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We must realize that the viruses are transmitters of information—that is how they elicit our development. Only a biological transmitter of information can elicit such a quick and powerful change. The #coronavirus isn’t an epidemic, but a change of the whole human species…

Baal HaSulam: The scroll describing what happened in 5 BCE in Babylon is called Megillah—from the word Gilui, revelation. This is Haman’s opinion. But Mordechai thought that the revelation is given in order to test them, to go against or above it, in concealment.
From Twitter, 3/9/20

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Above Love And Hatred Is The Meeting Place With The Creator

laitman_962.1Our path goes from hatred to love. After all, we are created beings, which means that we are first of all opposite to the Creator; therefore, we are made up of egoism; otherwise we would be unable to exist. If we had no evil egoistic desire, we would not be created beings. A created being is the one who has an evil inclination. Those who have no egoism are not considered to be created beings, and therefore, inanimate matter, plants, and animals do not belong to the true creation since they are not opposite to the Creator. They have no freedom of choice, feelings of hatred, and rejection; they just instinctively follow the laws of nature.

The hatred in a person comes from his oppositeness to the Creator, to the force of bestowal, love, and connection. Therefore, all egoistic qualities, feelings, thoughts, and desires that awaken in a person are initially given so that he can exist opposite to the Creator.

Evil is only what is opposite to the Creator. All our qualities are divided into those that are similar to the Creator or opposite to Him. Everything that goes against bestowal, love, and connection is evil. On the other hand, it is a great joy to discover the qualities opposite to the Creator because they give us the right to exist as created beings and to be human, not animal.

Animals have no evil inclination. Although they kill and devour each other, they do so only in order to survive. Animals do not want to hurt each other; only humans do. Whenever evil desires awaken in me toward others, I must understand that these are just human qualities, that is, a human being is awakening in me even if shattered, uncorrected, and wicked. Without this, I cannot separate myself from the Creator.

Therefore, we must be happy about all the evil that is revealed, about all the sinners. After all, it is impossible to correct a sin that has not been revealed. The correction of egoism turns into spiritual actions and sublime spiritual attainments. Therefore, our path is from hatred to love. It is impossible to love if previously you did not go through all the stages of hatred. An indifferent person feels neither hatred nor love because a person’s work is to turn hatred into love.

The higher a person rises, the more hatred, the left line, is revealed in him, and the harder he must work to bring himself to love, to the right line. This is how we always exist between hatred and love. When the rejection from the group is revealed again and again, we need to understand that this is a transition to a new degree, which always begins with shattering. This is the only way to move up the degrees of connection and love.1

The created being always starts with the left line, with the revelation of evil, hatred, and breaking initially prepared by the Creator. He created a perfect system and then broke it. Therefore, instead of perfection, hatred and rejection being revealed to us, and by supposedly correcting what the Creator created, we grow and become smarter. We always keep both lines and move in the middle line, between hatred and love.

The source of love and hatred is in the Creator. Love is the quality of the Creator that comes out of Him directly, and hatred is the opposite quality that comes out of Him as existence from absence. These two bases, the right and left lines, existence from existence and existence from absence, love and hatred, both come from the Creator. That is the way to relate to them.

I should not attribute either hatred or love to myself because I receive them from above. I must always associate myself with the middle line, balancing hatred and love so that they would act as one. They cannot exist without each other. I, as a created being, cannot exist in a single thought, in a single desire, but always in the combination of opposites, between both of them.

You must see a simple system in front of you: the group and the Creator within it. If we reach the first point of connection between the friends, then the Creator is revealed within this connection as its consequence. If we achieve a more powerful connection, the Creator will be revealed even more, and so on. Each time, by revealing the next degree of connection, we reveal new qualities of the Creator through their opposite. I discover hatred and rejection in myself, and by overcoming them, I achieve connection, revealing the qualities of the Creator. In such a way, I begin talking to Him.

At every second, my thoughts, desires, and attitude toward others change, and I thus feel how the Creator treats me and what He wants to say to me. By the fact that I want to bring all relationships to connection and love, I respond to the Creator and talk to Him. This is how our dialogue with the Creator, our connection with Him begins; everything is through the ten, the group, and the connection with the friends.

Therefore, the Creator is within a society, within a group, or within the whole of humanity, depending on the level of connection I have reached with Him. This is how I become increasingly closer to adhesion with the Creator.2

The Creator created nothing but love and hatred. What, then, is the middle line? If there is no feeling of love or hatred, then a person is as if dead, there is no created being.

The middle line is the measure of adhesion of the created being with the Creator. Neither love nor hatred is me. I build myself when I understand that there are two forces and I prefer one over the other because I value the qualities of the Creator more than the qualities of the created being. By connecting two lines together, I build myself out of them both.

This is why I must take care of the balance of the two opposites, not trying to erase or belittle either hatred or love but using them in a balanced way. I attribute both forces to the Creator and I am equally grateful to Him for both of them. I include both qualities and therefore feel that I am independent of them, but I can build a point of connection with the Creator in the middle line, between hatred and love.

After all, both of them come from the Creator. And what comes from me is the ability to connect these two feelings together and attribute them to the Creator. The middle line is built from this. It does not exist initially, it is us, human beings, who build it by our attitude toward the Creator.

We receive two forces from the Creator: the good and the evil force. The evil force separates us from the Creator, and the good force lets us connect together. With this attitude toward creation, we feel that there is a special place called the middle line, and thus we connect with the entire reality.

The middle line is the person, Israel (Yashar-Kel), which means “straight to the Creator,” because it aims me like an arrow directly to the Creator.

The right and left lines are only feelings, sensations, conditions, and laws according to which I arrange myself in equivalence of form with the Creator. However, our meeting with the Creator takes place in the middle line, where there is no hatred and love. Instead, there is a third component that is above both of them, and it is called “adhesion.”

Love is built only above hatred and is inseparable from it. However, adhesion, the middle line, exists on its own, independent of hatred and love.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/20/20, Love Your Friend As Yourself – From Hatred To Love
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“When Purim Meets International Women’s Day” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “When Purim Meets International Women’s Day

The events described in the Purim story hint at humanity’s spiritual corrections. Translating these corrections from the poetic and colorful language of legend to the language of qualitative inner change lets us see how they describe connection among people, and how we can strengthen such connection. We can then find ourselves, our inner states, our attitudes to each other, and our various relationships as the characters and situations taking place in the Purim story.

International Women’s Day, which falls on Purim this year, draws our attention to two women in the Purim story: Esther and Zeresh, the symbolic representations of two forces at work in the world, which are in fact one.

Every woman has a Queen Esther (wife of King Ahasuerus) side: the quality of righteousness, which justifies the actions of nature and its laws, the laws of love. Every woman also has another Zeresh (wife of the wicked Haman the Agagite) side: a threatening quality, which condemns the power of nature and denies its laws.

How can we discover the attribute called “Esther” within us?

We first need to traverse the attribute of Zeresh, a mind state that focuses our thoughts on how to squeeze the most out of the world: to buy and sell, to receive and control. It is this feminine quality that prods men to strive for power and honor. Without the claims and demands of such a quality, men would be satisfied with much less, fulfilling their basic needs.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, Zeresh is also known as “the corrupted Malchut,” the egoistic desire to enjoy for self-benefit alone, prior to being corrected with an opposite intention to love and bestow. She wants to be above others and to erase them, having no concern for any meagerness and mediocrity that she influences upon them.

Women are mostly unaware of the desires that Zeresh represents, because the surfacing of those desires can bring about much anguish. Can a woman fulfill the aspirations to be more beautiful, talented and successful than other women? By nature, such egoistic desires can never be completely fulfilled, as there will always be someone more beautiful, talented and successful. Why, then, would any woman want to hurt herself for no apparent reason? Therefore, such desires mostly lurk repressed within, beyond the reach of conscious awareness.

This is the way of Zeresh, one that lacks self-awareness. Moreover, such a woman can feel righteous, that she wants only good for everyone, while in fact, her attributes are the polar opposite of goodness.

The attributes of goodness are represented by Esther.

Discovering the loathsome inner urges to be better than others illuminates the spiritually elevated form of sincere concern and love for others, Esther’s qualities. When women reach the high spiritual level that Esther represents, they rise above the competitive games and materialistic trappings of the ego.

Esther is concealed and humble. She acts behind the scenes, moving the world with transparent threads of love for others, not self-love and never for herself. She runs the world by exemplifying how to live by loving others. Esther represents the desire to enjoy created by the Creator, but includes the quality of love and bestowal, the desire to give. Esther uses all of her power and skill to lead society to unification, peace and love.

The Purim holiday and International Women’s Day show us the paramount role of women for the betterment of the world. Both feminine forces, Zeresh — the driving progressive force — and Esther, its corrected state — the force of compassion, love and care — are indispensable to bring about unification, peace, love and balance among humanity.

It is possible to reach a balanced state in humanity when female qualities and male qualities complement one another. Therefore, instead of focusing on how men or women can independently rise, we need to learn how to rise together.

It is no coincidence that the drive to find new balance between the genders has become so prominent in our time. Humans are evolving toward a higher experience of life, and for this reason, we have a yearning for a greater sense of wholeness. Lasting harmony, however, can only emerge when opposite forces complement each other.

The Wisdom Of King Solomon: “Do Not Grab A Dog By The Ears”

laitman_583_04Proverbs, 26:17: A passerby who becomes embroiled in a quarrel that is not his is like one who grabs a dog by its ears.

Question: Does it mean that a person fiddles with his fate?

Answer: Of course! If you meddle in someone else’s quarrel, you cause anger in the other person at the level of a dog.

We know that it is best not to interfere. The best thing is to let the person sort out the situation he is in without any wisdom or advice; otherwise, you will become an enemy to both.

Question: Let’s say there is a quarrel. What should a person do?

Answer: An outside person does nothing. Leaves them alone and steps aside.

The police or someone else that is supposed to smooth things over, this is their business. An individual has no right to interfere.

Question: Is it because he does not know who is right and who is wrong?

Answer: He has no right to meddle at all. Otherwise, those states will not find their solution.

Question: King Solomon said that the quarrel is within me. What kind of quarrel exists inside a person?

Answer: A constant one, because the person is created from two desires: egoistic and altruistic ones. But a true human is one within whom there is a constant battle between good and evil, one who specifically incites his good to evil.

The evil constantly rises, wants everything for itself, and so on. A person, however, if he wants to educate himself, always develops good in himself and is constantly in this internal battle.

Therefore, all these proverbs are built on the revelation of evil in a person, but to the extent that he tries to reveal the good in himself.

Question: That is, the evil is in me, the egoism is within me, all the time; is this my nature?

Answer: Yes, and you ask the Creator to give you a good nature in addition to it so that you could balance these two natures. You can say: “I ask the Creator to remove this evil nature from me.” No. This is unwise.

You should ask to be given a good nature so that these two natures would exist within you in balance. One should not be bigger than the other, and the positive one should not be above the negative.

The middle line between them is an amazing state. And I am constantly in this balance. I stand on two legs above them. Only then can I absolutely fully feel both the minus and the plus and all nature below me.

Question: Is a person who includes his own nature and the nature of the Creator a harmonious person?

Answer: Of course. He is then called “Adam,” i.e., “similar to the Creator,” because all one’s inner properties that are opposite to the Creator also resemble the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 12/16/19

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Preventing Divorce

laitman_627.1Comment: Shelters for divorced men are opening up across Italy. According to the law, a man must pay an alimony to support his children and ex-wife to the standard of living she became accustomed to when married, so that she will not be in need. On average, it comes to 1,000 – 1,500 Euros.

My Response: We have come to a state when our constitution, our rights and other laws result in men no longer being men; they are like children, degraded elements. They cannot take care of nor provide for themselves. Greedy wives strip them down to nothing, and they are thrown to the sidelines.

Question: Why is there such an attitude of disregard for men on the part of modern women?

Answer: The human ego is growing. In the twentieth century, it soared to such a height that it has become impossible to get along in any relationships. A man and a woman can no longer live together. And it is this way in any country, any culture, and any religion. It is incredibly complicated.

Question: What are the roles of men and women in the modern world?

Answer: Women are no less and no worse, and they are not dependent on men. On the contrary, such laws and views prevail in society that a man feels demoted, flawed, and under greater pressure from society than a woman. This is the evolutionary stage of societal development.

Question: What will this lead to?

Answer: It will lead to the complete abolition of the institution of marriage. Or perhaps there will be very clear agreements prearranged by a lawyer and certified in court so that there will be no problems.

Question: Can you describe an ideal picture of harmonious relationships between men and women in the future? What should they be like?

Answer: There should be no demands placed on each other. We have to be educated so that we will not be conditioned to demand of others.

Question: What will happen with the shelters for divorced men? Will there be more of them all over the world, or less?

Answer: The whole thing will lead to the reassessment of our values. When we will no longer view marriage as means of achieving some material gains for women and of enslaving men. When we will view this as a natural state of human development that must be resolved, healthily and purposefully, instead of one trying to get ahead at the expense of another.

We need to involve society, men, and women, necessarily all three, so the involvement in raising children and their financial support falls in proportionate measures on both parents.

Question: A person has both male and female qualities. What should one do to bring them into balance? And what are these qualities?

Answer: From the perspective of Kabbalah, these are the desires to give and to receive, which truly have to be in balance within a person. We have to reached a state where these desires will be aimed at the common good, at the betterment of the entire society.

Laws have to be such that we would want to obey them. That is, we would receive such an education that would explain to us that the laws of society are the laws of nature, and the laws of nature are the laws of the Creator, and if we observe all these laws, we will be in an optimal state.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 11/17/19

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Why Should I Bother If The Creator Decides Everything?

laitman_592.01Question: Since the end result is in its initial thought, why should I run around and worry if sooner or later the Creator will put everything in its place, if not in this incarnation, then in the next one?

Answer: Please, you do not have to do anything. No one is forcing you. I don’t even know why you are here listening to me.

However, you have an opportunity to understand His thought, to come to solidarity with Him. Even before the Creator forces you to fulfill the program of His creation, you can reveal and fulfill it yourself, absolutely consciously, advancing at your own pace.

In this case, you will feel like the Creator. This will be your resemblance to the Creator, and you will feel like Him. There is a big difference here: either you will be prodded like a donkey or you will feel like God.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/5/20

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 3/9/20

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Lesson on the Topic Purim” 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Vol. 6. Part 15, Item 200

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Peace” 

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