never unite because the human heart is evil from birth.

We have a special, sublime work in this construction. I hope that you acknowledge your responsibility, feel the need, and we will do it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/19/20, Baal HaSulam, Shamati 33 “The Lots on Yom Kippurim and with Haman“

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Before And After Coronavirus

Laitman_631.1Question: Do we bring correction to the world through our study and connection?

Answer: Yes. We bring a positive component to the world because we talk about its unification, about the fact that people should be connected through good connections.

Of course, this gives the world a certain positive direction, some kind of correction, but this is not enough. For the egoistic world, our relatively altruistic component is undoubtedly too small to correct the direction of the world’s movement.

Frankly speaking, I hope that now, when we are returning to our previous conditions and forms of governance, restore enterprises, and so on, we will still come across how limited we are and how we should behave differently.

Question: After coming out of self-isolation, will people understand that the world is different and accept it through their changes?

Answer: I think we will come to a certain inner state in which we will evaluate each state: pre- and post-coronavirus. We will compare them and think about how we could do things differently. Even if people have nothing to do with us but hear our calls, they will still perceive reality in this way.

Question: Where is this turning point of people? Do they need to accumulate suffering so that at some point there will be an inversion and the explosive growth of those who are ready to support us will begin?

Answer: Yes, on one hand, it will happen from the accumulation of suffering and dissatisfaction.

However, on the other hand, also from the fact that we will begin to understand that we need to go a different way to see a better state ahead than the previous one.

Therefore, there may be a relative absence of all kinds of blows, but instead there will be a clear vision of a good future. I think that now when we are returning to the past, we nevertheless will want to correct it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/3/20

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Transformation On A Universal Scale

Laitman_630.2How can an ordinary person who had a job, career, earnings, and a prospect for the future until March 2020, now accept that all this is already in the past and that life is taking a completely different direction? He does not want to agree with this. He is not yet ready for this picture, and therefore, we need to learn to live in a new way.

We have no other choice, because it will be so, this change has already begun to clothe itself into our world more and more, and we have to explain it, discuss it in all the media. If we do not accept these changes now, then we will still be forced to do this, only in much more severe, critical conditions because this process is continuing on its own.

We are all different, and many are not able to accept changes at such a speed, and therefore, there are many conflicts. We must teach everyone to relate to each other with love and understanding. We are faced with a common, national and global problem. We can say that this is not even a world problem, but a global revolution on a universal scale.

The human race has reached its greatest development today and is undergoing a transformation that history has not yet known. So far this is only the first stage. From this material life, which man began thousands of years ago in pursuit of a mammoth, we move on to a new life—collective and social. The connection between people will determine the new organization of society.

We need to learn this new life, as well as study our old life to understand why it led us to this line. This is not an accident, but the laws of nature that determine development and affect us; it does not depend on us. However, how to accept this state in order to suffer less  depends on us, depends on if we are aware of what is happening and if will work together hand in hand with nature.

Then we will come to the good life that is prepared for us. After all, nature leads us to all that is good, only not according to our usual notions of well-being as wealth and power, but to a quiet life in the material sphere and a life full of meaning, content, and filling in a spiritual, inner form.

Everyone will benefit from this. And besides, we must understand that nature is stronger than us and will lead us through this process anyway. So let’s not resist, but let’s go along with nature.
From KabTV’s “Global Perspectives,” 5/14/20

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Good And Evil Are One System

laitman_558Question: Not only is the outbreak of the virus so swift that it has covered countries and continents, it also has divided the world in a very tough, sharp way, something that was not so clearly visible before.

The world is divided into poor and rich. The rich can afford separate houses, a separate island, and the poor, who cannot afford anything, are obliged to go out, to take their children out for walks, they are afraid of everything.

The world is divided into those who have the racist views that are now flooding the Internet, and those who write on Facebook: “We are ready to come to you. Just call, we will come. Elderly people, do not leave your houses, we will bring you food, we will give you help,” etc.

That is, the world is very divided. The virus somehow showed us who we are. Did it come so that we would see what we are now?

Answer: This is the identification of interference, the identification of faults in the general system we are in. Therefore, you must look at how connected you are with others. We must be all in one system of the soul.

Comment: You say: “We must connect.” And we do not want any connection.

My Response: Therefore, this is shown to us so that we really know what state we are in.

Question: What steps are still ahead?

Answer: None! We are at the very last stage of a universal correction. If we are internally united with each other, we understand, we are striving for this, that’s all, nothing more is needed! All viruses will be for our benefit only. Everything bad turns into good.

Comment: Good, if this is so. In the meantime, we continue to suffer.

My Response: Otherwise, we egoists cannot be adjusted, only to happiness with a stick. See how people are stubborn, what they imagine today. Look at what is being done on the Internet, how much hatred spills over one another, how they poke each other, how they act. All of this we need to understand now, justify, correct, and build bridges of mutual understanding over all contradictions.

Question: How do I justify a hater? Say: “No, he does not understand, he is like a child,” as you say.

Answer: Gradually explain to him what we always explain. He’s not going anywhere. He will understand that nature forces him to do so. He is great like a small child who is swaggering in front of his mother. And when he feels he is facing nature, before fate, then there is no longer all these opportunities to puff up, and the time of truth comes.

Question: Could you explain something to such a bright, tough hater?

Answer: I have no hatred for them. They have toward me, yes, but I do not. And it annoys them. They are suddenly put in such a state: “How is it that we hate him, but he doesn’t hate us?”

But in fact, I can’t hate them, because in my understanding, they are forces of nature. Why hate nature? They simply show the negative properties of nature, which has not yet reached its perfection, mutual correction. And therefore, there is no evil in the world in my understanding. Evil manifests itself only to the extent and in the form in which I can balance it with good.

Comment: That is, you do not support this phrase, as they usually say: “So that evil disappears from the world.”

My Response: It will never disappear. It can only be corrected, compensated by good.

Question: Is this what it came for?

Answer: Yes. If there were no evil, then there would be no world, we would not exist because we are all in evil. As the Torah says: “a wild ass’s colt is born a man.”

Question: This applies to humans, does this apply to a virus that is practically not evil?

Answer: A virus is just an indicator of our uncorrected state. Is it to blame for something? This is a small biological particle. As in your computer suddenly some kind of hindrance arises, some kind of small program that bothers you in something. But it indicates to you a malfunction, and in this way you can correct the general, big program.

Question: So, the fact that the virus shows such a stratification of society is actually good for us to see and to finally become scared by it and want to prevent this from happening?

Answer: You need to be afraid because otherwise you will not shake an egoistic person. He must be shaken.

But I am for people to get to this idea very quickly in a normal, calm way, and it would work on them and make it possible to establish a mutual equilibrium system. After all, nature is built on a general balance of negative and positive properties and forces. And therefore it is impossible without viruses, impossible without hatred. But all this must be balanced. Nature wants us to live in balance, with an understanding of both good and evil.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/23/20

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The Coronavirus Is Rebuilding Our Lives

273.02Is it possible to arrive at correction while avoiding the ten Egyptian plagues? After all, nature has already engaged us by sending us the coronavirus, and naturally, we’re in for many more challenges.

The coronavirus has already made us give up all contrived engagements. Now that the quarantine is lifted, we will see that most businesses that were not essential will not be reinstated.

The whole industry will shrink because there will no longer be the former demand for fuel and electricity. The first priority will be to provide everyone with the necessities of life, that is, food and shelter. Everything will be more modest, there will be no need to carry exotic fruits from other parts of the world since you can grow everything you need locally, in greenhouses. The world will take a new form.

Most of the people will be engaged in study and will work on connection. Working on connection will become our main focus, and everything else will be directed solely into providing all the necessities for those building that connection: food, clothing, education, channels of communication. Everything will revolve around connection.

We can already see how much a single virus has reshaped our lives. The coronavirus carries with it a tremendous amount of information about how we should organize our lives.

This will take another year or two, as in all transitional processes when at first there are sharp shifts in their amplitude, and then the fluctuations gradually diminish as the process stabilizes.

Therefore, I hope that there are no wars or big problems awaiting us. People will begin to change internally even without it. Tiny viruses that can’t even be seen have already made a major impact on us. Every day there are positive changes that occur inside a person.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah lesson 6/14/20, “The Obligation to Disseminate the Wisdom of Kabbalah to Many”

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Advice Not Only For Beginners

laitman_571.03Question: What do you recommend new students do after the lesson? How do we try to act among ourselves?

Answer: I advise you to feel as if you are embracing one another, existing in good mutual relations. It is thanks to the fact that you relate to each other in this way, that you try to discover the quality of bestowal and love between you, that the Creator will be revealed.

The Creator reveals Himself to the extent that we achieve equality, similarity, equivalence of form with Him. So try to create these conditions between yourselves, and you will begin to feel that He is somewhere in you, between you.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/26/20

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Man In An Interconnected World, Part 2

laitman_543.02Nature’s Experiment

Question: We see how nature forcibly pushes us to integrate. At first it was tribal, communal integration, when people united in order to survive, then came forced imperial integration, colonization, and then cultural, religious, national, and class integration. Today there is economic and informational integration.

All this developed under the influence of nature without our participation; no one specifically wanted it. And suddenly there is a virus that divides us, makes us stop all connections.

What is this leading to? Doesn’t this seem like it is against nature?

Answer: In principle, we are advancing toward gradually distancing from each other. Once we lived in communities, villages, and farms, but now everyone has their own apartment.

Today, newlyweds do not live with their parents, and once it was natural. Currently, every small child should have his own room, his own personal space. His egoism becomes so great that even though he is only 5 – 10 years old, he still requires a separate space for himself: “This is mine and don’t enter!” In other words, we see a person’s egoism growing.

And now its next level is being revealed, which nature itself shows us. If you are close to each other, then your relationships leads you to disease and death. So, you should be at a distance of two to 10 meters from each other. Who knows where this will lead?

In principle, this is quite natural. In this way we can do less harm to each other.

Question: As if nature forbids us to be in connection with each other because it was egoistic?

Answer: Here we learn something else. On the one hand, we willy-nilly stopped working and for some time found ourselves in the family circle. Therefore, there are certain problems surfacing, as man is not used to this way of life.

On the other hand, problems are manifested not only between spouses, but also between parents and children, between children themselves, etc. They are social in nature, and this is bound to have very large consequences.

Nature is putting us through a certain experiment; that is how I see it. I look at nature as a supreme intelligence that brings us to a certain state so that we understand how we should behave.

The supreme intelligence knows how we actually act, how we determine and become aware of our states, how we can find a way out of them by comparing the pleasant with the unpleasant, with development, with various movements. It sees how our habits, customs, and social problems and their solutions change.

Now all countries are simultaneously undergoing such restructuring, to different degrees, in different cultures, but it is still happening.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/23/20

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Do Not Add One Mistake Over Another

Dr Michael LaitmanQuestion: Religion is a framework of relationships between people who share the same faith. Is the wisdom of Kabbalah a religion?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah has nothing to do with religion. The fact that in our ordinary life we begin to establish certain rituals and laws that do not exist in nature, but want them to exist, is what we often call religion. Or it may also be some kind of cultural norm of society.

This isn’t the case with the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is based on the fact that you reveal these laws in nature, comprehend them for yourself in absolute knowledge, and then you have no problem with it.

Of course the wisdom of Kabbalah is not a religion nor is it a science because it does not reveal anything in our senses or in our mind, but instead, it is actually revealed in the attributes that you develop internally when you ascend above your ego, above the matter of our world. Then you begin to feel totally different attributes, different laws, and this is how you advance.

You need to delve into this issue in order to attain the truth and in order to understand what you engage in.

Otherwise, you relate to what you hear today from the perspective of what you heard yesterday. What is the result? Yesterday your head was filled with certain dogmas, which you accepted as true, and today you condemn and criticize what you received yesterday and define everything anew.

This means that you have accepted something as a condition, and now you negate everything else, and thus you will continue to increase your mistakes, and will not reveal anything new in life. In ten years you will still be in the same state you are in today.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/15/19

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