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Trump’s Victory

Laitman_133Comment: The elections in the US are over and Trump has indeed won. During the race, you claimed that Trump was the better candidate. To be honest, I had many doubts about his victory and I don’t understand how it happened.

Answer: I felt that the Creator is still leading us along a smoother path in  Achishena (I shall hasten it) and not in Beito (in its time), not by blows but by support, just as you carry a stubborn child in the right direction against his will.

It is on the spiritual level, not the corporeal level where someone places his ballot or presses a button. Spiritual forces are much stronger than all the corporeal forces.

The outcome of the elections is a sign that Obama’s failing foreign policy and his support of radical Islam has come to end. Eventually it caused great damage to everyone, to the Arabs, to Europe, and to the whole world.

Obama engaged in turning different states and nations against each other, North Africa, the Middle East, Russia, etc. He left a torn world behind him and America’s status weakened in the world. Consequently, the world is now facing the threat of world war.

I don’t advise you to trust the big statistics and PR offices whose only goal is to make a profit. They deceive people and do what is beneficial for their clients. Trump who is surrounded by advisors counted on his instinct and turned to the heart of the American people repeatedly using his winning motive of making America great again.

Question: Do you believe that there will be a strong civil resistance to Trump?

Answer: I don’t think so, the upper force has helped Trump and brought his victory; the whole world has received a timeout, and especially we Kabbalists, and we have to use this time properly.

The nation of Israel has to reveal the method of unity to the world, the method of attaining the right connection between people, of attaining harmony between us and with nature.

This is our duty to the world. If we don’t do it, the world will eventually turn against us. We must understand our mission and fulfill it in order to balance the world and bring it to harmony.

Only then will the world acknowledge and understand the uniqueness of our mission, stop hating us, and even understand that the hatred they feel toward Israel stems from the fact that Israel haven’t fulfilled their mission. But now, when they begin to fulfill it, the world has to support Israel. I hope that we will succeed in our mission and save the world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/9/16

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 150

laitman_628_2Question: From the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah, why aren’t the existing forms changing now? For example, why don’t apes change again into people as happened in the past?

Answer: All of existence develops only forward, toward the full completion of correction.

Question: Do all people have a personal Reshimo (spiritual gene)?

Answer: Absolutely.

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Attaining Eternal Life

laitman_282_01Question: What should I do if I have not received a desire to discover spirituality? Does that mean that I have to suffer?

Answer: There is no doubt that you will suffer anyway. Only when a person begins to study the wisdom of Kabbalah can he understand the meaning of suffering: where it stems from, where it is leading him, and how he can turn the suffering into the joy of attainment, into a state of perfect eternal life. On the next level of perception a person understands that he doesn’t actually exist in his current body, which seems to be real, but in a spiritual body. The wisdom of Kabbalah advises us to transcend to this phase even now. It isn’t mysticism, but a very serious science that enables us to understand how to transcend from the level of still to vegetative, from vegetative to animate, and from the animate to the human level of nature, and then to ascend even higher.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/10/16

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Educated Terrorists

laitman_432In the News (Independent): “Male, 26, single, quite well-educated but not an expert on the Quran – this is the profile of an average fighter joining Isis. …

“Another startling finding was the level of education listed, with most of the recruits saying they had completed secondary school and many listing higher education and university degrees.

“The report described the group as ‘generally well educated’ and said that although some of the fighters recorded no formal education, a roughly equal number held advanced degrees.”

My Comment: The fact that educated people are joining Daesh (ISIS) is a very interesting phenomenon. It seems to them that they have found an idea for which it is worth existing, an idea on the level of life and death, so it appears to be great to them.

This is a phenomenon typical of an educated person who looks around and sees that the world is falling apart, going nowhere. The world is becoming lost, the world is shallow, is leveled to zero.

A person searches for something to hold onto so he will have a reason to exist. And then they begin to lure him. In addition, there is also the support of an environment; suddenly friends appear, a society, which has its own ideas. He is “turned on”!

There is no ideological concept that holds him, but what surrounds it! It has been proven that even a person who serves in the army is not interested in the homeland like when they used to shout, “For the homeland!”

What interest him are the comrades in arms. “We are repelling the attack. We are protecting ourselves. We are conquering!” It means that it is all about that limited group in which he feels camaraderie. That is what the person is missing and that is where he finds it. They know how to exploit this in the “Islamic State.”

Question: How is it possible to attract them somewhere else? Is such a thing possible?

Answer: To do this we need to raise the intensity of life to the level that exists in these organizations: the fight, the intoxication of struggle, solidarity, propaganda about the idea that leads and sets a person on fire so he is always in a state of global revolution. For this we need romantics, special souls. But we also need organizers.

Question: Does this mean that a stronger, ‘romantic” idea is required that burns and leads us forward? Does such an idea exist?

Answer: That idea exists with us in the wisdom of Kabbalah. In contrast, I believe that the “Islamic State,” as always, is going to lead toward a situation in which the revolution begins to “devour” its children. They are already “eating” each other! They are unable to unite, because if they unite, they lose the sense of friction, the feeling of “sparks” that they create when they are at work. In revolutionary currents of this type, very large numbers of small groups generally appear and they are all in conflict, in debates. For them, happiness is from arousing fear in the world. In this way they want to say that they are special and worthy of something. So everything is advancing in one direction; the world is falling into an abyss in every sense, and they hover over it like vultures selecting new victims. They pounce on them and grab them. There is no final idea here for these or for those. And how will we open the ideal of the wisdom of Kabbalah? That is another problem.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/10/16

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Discovering The Creator

laitman_940Question: In which feelings exactly is the Creator revealed? Can you share the experience of a Kabbalist with us? After all, we aren’t speaking of the five senses, but about feelings that appear after we perceive reality through them.

Answer: The Creator is revealed in the right attitude to others. A right attitude to a friend, in bestowal, in love, for him is the substrate on which the Creator is revealed. For example, if you place sheet of metal in interplanertary space, you would immediately feel how the light hits it and the sheet would be lit up. If the metal sheet weren’t there, the space is dark. This is how we see the moon in the sky because it reflects the rays of the sun. And if it weren’t there, nothing would be reflected and the space would be dark.

And so we need to place a partition in the way of the Upper Light, a screen, a Masach, and then we will reveal it and feel its properties. The partition, the Masach, appears when I place myself in concern for my friend. This refers to my resistance to myself. When I reject myself, in opposition to myself, and begin to relate to the friend with care and bestowal, on top of the attribute of care, bestowal, and reflection, I begin to reveal the Creator. This is the condition, and therefore it is written: “from the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator.” This is the reason that all our actions, our whole method, is based only on the right connection with others, because this is how the Creator is revealed. The revelation of the Creator is our goal and the means for reaching it is the principle of “love thy friend as thyself.”

Question: Do we feel harmony in this crazy world when the spiritual levels are revealed, when the Creator is revealed?

Answer: Yes, we begin to feel harmony in this world because we begin to perceive this world as the correct mutual connection of all the elements of the creation. We begin to understand it, to see the wisdom in it, the relationship between cause and effect. This means that it is actually revealed to us as an immense network of the proper events that lead us to the goal.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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New Life #586 – Between Culture And Spirit

New Life #586 – Between Culture And Spirit
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


There are many conflicting opinions regarding culture. Many works of art were based on hatred. Of course, those who rule want to influence education and culture, and this is true all over the world.

An artist or a composer is blessed with talent, but this doesn’t mean that they are mentally more developed than others. There are endless examples of books and plays that were written by people who hated mankind and were not intellectuals.

A person who is with a developed mind is a person who loves others, and he can be a very simple person. Education and broad cultural knowledge do not mean that a person is necessarily good or bad to others. This is measured by a person’s heart, his attitude to others, not by how much he has learned.

Studying the wisdom of Kabbalah changes a person for the better and corrects his egoistic nature. An intellectual is a spiritual person who values the good relations between people above anything else. An intellectual is a person who is above matter, above the egoistic relations between people. An intellectual doesn’t criticize others since he understands people and that a man’s heart is evil from his youth. He knows that it is only human to take advantage of everything for one’s own good, to suppress others, and he aspires to help people ascend their nature.

Even if you are educated, a composer, or a philosopher, it doesn’t mean that you are an intellectual, that you are above the ego. A cultural person is a person that everyone feels comfortable being by his side. He is not proud and doesn’t think lightly of others. Culture means knowing human nature and thus relating to everyone with love and understanding.

The original Israeli culture is a culture based entirely on “love thy friend as thyself,” and it is on this basis that the nation of Israel was founded. An educational process that will turn a person into a cultured person who can change his evil nature as required in order to reach this level.

But engaging in composition and art makes people even more egoistic than others. It is not their fault. The great egoism that is built in them doesn’t enable them to sit quietly, and they have to express themselves. It is only natural for such a person to belittle others, not to regard them as equals, and not to want them near him.

An educational process that changes a person’s nature for the good makes good use of art and composition. Theater, for example, can illustrate our current situation, how low we have plunged, and what the correction we need is.
From KabTV’s “New Life #586 – Between Culture And Spirit,” 3/31/14

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