Become Whole With The Creator

laitman_934Question: In our world there are all kinds of manifestations of feelings between people, emotions that fill them, such as friendship and love.

In the ten, with the right communication, the same force will arise, the same feeling will fill us; is this called the revelation of the Creator? Or is it something else?

Answer: The revelation of the Creator occurs very sequentially when people begin to unite so each of them dissolves in the ten.

Thus, if a person gets rid of his egoism, then as he rises above it, while interconnecting with others, there, within others not within oneself, he begins to feel the property of bestowal and love, the property of good connection between everyone, independent of egoism. This is what he reveals.

Question: By working correctly, doe each member of the ten get filled with something that has to do with a higher power?

Answer: Yes. It changes, fills, and connects them. They unite in this property of bestowal and begin to examine it between themselves. And then it turns out that the ten and this force, which they call the Creator, become one single whole.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/20/19

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