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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/4/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We must rejoice at the descents and falls, since to the degree of one’s readiness, broken desires, spiritual vessels are revealed to him. If a descent, a bad mood, darkness in the mind and heart, comes, this is given for correction. We understand and feel this darkness, and are obligated to correct this state.

The passage, detachment from the egoistic intention entry into the reign of the intention for the sake of bestowal, is the passage from the material world into the spiritual one, from being under Pharaoh’s rule to being under the Creator’s rule, from Egypt into the land of Israel, Flag of Israel

We must strengthen the mutual guarantee, unity, the group, in advance—prepare all the means so as to maximally correct one more empty part of the common soul that is being revealed. Until you connect all parts of the soul into one soul,  you won’t attain the end of correction.

When the spirit of life disappears, we think we move farther away from the Creator. But in reality, new empty cavities are being revealed to us, from which the upper light departed during the fall of sin with the Tree of Knowledge. They were concealed, but are now being revealed in each one of us along the order of degrees, according to a program.
From Twitter, 3/4/20

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Awaken The Ten With My Efforts

laitman_923The time has come to begin to advance toward the holy goal, that is, to the revelation of the Creator to the creations in this world. Everything is in our hands; nothing prevents it from us. All the events taking place in the world that supposedly delay us actually help us advance toward the goal of creation, to a better understanding of life’s purpose. They help us realize how much our world needs a spiritual ascent: not to be corrected in the same place but to rise to a spiritual level.

It will become increasingly clearer to every person in the world that there is no way out and that cardinal changes in our existence must begin here. Existing in the present form, we will run into a dead end time after time. We have no chance to continue living like this.

The time has come to use all our strength and open the path to a spiritual, perfect life, to open it to humanity as quickly as possible. In fact, all people subconsciously wait for this, but have no idea what it depends on.

Our Bnei Baruch group is made up of people who the Creator has invited to enter the spiritual world and draw close to Him. We must understand our responsibility and realize this opportunity. We have two weeks of very intense spiritual work before us, and we will try to make every effort, to the utmost extent, and will certainly achieve life’s lofty goal.

There are times that are determined from above, and there are times when we trigger ourselves from below. We have set aside this special time for our gathering, the World Kabbalah Convention, and we approach it through great and long efforts. At the same time, we see extraordinarily fearful events unfolding in the world. Yet, it is amazing how nothing stands in the way of our friends traveling to Tel Aviv for the convention. We await everyone with even greater impatience than usual, ready to welcome them with open arms.

Let us hope that for the time remaining before the convention, we will better prepare ourselves for connection so that in the depths of this unity, we will begin to reveal new qualities in which the Creator calls for His revelation. From our efforts to unite together as much as possible and even more, we will see how the Creator shows us the conditions for His revelation. We must feel it.

We need only reveal the need to achieve equivalence with the Creator, to want to feel Him precisely in His very quality of bestowal. May He give us the quality of bestowal, and we will be happy to work with Him. We await that quality, although we do not even know exactly what it is. We ask the Creator to work on us, we are ready for this operation. Let Him make this change in us, implant the quality of bestowal in us, develop and teach us. We want to be clay in the hands of the master, let Him model His likeness from us.

What is required of us is only an initial desire and no more. We have no real need for bestowal, and are unable to understand what it is; we just accept that the Creator will make of us what He wants. This is enough for the Creator to begin to correct us.

It is difficult to realize how connection between friends, between people, can be connected with the attainment of the Creator. Why does the revelation of the Creator suddenly depend on unity of egoists above their egoism? If they hate and repel each other, but nevertheless make efforts to unite, these efforts, penny by penny, accumulate to a large amount, and they build a connection network.

Inside, this entire network is filled with hatred, forces of rejection, and stretched over it are our timid attempts to connect with each other. The system of hatred is as solid as iron. Atop it, we try to sew these iron blocks with thin threads, but as we try, we manage to knit them more and more. We begin to discover that in these very thin threads connecting us with each other, there is a special quality: the upper force of the light, which is much more powerful than the iron rods of egoism. We thus begin to feel each other.

It is a very long process, and it repeatedly leads us to despair, but time does its job and ultimately saves us.

We must believe that the Creator will organize the group and the friends for us so that we have the opportunity to reveal Him, to become like Him, and thereby give Him contentment. Everything has already been arranged from above, and all we need is readiness, a little effort, and it will happen. The Creator arranges all the conditions for us above and we need only give our quota of effort that is in our ability to give. Everything is already calculated above. The upper one is ready to help us and as soon as we complete what we need, we will immediately find the correct result. The Creator will open up and ask: “Well, where were you? I have been waiting so long, but you were not there!”

We will reveal all this as soon as we will provide our desire, the Kli, which is in our power to reveal.

We are ready for revelation; we need only combine our despair, efforts, and aspirations, and it will be sufficient. The power of prayer depends on two factors: on the awareness of one’s powerlessness and one’s lowliness. On one hand, we feel that we have insufficient strength to reveal the Creator, but desperation from the insignificance of our condition is even more necessary. And if we combine these two feelings together, then this becomes enough for the right appeal. The Creator sees that we have realized our worthlessness and is revealed to us.

If the Creator does not help us, then we are lost. You have to feel it with all your gut. We really want to achieve merging with the Creator due to the equivalence of our qualities, to become bestowers, and we ask only for this. Otherwise, this is not life.

There is nothing more to do, we have reached the limit: if the Creator does not give me the quality of bestowal, then I disappear. If He does not connect me with the group, I am lost. I pray to let me cleave to my friends in order to support them with all my might, to serve them, to give and to help them achieve their goal. What will happen to me is unimportant, I want only their good. In order to do so, I come to the convention in order to help my friends achieve their goal, and completely annul myself.

We go through many different states. Sometimes such apathy attacks that a person is incapable of any movement in feeling, thought, and words; one is completely disconnected. And sometimes a person burns with desire, ready to turn mountains. The rest of the time, one is somewhere in the middle between the two, in different states in mind and heart.

The question is how to awaken ourselves in every state for the sake of the ten. We should not wait for the Creator to awaken us, and we should not awaken ourselves individually, but we should wake up with the help of ten, awakening the ten by ourselves. That is the whole point. Everything is only through our connection with the ten: to awaken them with our own efforts and then be inspired by them and act.

Even if there is no feeling and thought for the Creator, but we perform material actions in relation to the group, then this all adds to my account.

Therefore, we do not have to await the Creator’s mercy. The Creator’s worker is the one who works: where the Creator does not awaken him, does not give any incentives, one seeks how to add effort oneself, like an old man looking for something lost even before losing it.
From the Tish 2/14/20, “Preparation for Convention”

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Development Of Egoism And The Method Of Connection, Part 4

laitman_749.01Method of Connection: Before and After the Egyptian Exile

Question: What is the difference between the method of Abraham and the method that the people of Israel received when they exited Egypt?

Answer: It is all about connection.

Abraham also called people to unity. But in those days in Babylon, there was no particular hatred, no one killed each other. The Babylonians simply suddenly ceased to understand each other, which led them to an insurmountable rejection from each other. It was necessary to somehow soften, to overcome this rejection. As it is written, “Love will cover all crimes.” In principle, it was possible for them.

In Egypt, however, people’s egos have grown so much that the inclination to kill was revealed in them. They not only disagreed with each other, but were ready to destroy whoever was against them. So they could not remain in egoism because it threatened them with what is called “the Egyptian plagues.” It was necessary to exit it and rise above it, which in general they did.

They rose above their separation and in order to connect at a new level, they received a method called “the Torah.”
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 7/1/19

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Purpose Of Disturbances

laitman_600.02Question: There are different types of interference at different levels according to the four stages of the development of nature.

The first type is an inanimate level disturbance: earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc. Plant and animal level interference include various diseases and viruses. Human level interference include some kinds of psychological deviations. Is it possible to calibrate these types of interference?

Answer: It is possible.

Question: Depending on the structure of each person, does nature, the Creator, know how to apply pressure on everyone?

Answer: Of course. This happens in accordance with the structure of the soul, that is, our inner desire that we must balance and adhesion with the Creator.

Comment: Suppose, a rejection arises from unification within a Kabbalistic group. I understand that this obstacle is against my egoism and is given to me so that I can acquire the Creator’s altruistic ability not to think about myself.

My Response: This is regarding your action. And regarding the state in which you must determine, that there is none else besides the Creator and only He influences you, what should you do here? How can He influence you, give you some tasks, obstacles, so that you can still train knowing that this is all from the Creator and not from anything else?

When, for example, they write unflattering things about you everywhere, blaspheme you, or you have a fight with your family, or when you see that you are doing wrong, acting egoistically and you condemn yourself, how can it be that you do it yourself if there is only one force that makes all this happen?

Thus, you must change your attitude toward yourself, to others, and to the whole world, for only one single reason: “There is none else besides Him.”
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/25/19

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“Do Men And Women Experience Falling In Love Or Being In Love Differently?“ (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Do men and women experience falling in love or being in love differently?

By nature, men and women are two opposites. Thus, by default, men and women experience nothing in the same way.

There is a saying that men love with their eyes, and women love with their ears. We can see how a man can lose his mind when he sees a beautiful woman. An attractive woman can distract a man from any serious task. However, this does not mean that he is a bad husband or a bad man in general. It is simply his nature. A man can be completely in love with one woman, but can occasionally stare at others, and one has nothing to do with the other. It is simply part and parcel of man’s nature.

The situation with women is completely different. According to nature, a woman cares about the home environment. She builds a family nest and sees to it being comfortable and welcoming. Regardless of the fact that today we live in the so-called “unisex” era, the natural urge of the woman—before it comes in contact with various social and media influences that can redirect the woman’s natural desire in myriad directions—is to take care of her very own home. Therefore, she requires a man who can sustain it. That is why women are more likely to fall in love with smart and wealthy men rather than with handsome ones.

In a woman, a man looks at the purely external and corporeal features that attract him. Even if behind the beautiful “interface,” he finds a girl who could be considered as silly, he is okay with that. As long as the woman falls into his idea of beauty, then that is enough for him.

However, it is not with the case with a woman. She judges a man not by his appearance, but makes a precise calculation whether she can build a comfortable family nest and raise her children with this particular man. Therefore, a woman can get used to any kind of man, but only as long as he aligns with her nature.

New Life 1199 – How To Approach People

New Life 1199 – How To Approach People
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

A Kabbalist is an expert in approaching people. He finds, within himself, something similar to the other person and gives them the feeling of being understood, known, and agreed with so the other can open up. A Kabbalist listens with interest, knows what the other wants to hear, and expresses joy from the relationship. A Kabbalist shows that his heart is open to receive the other.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1199 – How To Approach People,” 1/16/20

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