New Home Where There Is Room For Everyone

laitman_961.2Currently nature is performing a great change in us, which covers the whole world. We can understand it more or less, but there is no doubt that we are facing the program of the Creator, the program of global nature, which, as we see for the first time in history, affects all of humanity without exception.

Through this action, which is called coronavirus, nature wants to arrange the entire population of the Earth, all of humanity, in one group.

The virus is preparing us for changes leading to connection so that everyone from the smallest to the greatest will know the upper force of nature and all nations will gather in one common house of prayer, that is, everyone will connect in one common desire, mutual connection, which is called the house of the Creator.

The wisdom of Kabbalah helps us understand how we go through this process and how we need to adapt ourselves to a new life, a new approach. So far, we still perceive life egotistically, each one individually. However, the new approach requires us to gradually move to a common perception, integral and mutual, in order not to feel the difference between myself and the others.

Today we all feel the egoistic world we live in, the egoistic attitude to life. In the new world, everyone will feel the others from within, and then our perception of the world will change dramatically; instead of the corporeal world, we will feel a spiritual, eternal, and perfect world full of light.

We are at the very threshold of a new world, the entrance to a new state, a new reality which must be revealed within the connection between us, mutual, unlimited, and egoism-free relationships. The upper governance wants us to open this door, enter a new world, and lead all of humanity to a new existence, to the purpose of creation, to the goal of our life, to the upper force of nature.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, 4/4/20

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