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Everything Depends On Realization

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does the study of Kabbalah guarantee reaching the upper degree?

Answer: Study itself is not a guarantee. You can study physics your whole life and not be a physicist. Everything depends on realization.

If you have a group, a guide, if you hear what he says and realize it between yourselves in the group connection, attracting the Surrounding Light, which changes each of you and unites you into a unified whole, one united desire, then the results of the realization are evident.

You start feeling one force in one desire according to the law of the equivalence of form because you’ve created a united desire: one from many.

This desire contains the power of unity in which you feel a unified power of nature, which fills the entire universe on all levels, in all dimensions, and this is all the outcome of your realization. If you want this, yes, if not, no. Study in itself will bring nothing; you can study all your life and achieve nothing.
From the Prelimenary Lesson, the Prague Convention 9/9/2016

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Why Is The World’s Population Growing?

laitman_423_01Question: The population of the world is growing every year. Does this complicate the task of correction? Wouldn’t it be easier to correct one egoist, instead of billions?

Answer: This is not so at all. If there are many egoists and they are linked together, they can choose a system of correct mutual interaction for discovering the soul much more quickly.

The breaking of the collective egoism into many small parts has made it possible for us to realize ourselves more easily. The immense quantity of egoism will be replaced by quality through the connection between us. This will make the way of correction very easy.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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What Will Calm A Woman’s Heart?

Laitman_201_01Question: Why is a woman never satisfied with anything? What can we do so that a woman would be satisfied and calm?

Answer: A woman in our world has very few resources with which to be filled.

She receives filling mainly from her husband, from the family, from her children, from the attention she receives, but she isn’t always satisfied with that. Sometimes she is satisfied with her husband and sometimes with her children. As long as she cares about them, this care fills her, but being satisfied with the family isn’t only a family problem because many external factors affect the family. So a woman in our world is much more susceptible to feelings of shortage, lack, and anxiety than men. This is due to Malchut, which always feels a deficiency.

It seems that there is nothing simpler than providing a woman with a filling—a little attention from her husband and the children, a feeling of a the right connection would fully satisfy her, but although she needs so little, it is still impossible to achieve.

Question: Why is it impossible to give a woman this feeling?

Answer: Because this is actually what creation is based upon. The ego cannot be filled in its initial uncorrected state, and the woman is the embodiment of this state. The majority who yearn for the wisdom of Kabbalah are women.

They have a great need for the meaning of life. Although it isn’t on a level as high as the men, they are the ones who actually feel dissatisfied with life.

Rabash used to say that it is enough for a man to watch a soccer game, to see a pretty woman, to have a beer in the bar with some friends, and feel his life is successful.

On the other hand, a woman needs so many fillings and none of them depend on her. A man has many pleasures in life. Everything was created for him. And what was created for a woman: only her dependence on everyone.

Therefore, we should understand her nature.

Question: Do we have to understand her and to be more aware of her needs?

Answer: The problem is that it will not help. Of course we have to ease a woman’s suffering in this world as much as possible by understanding where it comes from, but eventually a woman will be able to calm down only if we Kabbalists attain, by the unity among us, a state in which she will feel the Light that comes from us. This is the only thing that will fill her.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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A Spiritual Leader

Laitman_632_4Question: The man is the primary breadwinner in the family, a social leader, and the driving force in different frameworks. Should a man also be the same in spirituality?

Answer: It makes no difference who yearns for the Creator in order to resemble Him, whether it is a man or a woman. I wouldn’t say that a man is the driving force of advancement, and not our progress of devlopment in any way.

Compared to a woman, a man is more productive in science, but this isn’t necessarily advancement. We see that everything is moving toward a crisis and that people begin to understand that material, technological, and scientific development are not the foundations of this world; spiritual development is.

The question is whether a man advances in his spiritual development. As for now, I would say that those who yearn for spirituality are 80% women and only 20% men.

Women feel the deficiency in this world and in life much more. They feel the lack of filling more acutely so they are ready for self-sacrifice, for helping, for disseminating, for everything.

It is very hard to pull a man out of a state of complacency or indifference.

We are all egoists and are made of a desire to receive, but a woman feels this desire as emptiness and is wiser in choosing the filling. She will not waste time on football and will not feel the momentary excitement and attraction like a man because this is how a woman’s nature operates—in favor of advancing in spirituality. Although basically we should know how to combine both corporeal pleasures and the yearning for spirituality in our lives.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/26/16

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The Creator Is Above Our Feelings

Laitman_025_01Question: Do we bring the Creator contentment by entering a relationship with Him (begin to feel Him)?

Answer: Absolutely, and that’s the only way.

Question: Can we say that the Creator has a desire to delight His created beings? Does He suffer when we suffer since this desire is not fulfilled?

Answer: No, we use this terminology since we have no other way to speak about the Creator. It is said that the Torah uses the language of human beings. The Creator is above our natural feelings.

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Access To The Program Of The World, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The study of the Torah accompanied the Jewish people throughout the ages, but in our time our attitude to it has become controversial.

Secular people associate the study of the Torah with Orthodox Jews, dressed in black and swaying over a book. What is the meaning of “engage in it day and night” if for the majority, the Torah study is limited to a short course in the school curriculum?

Answer: The study of the Torah is absolutely not what it implies nowadays. The Torah is a program of the entire world. The system that controls our universe and all of us above time, movement, and space is called the Torah. Therefore, engaging in the Torah means studying how our world is organized, how it works, and what program controls it, developing and advancing us as a person must participate in this program.

If a person receives access to this program, he can learn it and correct himself with its help by bringing himself in line with the entire world and the general system of nature. Nature is called the Creator; therefore, the real study of the Torah is knowledge of all the boundless nature that includes the entire universe.

To study Torah means to learn the general system of nature, its programs, laws, and the forces that operate in it. We study it not for the sake of idle curiosity, but in order to join the work of this system. After all, despite the fact that we are inside the system, we are given some freewill and the ability to correct ourselves, bringing us into conformity with the system.

If I change my nature and adjust myself to the system, I begin to enter and understand it. From an ordinary person that lives on this small planet, in a limited number of years I turn into a person that climbs the spiritual degrees. All of nature, its program, the process of its development, infinity, and eternity inherent to nature become clear to me.

Apart from the feelings in the bodily sensors on the animal level, I can develop within myself a system that is similar to the entire all-embracing nature that is called the soul. Initially I don’t have a soul, but I can develop it through the study of the general system of nature —the program that exists in nature and is called Torah.

Therefore, the study of the Torah is not a simple study of the book; we work on our change and rise to the degree that is higher than our current one. Thanks to this, I get the opportunity to see the world from end to end, at unlimited distances, over time, movement, and space. I will know the conditions that preceded the emergence of our universe, the beginning of its development, and the end result to which it should come.

I see myself in it, that eternal part in me that is constantly transforming, and I understand how it is changing and how to help it to develop in the best way. I also understand how it is possible to impact the entire reality, the whole world, all the people, and especially the people of Israel so that all of them will develop well and correctly.

Now we constantly suffer from the blows of nature that push us to development with sharp pricks. This is called the path of suffering, the natural flow of time (Beito). However, instead of it, we ourselves can aspire to advance to develop by seeing our future state and moving to it the good way. This is called hastening time (Achishena).

It turns out that the study of the Torah implies the revelation of the special forces in the surrounding nature through which I and all of humanity can develop the perfect way to a very sublime goal, above time and space, and it allows everyone to reach immortality and perfection.

As you can see, this has nothing to do with the study of Torah we are familiar with.

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Controlling Fate

laitman_938_03Question: How can I control my own destiny?

Answer: Controlling your destiny is very simple. You must draw the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light), the Light that Reforms, in order to resemble the Creator. When we know the right method for drawing the Light, we become the masters of our own destiny and fulfill it.

We awaken and draw the Upper Light, and it actually performs the necessary change, not we ourselves. After all, we cannot pull ourselves out of the swamp by our own hair, which is our egoism, by ourselves.

What is more, we don’t know what the next right state is, so we can only attract the Light. How can we draw the Light from the upper level? To do this, we are given a group. If we are incorporated in collective unity with each other, we artificially create our next state on the level of this world, and then the Upper Light fulfills it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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