The Temple In Our Hearts

Unity, The Way To A Good FutureTorah, Deuteronomy 12:4 – 12:5: You shall not do so to the Lord, your God. But only to the place which the Lord your God shall choose from all your tribes, to set His Name there; you shall inquire after His dwelling and come there.

This is a temple in the heart of a person.

A temple isn’t some kind of building in Jerusalem or anywhere else in Israel where people rush to kiss its stones and the wall, as it is today.

The only time my great teacher Rabbi Baruch Ashlag and I were in Jerusalem at the Wailing Wall, he went to it no closer than two meters, looked, and calmly, without stopping, turned back.

Not feeling any holiness in these stones, he didn’t even come close to them, and I clearly saw a complete detachment from this place in his behavior. However, a common person is drawn to this, he needs such a toy, as a baby feels comfortable only when he holds a familiar rattle in his hands, so does he.

It is necessary to educate people so that each will feel that he is related to our common temple—the unity of the hearts. The common temple is the soul.

The Torah speaks only about the construction of the temple in our hearts and from our hearts.

The place is a desire. A desire in Kabbalah is called “the place,” because only in the corrected desire that is in the right place is it possible to receive the Upper Light, the revelation of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/30/16

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UNESCO Denies The Jews’ Ties To The Temple Mount

Laitman_408Comment: UNESCO has decided to deny the Jews’ ties to Temple Mt. and to Western Wall.

My Comment: On the one hand, UNESCO is an organization that depends on the UN in every sense, and on the other hand, it is hard to understand how it makes decisions that are opposed to all the values it is established on, although the Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova disagrees with the decision. How can someone deny the Jewish ties to the Temple that was built there in the past and to the Western Wall when everyone is aware of it. After all, it is not a new discovery that has only lately been revealed by some recent archeological findings.

What happens in UNESCO is a sign of what the Torah says: that if the nation of Israel does not unite and doesn’t convey the method of unity to the world, the world will be conquered by Islam and Europe will be painted in green, the color of Islam. The Arab immigrants are not asking to be accepted; they behave as if they own Europe, without any negotiations with the European governments. Their goal is to convert all the nations and peoples to Islam. Since everything happens exactly according to the plan of creation, Europe simply lends itself to this conquest. All the decisions are taken automatically until Islam will join Christianity and together they will conquer Jerusalem, just like in the days of the Crusades.

Question: But we will not move from the land of Israel. Will they manage to throw us out of here?

Answer: They can certainly throw us out, because if we are not compatible with this place, which means if Israel is not united, nature’s forces will naturally force us to leave our land. According to the Torah, if the Jewish nation connects, it sets an example of unity to the world, and unity is the salvation of all of mankind, not only from Islam but from the general crisis and from world wars.

This means that we will ascend to the next level of our existence or we will destroy ourselves, Europe, and the whole world in another world war. Basically only the Jews lead the world and we are the only ones responsible for its wellbeing and for the correction, and this means we have a choice. The rest of the world doesn’t have freedom of choice, only we do, so we are the ones who have to use it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/19/16

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Objects Of Worship

Dr. Michael LaitmanTorah, Deuteronomy 12:2: You shall utterly destroy from all the places where the nations, that you shall possess, worshipped their gods, upon the lofty mountains and upon the hills, and under every lush tree.

Mountains, hills, and trees are what people worshipped. Either they worshipped something in these places: in the lowlands or valleys, in the mountains or on the hills, etc.

A person can pray to anything. In the repertory (Homeopathic reference), where all sorts of human motives and methods of their treatment are described, very interesting impulses of a person are mentioned, for example, a prayer to the tail of the horse and other similar things.

A person is subject to all sorts of internal fluctuations; there are various doubts, forces, and twilight states in him.

People worshipped trees a lot. However, if we speak about the internal work of a person, then the tree of knowledge of good and evil is the personification of the fact that out of something grows something. That is, knowledge is the fruit of the tree.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/22/16

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How Did Kabbalists Allow Two World Wars To Happen?

Question: How did Kabbalsits allow two world wars to happen?

Answer: Don’t think that a Kabbalist can wrap the whole world around his little finger. If that were possible, I would already do so tirelessly. Unfortunately, this is impossible.

People can turn the world together to the degree that they get closer to each other above their egoism.

There were not any Kabbalistic groups yet during WWI. They emerged toward WWII, but they were very few. The groups of Baal HaSulam’s students were the ones who partially succeeded in preventing great problems in the world, but not the major problems, which means not the Holocaust and not the actual war, although they contributed their share to the great victories over fascism in WWII.

A Kabbalist can partially affect the world through his corrections, but only by positive corrections, which means not according to egoistic calculations, but according to what is good for humanity.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/29/16

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How Can We Avoid An Apocalypse?

laitman_259_02Question: If all of mankind are savages as Baal HaSulam says, does that mean that we should expect a similar fate that befell savages who were destroyed by more developed civilizations? Does the continuously developing egoism in great masses of unaware people guarantee the apocalypse of our civilization?

Answer: The savages were not destroyed. We were all savages, too, so we shouldn’t think that we are different. Even today, we are savages in a certain sense. Judging by how we interact in society, in the family, it is hard to say that we are intelligent creatures.

Our egoistic instinct drives us at any given time. We actually look worse than apes. Apes do not engage in self-destruction, whereas we engage in collective self-destruction consciously and deliberately.

There is no other species like homo sapiens in nature, an intelligent human being who aspires for self-destruction. We can live a happy life, but we make our lives miserable by constantly filling it with uncertainty, fears, and worries, which eventually lead to self-destruction. This is what makes us unique.

But our civilization will not be destroyed. We still must reach the predetermined goal that nature has intended for us. We can choose the road we take. We can choose whether we will reach the goal along the path of suffering or along the good path, the way of the Light, which means by summoning the upper force unto us so that it will collect and organize us correctly.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/10/16

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New Life #776 – The Secret Of The Eternity Of The Jewish Nation

New Life #776 – The Secret Of The Eternity Of The Jewish Nation
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitza Mazoz


Who is the Jewish nation? Why does it seem that they have received greater blows than any other nation and how is its eternity related to the role it has to fulfill with regard to the world?

The nation of Israel was founded on Abraham’s ideal, on the connection between people in order to discover eternity. When the people of Israel are connected, they serve as a conductor for the Light to all of mankind. It says that we are the eternal nation, that we have to be Light unto the nations of the world and to bring humanity to its goal.

The highlights of the plan:

  • We have to be a nation whose members connect above their individual egoism and attain Godliness.
  • Being a Jew is an ideology, an ascent above nature in the direction of uniqueness and unity. It is in the connection between people who then discover the Creator, Bore, stemming from the Hebrew words “come and see,” and so we are called Jews.
  • Our forefathers were attracted to connection, and this is how the nation was founded. Every time we drew away from each other, we encountered problems.
  • The secret of the eternity of the Jewish nation is its connection to the eternal Upper Light, to the upper force. We are the transition between the upper force and all of the created beings, and this is the reason we feel pressure on both sides.
  • The eternal component in us is the point in the heart, the desire for a connection with Godliness. This desire invokes questions about eternity in a person, about the meaning of life, about the reason for our life and its goal. The point in the heart exists in every person. It is the point of connection with the general force of nature.
  • The abundance we have to convey to the world is expressed by the feeling of love, by the connection between everyone as one unit. This is how mankind can ascend to an upper dimension, to a connection with the Creator, to whole and eternal life.
    From KabTV’s “New Life #776 – The Secret of the Eternity of the Jewish Nation,” 10/13/16
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