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In spiritual work, the degree or state that was attained is zero in relation to the following state, measured as an addition to the preceding state. Each subsequent state must be greater than those experienced in the past—that is how we enter spiritual life.

If success carries on for longer than a moment, it turns into a regular ego-state and is not deemed aspiration to the Creator, spiritual work. The group should care about a new spirit appearing in it each time. If the impression from what was attained is prolonged—it becomes tasteless.

The states have to change like breathing: inhale-exhale. We mustn’t consent to a lack of renewal. The congress is a huge leap forward, followed by a drastic descent. Everything depends on our connection with each other and not on each person’s immersion inward.

Spiritual work is ever greater unity of friends in the group. Strive to attain unity faster, then the upper light will reign between us. We must make efforts to unite so the force of unity will be revealed in us till the force of love—this is already the Creator!

A spiritual state ends the moment I feel it. If I feel it, that means it’s already over! The previous state was given to us by the Creator, who organized a congress and ensured its success. Now we must thank the Creator for the example and carry out the work on our own.

One mustn’t think about the past state (congress)—that would be Klipa. We must rather strive toward ever greater unity. This will no longer be felt like before, since the Kli is always changing, and we will attain a new state within the unity.

After fulfillment by a spiritual sensation, emptiness and weakness come. The most important thing in this state is to understand that this is a necessary change of states. You reveal new uncorrected desires of your soul. They were concealed, and now you must add them to those working for the group and the Creator.

A person feels empty when the Creator moves farther away from him, in order to impart him with a feeling of space between Himself and the person. It’s like a deer running away that turns its head back, calling the person to follow him. Descents show us the place of coming closer! Our work is precisely in them!
From Twitter, 3/3/20

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