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COVID-19 Switched Off The Lights

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/28/20

As if someone switched off the lights, country by country shut off its gates. Incoming flights were revoked, ships were denied docking, and tourists were told to leave. Everyone went home and was told to shelter in place.

Then the animals appeared. Fish appeared in the canals of Venice, Italy; wallabies hopped in Adelaide, Australia; alligators strolled in South Carolina, USA; elephants marched in Chachoengsao, Thailand; sea lions barked at dogs in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, and sheep ran on the carousel in Raglan, UK. The list of animal sightings in places normally reserved to humans is endless but the trend is clear. Nature whipped us into our homes using the novel coronavirus, then conquered civilization and told us who’s boss.

But we don’t listen. All we want is to go back to our same ole same ole, the very same ole that got us locked down in the first place. Since we aren’t getting the message, we’re coming out of the COVID-19 crisis with the same spirit we had when we went into it—the spirit of unabashed entitlement and alienation from each other. So the next time nature strikes, it will have to lock us down more decisively and painfully until we say, “Enough! We’re willing to change.”

Nature is an encompassing network of forces that is guided by a single principle: balance. These forces act like a stern teacher: When we are stubborn and insist on pulling the wrong way, it forcibly pulls us back. The more obstinate we are, the more that pull hurts. When it hurts enough, we listen and learn, balance is restored, and joy sets in.

Regrettably, today we have become so self-centered and obstinate that we’ve stopped listening altogether, not only to nature, but to anyone or anything. As a society, we are narcissistic, immersed in self-entitlement to the point where we simply cannot see when we are harming others. In fact, even if we did, we would not care enough to stop.

This approach is so opposite from nature’s principle of balance that it is bound to pull it out of us by force. And the more we resist, the harder it will pull.

To change our attitude to nature, we have to start with one another. If we cannot be compassionate to our own species, we will not be compassionate to any species, plant, or land. We will simply not know what compassion means.

Luckily, we have each other to “practice” on; we can “exercise” compassion in our families, communities, and with our friends. We do not need to look far if we want to make a real change; we only need to look at one another.

There is nothing selfish or ill-meaning in the whole of reality; every animal acts according to its nature. The only exception is mankind. So let’s practice with each other how to become considerate, compassionate, perhaps even caring.

The change will not come from governments. In an egoistic society, policy makers are the top of the heap, the “crème de la crème” of egoism. We will not find refuge from self-centeredness if we wait for them to act. The shift must come from regular people who want to change themselves, who feel that human nature needs to be better, and who say, “The change begins with me!”

Then, when we have changed ourselves, we will change how we relate to everything—to all of nature and to one another. Only then will we be cured.

My Thoughts On Twitter 4/28/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

#Coronavirus is a consequence of us not being corrected which is already manifested on the biological level. Many problems are befalling mankind in order to convince it to leave the #ego—“Egypt.” We will either leave forcibly or in joy, as we left 49 impure (egoistic) levels.

We need a global plan for recovering human society from #egoism. We cannot close down businesses without support. For the first time in history humanity realizes that it is global, and that it needs to care about the general wellbeing. Common quarantine—common home! #COVID19

#Coronavirus changes the world, most importantly, human #consciousness. We will refer to events as “before and after Coronavirus.” Followed by relating to it as “before and after” as in “before connection with the Creator, and after our change to become similar to Him.” But, perhaps, this is for the next virus.
From Twitter, 4/28/20

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“I Am Genuinely Afraid” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “I Am Genuinely Afraid

The economy may be reopening but not as it should be. Irresponsible ignition of economic and commercial activities will bear such consequences that will make us regret not waiting a little longer in the first round.

We are living in an integral reality that has a natural balance. When the balance is breached, the system pushes itself back to balance much like a pendulum that returns to the middle with greater force the more you pull it to one side.

Humans have pushed the global ecosystem so far off balance that now it has to strike back a painful blow in order to resume the balance. As long as we refuse to understand this mechanism, we will continue to suffer blows every time nature balances itself. At the moment, we are far from understanding this and far from balance. We were waiting for the moment when we came out of the lockdown so we could keep pushing nature. But the result will be that nature’s next push back will be much stronger and much more painful.

Eventually, we will learn. The only question is how much we will have to suffer until we realize that we will not win by thinking only me-me-me.

The more we developed technology, the more we behaved like senseless children in a toy shop with no one to tell us what we are allowed to buy and what’s too expensive. But you can’t leave the shop without going through the cashier, and the cashier will make us pay for everything we took.

Sure, we have to reignite commerce and provide people with what they need. But we are not thinking only about getting what we need. We want to compete once more in who’s got more, who is richer, and who is more successful. But competition didn’t make us happy the first time, so why go back to it? Worse yet, this is exactly what caused the outburst of the virus — our self-centered behavior — so what sense is there in re-embracing the conduct that inflicted a disaster on us. Can we doubt that another disaster, probably much worse, will follow?

If we reignite only those parts of the economy that sustain us, that guarantee our livelihood, while dedicating the rest of our time, resources, and efforts to establishing better connections among us, we will all be happy. We won’t need any accessories to brag about, and we won’t need to compete with anyone because we will feel worthy just being who we are! We will be appreciated for contributing our skills to the common good, and the gratitude and warmth from people will fill us to the brim with happiness.

Have you ever walked into a room where everyone liked you and thought well of you? Do a little thought exercise and try to imagine this. Now do another exercise and imagine that as soon as you walk out to the street, everyone treats you with that kind of warmth and care.

In such a society, the most required profession will be instructors and teachers to guide people into that type of mindset. With such a mindset, the cohesion and solidarity in society will make welfare services redundant. People will take care of each other, just as it should be!

Think of army elite units. They know that in battle, their lives depend on their unity. We are in a battle now. We have already realized that we are all dependent on each other’s responsibility. If we forego the mutual responsibility we have acquired in this battle and return to our dog-eat-dog mindset, we stand no chance against the next virus, or whatever blow nature will send us next. I am genuinely afraid for humanity. The virus was a mild lesson; the next one could be devastating.

“The Teachings Of A Global Epidemic” (Newsmax)

My article in Newsmax: “The Teachings of a Global Epidemic

The world is eagerly trying to get back to its feet. It is clear that people need to secure their livelihoods, put food on their tables, and get back to business, but I wonder, have we learned the lessons the coronavirus crisis tried to teach us? What if the pandemic has yet to fulfill its goal of spurring us toward the creation of a more balanced society?

Gradually, some stores and services are reopening in the United States and around the world. An apparent normalcy is being restored, and everyone seems to be content with our renewed desire to return to our usual egoistic approach toward self-benefit and exploitation of the ecosystem that brought us to this peril to begin with. Or maybe not? It will be interesting to see if we emerge from this forced pause any wiser, more conscious of the system in which we live and willing to do something to restore the lost balance in our relations toward others and our surrounding environment.

If we return to the business-as-usual mode without any commitment for a substantial change in our behavior, no one will be able to guarantee that a bigger disaster will not hit us. It is imperative that we internalize the fact that we live in an integral environment. All of nature is one closed system — alive, breathing, but wounded because of our human ego — the sole factor which disrupts the overall functioning of the integral system of nature, bringing forth such plagues as the coronavirus.

I wonder, where are the international organizations such as the United Nations and outspoken environmental champions raising their voices and demanding a more conscious humanity before the world eases restrictions of movement and reopens the economy? We must hold ourselves accountable for our abuse of the world’s resources and our reckless attitude toward each other. But most importantly, we must realize that returning to the pre-COVID-19 world unchanged would be a recipe for disaster.

Back to Basics, Not Back to Crisis

We cannot realistically expect to return to our ongoing exploitation of the planet which pollutes, depletes and will eventually bring about the total destruction to the ecosystem. Likewise, we cannot revert to the same old dysfunctional patterns of society and harmful human relations among couples, families, children and co-workers. The old paradigm of greed, perversion, corruption and lack of empathy cannot define our reality any longer.

Clearly, no one wants to live in lockdown forever, but I hope that we have taken full advantage of the global halt to realize that life as it was had become unsustainable and to gain awareness of the conclusions we must draw about which endeavors are truly indispensable for society and which are superfluous.

Nature demonstrates the correct way. It functions integrally, as a unified whole, where all its parts take only what is essential in order to maintain the correct performance of the entire system.

The global epidemic froze the world, not to put an end to our development, but to lead us in the right direction and to broaden our view. A more friendly and harmonious attitude toward others and toward nature will shift our previous reality of total loss and transform it into total gain, taking us to a balanced world. What would be the point of ever looking back, when we can decide to build a promising future together?

Kabbalistic Meditation

Laitman_057Question: Is there meditation in Kabbalah? They say that it is a series of exercises based on focusing sometimes on some inner desire and sometimes even on an external object.

Answer: Meditation is prayer.

Question: Are meditation and prayer the same in Kabbalah?

Answer: Of course. What is meditation? It is an in-depth focus of attention, checking yourself, determining where you are regarding a certain property, and so on. It is the same as prayer.

In practice, there is nothing but prayer. The correct preparation for prayer is when you definitely feel your condition, feel the higher force, understand what the relationship between you is, and what you have to do to get closer to it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/1/19

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Period Of Wandering, Part 8

laitman_937Restoring the Spiritual Information Base

Remark: Russian Journalist Vasyli Shulgin in the book What We Don’t Like about Them wrote: “These people possessed a wide variety of abilities, great will, amazing endurance; their nature is characterized by great ability to work, an insatiable love of activity … But nevertheless, the Good Shepherds … in a word – into Spiritual Teachers, I would not take modern Jews. ”

My Comment: Naturally. After all, they completely fell from their spiritual level. In them, of course, the rudiments remained of the so-called Reshimo, informational genetic data, but they are not yet ready to be spiritual teachers.

Remark: So like all peoples, there are good and bad Jews, but the special thing that once was in them is missing today.

My Comment: This must be developed! The last exile almost completely erased the entire information base. It must be raised, developed, pulled out of them. It is very difficult to work with modern Jews.

Remark: As I understand, people with a special predisposition to rapprochement and proper communication between them were selected from all of humanity in order to then transfer the method of unification to all of humanity. And if they do not, then a law called anti-Semitism is included, which drives them to this action.

My Comment: This is a law of nature.

For more on this topic, read The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/15/19

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How To Increase Sensitivity Between Friends?

laitman_942Question: How can we increase sensitivity between friends in the ten?

Answer: Only with the right interrelations because you and your friends are in ever-changing, very complex relationships.

Try to bring these states to the correct, mutual, and complete unification. Rise above your egoism, include your friends in your embrace, and help them despite all the problems (and the problems are interesting, permanent, and ruthless.) You will start from two mutually opposite states of absolute mutual separation, even hatred, and a state of love, attraction, and will build all kinds of bridges between yourselves.

A network of connections will gradually be interwoven from this, a spiritual vessel, then the Creator will appear.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/1/20

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New Life 1218 – Coronavirus, What God Wants

New Life 1218 – Coronavirus, What God Wants
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

The coronavirus is the response of God, the integral system of nature, to the fact that people are not considerate of each other as they are supposed to be. It is part of God’s plan to correct us. All of our diversions from the absolute laws of the balanced system accumulate, and the system responds accordingly. Just like parents, God is not angry and does not want to inflict pain, but speaks in the language of humans. In order to connect to God, we must build a system inside of ourselves that resembles love and bestowal. We need to ask God to be able to understand Him so that we will understand why He has created us with an evil inclination and how we should develop. Both the good and evil forces stem from the same root and we have to balance them. We will begin to feel what God is and will be able to speak with Him. The coronavirus will disappear when it completes the healing of human egoism. The whole world should pray to have the mind and emotion to feel God and to keep His laws.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1218 – Coronavirus, What God Wants,” 3/31/20

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