Men Under Stress

laitman_923In the News (Time): “Being a good provider isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, says a new study. Guys who are required to earn the lion’s share of the family income are less happy and less healthy than guys who aren’t. And the higher the percentage of the bacon a guy has to bring home, the bigger hit his body and brain take.

“The new study… looked at 15 years of data on married people between the ages of 18 and 32 from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. ‘The data definitely seems to indicate that, in general, as men take responsibility for greater and greater shares of the couple’s pooled income, they experience declines in their psychological well-being and health,’ says the lead author Christin Munsch, an assistant professor of sociology at University of Connecticut.

“The data suggests that men are at their lowest when they are their families’ only breadwinner. That’s when happiness scores fall to 5% lower and health scores 3.5% lower, on average, than when both partners pitch in equally.

“For women, carrying a heavier financial load has the opposite effect. As they earn more their psychological wellbeing rises. And when they earn less, they feel worse. Unlike the men, women’s health didn’t seem to be affected by their earning status within the family.”

My Comment: This situation causes men to feel pressure because man in modern society is not the same provider of the past who went hunting with a spear. Today there are such conditions of psychological stress that man didn’t have originally. Therefore, we can sympathize with modern men.

Women, on the contrary, feel more confident in stressful situations. By nature, she is more suited to psychologically withstand pressure. Men are suited to carry out physical activities, and women are suited to carry inner pressures. Women also get stronger through regular daily problems and men do not.

The current situation of humanity, society and the state is unnatural. The man who in principle is ready to work and provide a livelihood deals with huge sources of stress and is under many pressures that are very difficult cope with. The female mind is more suited to deal with such pressures. Women’s intuition and psychology is more prone to multiple, reusable, and multilateral influences and the men are not. Sorry men.

Question: Do we come closer to our roots by the measure of our correction?

Answer: Of course. We will remove all external completely unnecessary tensions and pressures, and a man will be able attain what he needs to—the material, and then the spiritual food.

We will all work reasonable hours to ensure our optimal corporeal fulfillment: food, clothes, etc. All the other contentment, first men will achieve from their spiritual work. If the spiritual work is realized in normal conditions, then it only strengthens.

Question: There are no tensions in it?

Answer: There is a lot of stress, but the stress is of a completely different order. If they come from efforts of constantly strengthening the connection between us and through this connection drawing the Upper Light, then they are positive tensions. But if the stress comes from the turmoil of daily life, from the tremendous amount of problems at work, with the authorities, with police, etc., then of course it is very exhausting to the male body.

Question: Will our standard of living decline as a result of spiritual stress?

Answer: To the contrary.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/21/16

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