Preventing Divorce

laitman_627.1Comment: Shelters for divorced men are opening up across Italy. According to the law, a man must pay an alimony to support his children and ex-wife to the standard of living she became accustomed to when married, so that she will not be in need. On average, it comes to 1,000 – 1,500 Euros.

My Response: We have come to a state when our constitution, our rights and other laws result in men no longer being men; they are like children, degraded elements. They cannot take care of nor provide for themselves. Greedy wives strip them down to nothing, and they are thrown to the sidelines.

Question: Why is there such an attitude of disregard for men on the part of modern women?

Answer: The human ego is growing. In the twentieth century, it soared to such a height that it has become impossible to get along in any relationships. A man and a woman can no longer live together. And it is this way in any country, any culture, and any religion. It is incredibly complicated.

Question: What are the roles of men and women in the modern world?

Answer: Women are no less and no worse, and they are not dependent on men. On the contrary, such laws and views prevail in society that a man feels demoted, flawed, and under greater pressure from society than a woman. This is the evolutionary stage of societal development.

Question: What will this lead to?

Answer: It will lead to the complete abolition of the institution of marriage. Or perhaps there will be very clear agreements prearranged by a lawyer and certified in court so that there will be no problems.

Question: Can you describe an ideal picture of harmonious relationships between men and women in the future? What should they be like?

Answer: There should be no demands placed on each other. We have to be educated so that we will not be conditioned to demand of others.

Question: What will happen with the shelters for divorced men? Will there be more of them all over the world, or less?

Answer: The whole thing will lead to the reassessment of our values. When we will no longer view marriage as means of achieving some material gains for women and of enslaving men. When we will view this as a natural state of human development that must be resolved, healthily and purposefully, instead of one trying to get ahead at the expense of another.

We need to involve society, men, and women, necessarily all three, so the involvement in raising children and their financial support falls in proportionate measures on both parents.

Question: A person has both male and female qualities. What should one do to bring them into balance? And what are these qualities?

Answer: From the perspective of Kabbalah, these are the desires to give and to receive, which truly have to be in balance within a person. We have to reached a state where these desires will be aimed at the common good, at the betterment of the entire society.

Laws have to be such that we would want to obey them. That is, we would receive such an education that would explain to us that the laws of society are the laws of nature, and the laws of nature are the laws of the Creator, and if we observe all these laws, we will be in an optimal state.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 11/17/19

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