Coronavirus Drives Us Off The Treadmill

760.4Is there a connection between corporeal events happening in the world due to the coronavirus pandemic and our internal changes?

We all start off in this world in the animate state; at first there is nothing spiritual in us. But suddenly this virus comes and helps us. I am not talking about the suffering that accompanies this process, but only about the spiritual consequences. In this life it is impossible to gain without paying.

Let us now look only at the spiritual gain. With the help of the virus, we distanced ourselves from our previous life, which was a race for all the possible pleasures artificially invented by us.
We set these made-up goals for ourselves in this world and kept competing for who would reach them first. This allowed us to be proud and fill our egoism more and more, and to buy things we do not need, only to brag about it to others.

Such was our life, but the virus came and in a matter of a few weeks cleared the entire globe of consumerism, of all the garbage. It ordered us to go home and think about how we live our lives. Do we want to continue this way and return to the competition and useless race.

Do we want to continue to fill our days, from birth to death, with different games just to avoid thinking about the meaning of life? Or are we now thinking about the meaning of our lives? What is worth living for?

First and foremost, coronavirus educates us, makes us into new people. We did not think about it before. We just looked at others and did everything in order not to be worse than our neighbors. And we spent our whole lives in pursuit of this. Egoism constantly sought to make me prosperous and successful so that I would not be embarrassed when comparing myself to others.

But the virus is destroying the entire basis of egoism. We are no longer concerned with it today. Look at the help we received, a spiritual blow! Now the question is how are we going to use this lesson?
The virus stops us and drives us off the treadmill. Before the pandemic, we had already begun to fear that the world was heading into an abyss. We lived in anticipation of an imminent crisis, environmental disaster, or third world war, which would kill us all.

But now we see that we can come to a completely different way of life. Life can be filled with other things, as it is written: “You will see your world in this life.”

If we begin to move away from egoism toward bestowal, then we gradually move our desires to the other side of reality, we cross the horizon, go beyond egoism, beyond the border of this world.

Thus, we advance toward eternal peace. We do not need to die; we will put our egoistic desire to death, and we will not need to experience physical death. We will change the body as if changing an old shirt. Throw an old shirt in the wash, put on a new one and begin to live anew. So the reincarnations cycle one after another. Desires are renewed in me, and each time I renew my life. There is nothing to be afraid of.

We now understand the essence of this world and of the upper world. In fact, they differ only in desire. If I change my desire from receiving to bestowal, then I am already moving from world to world, crossing the border between this material life and the spiritual, which is called material death.
We kill our desire to enjoy and become free. I am freed from my egoistic desire and now exist in bestowal.

Two months ago, it was impossible to talk about such things. Everyone thought about a thousand life problems, about their business. And now the virus has sent everyone on vacation to think about spiritual life. It raises us to another level and makes us think about eternity, about the meaning of life. Coronavirus is a spiritual force that enters us and elevates us from the degree of material death to the degree of spiritual eternity.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/2/20, Selected Highlights

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